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13.1 miles… Yeah, I did that.

You may have noticed that last weeks weekly weight update was missing. No, I haven’t gave up! Last Sunday I ran in the Long Beach 1/2 marathon and by the time I had gotten home I was too tired to blog :). The Long Beach 1/2 marathon ha amazing views and the course was great! A little hilly but nothing to bad, I think it was a great course to start off on.

Despite being so tired, the half marathon was amazing. I felt so empowered after crossing that finish line and felt like I could do anything!  I am so excited for my next race in February and I am looking to cut 45 minutes off my time. Which is totally possible since during this one, up until mile 8 I was keeping a 13ish minute mile pace, but around mile 9 I started getting extremely severe foot pain that caused me to walk the next 4 miles and walk them extremely slowly. It turns out I actually had a minor stress fracture. So note to self, better shoes for the next one and more long runs during training: which starts Monday 🙂 with swimming! ( Can’t run/jog for 3 weeks).


For the two weeks prior to the half marathon I wasn’t doing amazing with my weight loss. I was snacking and having cravings like crazy! Which was apparent since over the two weeks I actually gained one week and only lost .5 lbs the next. Luckily after the half marathon I was able to get back on track with a vengeance and came up with a 3.7 pound loss!

Me at the 6 mile mark and the finish!

This was by far my favorite thing! I don't know why, but I LOVED throwing the cups on the ground!

The view was amazing!

Total Weight loss: 9.9 lbs

Miles ran 13.1

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