In line for the real world

I it has been a while since I last posted but I have had a lot on my plate in past few months and unfortunately in things to neglect, my blog is on the list. I have been busy with a public health internship and preparing myself for graduate school. I know last time I posted on the topic of school I was gunho on becoming an occupational therapist, however, after I reevaluated what my goals were in life and what I really was passionate about during my undergraduate degree I realized I wanted to continue with public health. I love the process of creating community wide programs that serve for the betterment of all. So with that being said I have begun my search for entry level public health careers and I am about ½ done with my MPH applications.

I know, you’re probably thinking OT VS MPH there is a HUGE difference; however, even with OT my ultimate goal was to either become an administrator or professor and after realizing that I could do that more effectively while following my public health passion, I decided that an MPH would suit me better. I am a huge advocate for community health and prevention strategies that focus on healthy bodies and minds rather than treatment only approaches. For too long our society has fallen to the idea that if we are sick we should go to the DR.’s where we will get some pills to pop and then be all better. Rather than subscribe to the idea that there are preventative strategies that will help us be healthier overall and thus less likely to become sick in the first place. Now, before anyone goes into reading this wrong, I don’t advocate for the idea to throw the Dr.’s to the way side, nor to the idea that pills as a treatment method are bad, rather to the idea that prevention strategies have a strong role in our health as well. The healthier our minds and bodies are the less likely we are to need BP medication, cholesterol medication and such. If you are wondering about the minds part, many researchers suggest that mentally is the first place to start when getting healthy, our brain controls our thoughts and our thoughts control our actions thus if you begin with a healthy mind, healthy actions will follow.

I am ready to be out in the real world with a real career. Despite how comfy the educational system is, I realize that I need to get some real world experience. I love the world of academia and I know that I will return to it sooner rather than later.


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