Procrastination|My way.

After my last post, Mr. WordPress offered up some ideas for future post… One caught my eye like a venti espresso frappuccino light with 2 pumps pepermint and whip cream if I’m having a bad day.

That post idea was : What are your favorite ways to procrastinate.

Seeing as I look for anyways to procrastinate, I decided to take Mr WordPress up on his post offer.

1. Editing Photos!

Even when I am procrastinating on editing photos I need to edit, I am normally procrastinating by editing ‘fun’ photos.

2. Discovering Pure Photoshop Actions.

I love PPA, their actions add that amazing touch to photos to give them that subtle finish or even save a wasted effort. Right now I am in love with thei shilloette enchancer. I am always browsing their site for freebes, givaways and tips!


3. Browsing Photography pages for new posing ideas.

I have so many poses I have stored up that I am just itching to use… Need portraits? Book with me 🙂

4. Playing Sims

Okay, while I’m not really a ‘simmer’ it is fun to try a challenge that people post on blogs… I do eventually get bored after about 2 hours of playing though and then I’m done for a few months.

5. Creating ‘wish list’ for camera stuff I want

If you were to give me $10,000 right now and told me to spend it on camera equipment only, I would have no problem at all.

Top of my list: Canon 5D mk 2 with 24-70L and 70-200L IS

6. Making list of my ‘to-dos’

Pretty much I procrastinate, by writing down what I should be doing instead lol 🙂


Well that’s my list, what are a few of the ways you procrastinate?

P.S. is it a bad sign that I even procrastinated while writing this post?


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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