& the world spins maddly on

Why is it that as we get older time seems to past just that much faster?

I honestly have no clue where this year has gone, and I really can’t remember a time where I have not been rushing to complete this or that.

I know part of this reason is I have begun to socialize a lot more, which I wouldn’t trade for the world! I love the group of friends that I hang out with weekly, they are pretty awesome and I think they will be getting their own post soon!

Ugh, why did I just use the word socialize? Makes me sound that much old, and I’m only 22!!!!

Anyways back to my main idea of the world spinning madly on, I feel as if life is passing around me so fast that I have no time to absorb it. Even though I did quit my job about a month ago, and school ended, I have less time that ever. I volunteer 3 times a week, have an internship 2 times a week, and have had at least one photo shoot a week for the past month! I know busy, busy!!!

I feel as if I am drowning in life. As if I am in a never ending ocean with an endless supply of waves crashing over me, and before I have time to catch my breath, the next one crashes, each time leaving me gasping for any little breath I can take.  && don’t take that the wrong way, I am not depressed, quite happy with my life actually, yet I just need a break.

I also feel as if life is moving on without me. I want to be further along, I want certain things in my life already, like my masters degree. I am worried as of late of not getting into a program, and if I don’t get into a program what will I do? People have been reassuring me that I am smart, yet I am up against at least 600 applicants all going for about 35ish spots at each school. This fact has been stressing me out so much, because other than occupational therapist, I have no back up plan, I would have to wait a year to apply to any other program. && If I were to apply to another program, what would I apply to? Probably my MPH, but I don’t even know what I would do with that degree. I just want to get out of this limbo stage of life.

What is new, will soon be old.


I feel like these pictures sum life up pretty well for me. Contrast between new and old, light and dark.
I will stop rambling for now. It is just bumming me out further. I know I should be enjoying this time in my life. This is one of the only times in which I will have a basically stress free life, I mean void of any real stresses. I guess I will just suck it up, be happy with what I have and see what life has in store. Hopefully it does have a M.S.O.T in my near future.


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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