5 more photos

Well, how was everyones week? I had a pretty good one still editing all those wedding photos and I’m also getting things ready for a Vegas trip next week (yep I’m going again) :)!!!! I love Vegas and got offered Free rooms with some family so you know I can’t say no! haha I’m going to be there for 4th of July, which should be exciting in Vegas!

Anywho on to the photos

1. Window

These are the blinds that cover my bedroom windows… I think it looks a little more like an ocean 🙂

2. Paint….

Ok, I have no nail polish, or paint around so I had to use the next best thing. Mascara brush 🙂 Since you use it to paint your eyelashes black right… 🙂

2. Eyelashes

Another mascara brush, since I use it on my eyelashes right 🙂


Leaf veins

5. No face selfie 🙂

I wanted to highlight my freckles, but got an itch on my back and I liked the outcome. 🙂

Hope everyone has had a good week!!! Can’t wait to see next weeks 🙂

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About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Love the “faceless” shot!

  2. Who would have thought blinds could look so pretty! Great set!

  3. very cool!!! I love the leaf veins – so vibrant & bright!!

  4. HA!! Love your selfie 😀 And your leaf vein one turned out really great. Have fun in Vegas!

  5. Very creative work this week – I think the mascara brush is really interesting, but my real favorite is the leaf veins…wow!

  6. Great set this week and those leaf veins are what I would have loved to have shot myself and they are my absolute favourite of all the leaf vein shots I’ve seen this week.

  7. Love the leaf veins!

  8. Great leaf shot! so cool

  9. haha totally love your faceless portrait!

  10. These are such fun shots! The blinds one is really cool and abstract and your ‘itch’ shot cracked me up! 🙂

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