Ty, the little man who will always have my heart.

October 05, 2005

He was born.

December 03, 2005

He arrived to our house.

November 07, 2011

He went to a better place.

He was such a regal dog.

Dear Ty,

Oh my little Tyty… I knew I loved you with all of my heart, but I had no idea that such a little doggie could have this much of an effect on me. I miss you so much my little buddy. I miss the way you would incessantly want petted, and the way you would be waiting at the door every time I came home. The house is really not the same without you. You have left this huge hole in my heart. You were loved Ty and I know you knew that. You were loved by all three of us more than anyone can imagine. I am glad your not suffering, but I would give anything to have you here with me. I am sorry I couldn’t help you baby. I’m sorry your life was cut so short. You gave me the best 6 years imaginable, they went by in the blink of an eye.

I do not like the cone of shame :)-UP

If you knew Ty, you knew he wasn’t a dog. He was a person in a doggies body. Nothing about him resembled a dog. He was amazing. He knew how you felt and was right there to comfort you. He was the funniest little thing ever!

In the mornings I would get up and walk into the bathroom and my little shadow would be right behind me, so I would stop pet him for a few minutes and then keep getting ready. Ty would walk out of the bathroom and like clockwork 15 seconds later would walk back in to be pet again. It was the funniest thing, because he would act like you didn’t know you already pet him.

Every night when I got home from school he would be waiting at the front door. He would wait for all of us and was never truly content unless everyone was home with him. He gave you so much love. He cared about you and you could feel it. His love was so warm, so comforting. His love meant everything to me.

Christmas 2009, checking to see if its a real starbucks

He was kind of lazy too. It was so funny. I would take one of his toys and throw it. He would go get it, bring it back. I would do it again and then he would run inside. It was like he was saying OK, I have had enough of this game. He was the funniest little thing. He always had a toy with him too.

He was also an inside dog, and would only go outside if you were with him. He was quite funny that way. If he walked out back he would be watching over his shoulder to make sure you were following him. The second you stood up to go back inside he was right there waiting at the door to go back inside too.

His personality was one of a kind.

You never had to worry about him running away either, or leaving the door open. The door could be wide open and it didn’t matter he would sit right there in the door away, even if a person or another dog was passing. He was that good of a dog. He never did anything bad or wrong.

He loved us with all he was. He fought to stay with us, but somethings even love isn’t strong enough to overcome. We were his pack. We will always be his pack.

He always had a smile on his face

He had a million different expressions, I mean look at this, doesn't it look like he is cracking up at a joke!

Ty, the memories you gave me will last a lifetime. You were a very, very special dog and I am so thankful to have had the honor of being your companion.

He LOVED posing for pictures 🙂 He was a beautiful dog.

They say only the good die young, which is why you were taken so soon.

I miss you so much, the house is just not the same without you. Your absences is felt. You are the type of dog that comes about once in a life time. You never barked incessantly, you never went to the bathroom in the house, you never chewed anything that wasn’t yours, you loved us with everything you were. You were the perfect dog, and that is not just in retrospect. We told you everyday how perfect you were, how lucky we were to have you in our lives. I imaged you at my wedding walking down the isle with me. You were so young, you had a full life ahead of you, but in the blink of an eye you were gone. How does that happen? Why were there no symptoms? The vet said you were a fighter, you were strong and you were loved. I already knew all of that though. Ty you are amazing. Ty there will NEVER be another you.

You were the most amazing dog I have ever met.

I want you back. Please I want you back so bad. I would do anything, give up anything to have you here with us.  I want you in my life again. Happy and Healthy. I need you baby, we all do.I love you buddy. Thank you for the best 6 years of my life.

Me and Ty on my graduation day. May 2011. He was a part of everything we did.

Baby I miss you so much. I want you back here cuddled next to me. I want to pet you one last time. I wish you weren’t taken from me so soon or suddenly. A piece of my heart will always be with you Ty. I hope your okay and not scared. Please know that I am sorry this happened. I am so sorry baby. Please know you were loved and know that we know you loved us right back. Ty you will always have a place in our hearts and home.

He was my best friend

You were my best friend Ty. My buddy. I am glad you didn’t have to suffer and I am glad you are not in pain. I loved you too much to treat you like that. Ty 6 years was not enough with you, but I don’t think any number of years with you would ever be enough. You were the dog that comes around once in a lifetime. You were that special little spark. It kills me knowing that your gone. My heart breaks over and over again when I think about you. I want you to be at peace, I don’t want you to be in pain, but I want you here with me too. I don’t know why you had to leave so soon. I know it wasn’t your choice. It’s just how life works.

Your love was unconditional and unwavering. You loved all of us without reservation or hesitation and we loved you right back. You will be missed so much Ty. I never knew that the loss of a dog could make you feel like your world has just ended, but then again, you were no dog, you were one in a trillion x a billion and then some.

I had a dream about him last night: We brought him home from the vet, it turned out nothing was wrong. I sat outback holding him and petting him. He just kept looking up at me smiling his little Ty smile. The dream was nice. It was comforting. Even in death he is comforting me. It’s because he loved me that much. I loved him that much too. I wish that dream was real. I want one more day. That’s a lie, I want the rest of my life with him, but I would settle for one more day.

Ty, I have shed more tears over you than ever in my life. A little piece of me feels as if it is gone with you. Maybe you took that with you to the other side, because you miss us just as much. I keep hearing you and seeing you in the house and the tears and pain come all over again. When I think I have cried out all the tears my body has, there are more.I feel sick to my stomach thinking about you. I just want you back. I need you. Why you? Why now? WHY????

He was the cutest thing I have ever known!

Christmas 2010 Family Picture

He was a part of every thing we did. He was our life. I know that a part of me will never get over his death. You may think its stupid or silly, but think what you want. You didn’t know Ty. It’s okay to love a dog with all your heart. It’s okay to grieve this much over one too. When someone comes into your life that means as much as he did, when they are gone, your life will be different.

Ty was different. Ty was special. He was Ty.

Ty, if love could bring you back to us. All I would have to do is blink and there you would be.


Ty died from pancreatic cancer. He had no signs or symptoms, it’s a silent killer. Last Monday he was running to the door and barking every time a trick or treater came, this Monday he was gone. That is how fast it happened. There was no warning, no goodbyes. The vet said there was no way to save him. He also said it is better this way, Ty never suffered he only felt mild discomfort. It’s killing me racking my brain trying to think: is there something I could have done? Is there a symptom I just overlooked? What could I have done to make it so my baby was still here with me today. This is going to be a hard holiday season, he was such a pivotal part of our lives, just like a baby our world revolved around him. Our house is a lot emptier and quieter now.

Goodbye my dear friend. Until we meet again.

I love you Ty. I miss you more than I ever though imaginable. I hope your in a good place and I hope your happy and safe. Until I see you again my friend I love you.

Ty, I love you now, forever, and always. You will never be forgotten.


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  1. wow so nice brought tears to my eyes . you are so lucky to experance 6 years of him some people will never get that. love the pic

  2. Theresa-
    That is a beautiful tribute to your beloved Ty!

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