Last minute


1. Long Exposure

Shots.Shot.Shots.Shots…. that is my dads new favorite song lol… got to love him! Everyone dancing away at the wedding I just shot.


2. Shape

The bridal Hair peice

3. Green

I have been experimenting with blur and raw lately this was one of the results


I just got an iphone… and it is an apple 🙂


This was my favorite thing from my childhood. I took my barney everywhere with me & I would never go to sleep with out him. He still can comfort me all these years later….

I really, really did not think I would get around to joining up this week. Between orientation for an internship–which I might be turning down now– shooting editing a group senior session, shooting/editing my first ever wedding and finding a little time to relax. To get used to shooting in raw and with the rented 24-70mmL however I was able to get all the shots for this weeks hunt 🙂 Well, that’s all, here is to next week! ( I’ll be on vacation from Thursday-Sunday, VEGAS 🙂 for the NAFCSC Glasgow Celtic Convention, can’t wait!)




About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Love your headpiece shot! Your dad sounds like mine! 🙂 LOL!

  2. Great shots. Love your shape shot. So pretty.

  3. Cool! That first one is SO interesting, love it!

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