Week One

Today is my new installment of Theresa Bridget’s weekly weight-loss update ( do any of my really good design friends want to come up with a cute logo for this?)

After watching my weight climb over the summer, failing miserably at counting calories and realizing I wasn’t going to lose weight with running alone: I took the plunge and signed up for weight watchers again. It is almost like signing up for a different weight loss plan as it is completely different than the weight watchers of the past. Yes, you still count points not calories, but now most  fruits and vegetables are now ‘free.’ The only problem I have come across is say I made a recipe that included vegetables, and added the food to the tracker as the recipe not just as individual items the points add up differently. So I am kind of lost in that regards. Other than that, it was relativly easy to stick with though and I didn’t–for the most part– feel deprived.

Overall the week went well. I felt like my life centered around ww and counting points though, which I hope I can ease off of soon. I quit my snacking cold turkey, which was an accomplishment for me. I also only had one day where I really craved fast food. I mean craved to the point nothing tasted or sounded good. I ended up only using 15 points that day, a little more than 1/2 of my daily points, which is a ‘no-no’, so there is improvement to be made there.

My goals for this week :

– Have a better relationship with the point system, meaning I use all of my points ( or close to all) each day. I have this fear that I will gain weight unless I cut back even further. So I have to trust my points and the ww system.

Weekly Update:

Time spent exercising: 265 minutes

Miles walked/ran: 17.5

Week Weight Loss: 5.5 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 5.5lbs

Thanks for stopping by check back next week to see my progress.

Any weight loss tips you would like to share? Any fellow ww people wanting to share advice on that topic? Share it bellow in the comments 🙂


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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