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Weekly Weight In

Okay to start this week I felt very defeated by my diet.

I honestly felt like it was my 20th week on weight watchers rather than my 2nd. 😦

I lost almost nothing this week despite sticking to the plan and working my butt off running!

I ran 19 miles this week, mixed in with 2 days of core exercises it resulted in a caloric deficit of  roughly 2200.

While weight watchers deals mostly in points, I also keep track of my caloric intake. With fruits being free I decided to keep an eye on calories. I also meticulously weight my food, even fruit and veggies to ensure I’m actually consuming the calories I think I am consuming. I ended up consuming  7514, slightly below my daily 1200-1350 that I am shooting for.

In total I had a caloric deficit of 9714( roughly) or 2.6 pounds.  OR…. so you would think… however, I only lost 1 lbs. I’m honestly in shock. I did the math, I figured things out and still I lost such a minimal amount. I know 1 pound isn’t nothing, but in comparison my last two times on ww my second week I lost around 3-4 pounds. 1 pound is for week 16/17. Also the way I ate/ exercised set me up for at least a 2 pound loss.

I watched every calorie that I consumed and I pushed myself with my workouts ( actually went for one 9 mile run and one 6 mile run) and still came out behind. I know I did lose a tad, however, it could just be fluctuation. What sucks the most is that by Wednesday I had actually lost 3 pounds from the previous week.  The next day motivated by the loss I pushed myself and ran 9 miles and  to compensate upped my calories to 1450. I ended up gaining 4 pounds. The next day I ran 6 miles and had 1300 calories and I stayed the same weight. I honestly have no clue how. I drank at least 75oz of water each day and I was not doing any heavy lifting, thus no real muscle build up. I really am at a loss as to why I had such a bad week in regards to weight loss.

My goals this week:

–> I am not going to weight myself at all, until next Sunday.

–> I want to run 20 miles

–> Have a better relationship with the points system ( I really need to relax about the weight loss. The meticulous weighting, counting, adding, calculating is not all that healthy)

Weekly Break Down:

Miles Ran: 19

Weekly Weight Loss: 1 pound

Total Weight Loss: 6.5 pounds

Also, on a completely unrelated note. My cousin lost a very, very close friend in the early hours Saturday morning. He was a great young man and had his whole life ahead of him. While I didn’t know him very well it is still so sad to see a life cut short. It’s surreal to hear the death of someone so young–he was only 18. If you could please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers, that would be be amazing.



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Procrastination|My way.

After my last post, Mr. WordPress offered up some ideas for future post… One caught my eye like a venti espresso frappuccino light with 2 pumps pepermint and whip cream if I’m having a bad day.

That post idea was : What are your favorite ways to procrastinate.

Seeing as I look for anyways to procrastinate, I decided to take Mr WordPress up on his post offer.

1. Editing Photos!

Even when I am procrastinating on editing photos I need to edit, I am normally procrastinating by editing ‘fun’ photos.

2. Discovering Pure Photoshop Actions.

I love PPA, their actions add that amazing touch to photos to give them that subtle finish or even save a wasted effort. Right now I am in love with thei shilloette enchancer. I am always browsing their site for freebes, givaways and tips!


3. Browsing Photography pages for new posing ideas.

I have so many poses I have stored up that I am just itching to use… Need portraits? Book with me 🙂

4. Playing Sims

Okay, while I’m not really a ‘simmer’ it is fun to try a challenge that people post on blogs… I do eventually get bored after about 2 hours of playing though and then I’m done for a few months.

5. Creating ‘wish list’ for camera stuff I want

If you were to give me $10,000 right now and told me to spend it on camera equipment only, I would have no problem at all.

Top of my list: Canon 5D mk 2 with 24-70L and 70-200L IS

6. Making list of my ‘to-dos’

Pretty much I procrastinate, by writing down what I should be doing instead lol 🙂


Well that’s my list, what are a few of the ways you procrastinate?

P.S. is it a bad sign that I even procrastinated while writing this post?

Week One

Today is my new installment of Theresa Bridget’s weekly weight-loss update ( do any of my really good design friends want to come up with a cute logo for this?)

After watching my weight climb over the summer, failing miserably at counting calories and realizing I wasn’t going to lose weight with running alone: I took the plunge and signed up for weight watchers again. It is almost like signing up for a different weight loss plan as it is completely different than the weight watchers of the past. Yes, you still count points not calories, but now most  fruits and vegetables are now ‘free.’ The only problem I have come across is say I made a recipe that included vegetables, and added the food to the tracker as the recipe not just as individual items the points add up differently. So I am kind of lost in that regards. Other than that, it was relativly easy to stick with though and I didn’t–for the most part– feel deprived.

Overall the week went well. I felt like my life centered around ww and counting points though, which I hope I can ease off of soon. I quit my snacking cold turkey, which was an accomplishment for me. I also only had one day where I really craved fast food. I mean craved to the point nothing tasted or sounded good. I ended up only using 15 points that day, a little more than 1/2 of my daily points, which is a ‘no-no’, so there is improvement to be made there.

My goals for this week :

– Have a better relationship with the point system, meaning I use all of my points ( or close to all) each day. I have this fear that I will gain weight unless I cut back even further. So I have to trust my points and the ww system.

Weekly Update:

Time spent exercising: 265 minutes

Miles walked/ran: 17.5

Week Weight Loss: 5.5 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 5.5lbs

Thanks for stopping by check back next week to see my progress.

Any weight loss tips you would like to share? Any fellow ww people wanting to share advice on that topic? Share it bellow in the comments 🙂

Weight loss and ramblings.

I had originally wanted to wait longer before I unveiled this post. Part of me wanted to have something significant to post and another part of me is somewhat afraid to share this insecurity before I had it more undercontol.

Before everyone clicks out of this post and starts gossiping that I am on drugs or something as ridiculous, I am talking about my weight.

My weight has always been my biggest insecurity. It is something I don’t like to talk about, it is something I don’t like to acknowledge, it is something that I have always defined myself by. In the past 8 years I have went up and down the spectrum of weight never quite being able to control it. For those of you who have only known me as being on the bigger side, in high school I was relatively small. I have an athletic build so I always look a bit bigger As of late it has been creeping up on me once again and I realized I needed to do something to stop it. I hate the person I am when I am overweight and I am not just talking about physical appearance. When I am overweight I am not mentally the same person and I absolutely HATE it.

Mix & Match day. Size medium Sleep shorts and leggings. S T-shirt


This post is so hard for me to write. Because announcing to pretty much everyone and anyone who reads my blog that I am going on weight watchers to lose weight is the same to as announcing that I am overweight,  that I’m not perfect( okay I know I’m not, but I don’t like admitting my faults).It is in a way showing one of my weaknesses, my greatest weakness actually.

I know it sounds silly but to me announcing I am overweight is like an alcoholic at AA announcing that they are an alcoholic. It is I guess the first step in my 12 step program :).

It is not like people couldn’t see I was gaining weight. I mean I gained over 25 pounds in 1 month, yeah I know, I don’t know how that happened either.But in my mind announcing that I am overweight is so much worse than keeping it in my head.  There is such a stigma attached to being overweight and I don’t want any part of that stigma attached to me. I don’t want people to assume just because I am overweight I am lazy, because quite honestly that is the last thing I am. I  walk/jog 5 times a week never going less than 3 miles and always keeping above a 4.1mph pace. I volunteer twice a week at different hospitals, I have an internship, I have my own business–Kinda sorta–, and I am a student. To me saying I am overweight allows others to attach the stigma of being overweight to me and I hate it, but I also think it is something I must do.

I have always let my weight get the best of me. I have always let my weight determine my confidence, my happiness, my personality and I want that to end, but honestly I know it most likely never will. I hope someday I can just accept me, but I also hope that, that me is a fit skinny me. Kind of counter productive but aren’t we all just walking contradictions anyways.

So as I said above I joined weight watchers and so far I have done well. This week–my first week– I have lost ___ and found that the program was relatively easy to stay with. I had no problem cutting fast food out of my diet and I don’t even miss it. My only problem is that I get obsessive and freaked out about my weight loss. In high school at one time I was even to the point where I would only eat as many calories as I burnt at the gym, at practice or on a run. I start to fear food and calories, so my hopes this time around are that I stick with it in a healthy way. It will take some work.

I’m rambling and I am really afraid that if I share to much more I wont post this so I am going to stop here.


Me now

So here is to taking control of my health!

Check back for my weekly ww post updates.

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