Anniversary Trip| Day Two

Ready for more San Diego awesomeness!  Well then here you go:

(Need to catch up on Part One? Click Here)

Oh, warning, there are LOTS of pictures!

Look at this view!!! The safari park is beautiful

Before our San Diego getaway turned into a getaway, we had originally planned on an anniversary trip to the Safari Park complete with zoo memberships (you can’t beat their membership deal)! So even after our day trip turned into a weekend trip we decided to keep our plans and turn Saturday into our ‘big’ present to ourselves. Since Greg and I have been to the Safari Park a countless number of times in the past few years, we decided to do something a little more special and booked a tour that we have wanted to go on—the Caravan Safari, formally the Photo Caravan. The interactive tour takes you and a small group into 5 different exhibits and gives you the opportunity to feed both giraffes and rhinos. The tour was just as amazing as I expected it to be—I really don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time! It is one thing to see a huge giraffe 20-50 feet away, but it is a completely different experience staring eye to eye with its’ 50 pound head!

They are such a beautiful animal!

Greg and I showing off our glass!

Since Greg and I are animal buffs we didn’t learn too much from the tour,  but I did learn a few neat facts:

Did you know that giraffes have the same number of vertebra as humans? (7 to be exact)

Rhino horns are made out of the same fiber as human hair!

A giraffes tongue is proportional to its height! ( an 18 feet giraffe will have an 18 inch tongue!)

They make the cutest expressions!

I got to be a bat, I got excited, Greg feeding a giraffe, me singing soft kitty

My only complaint about the tour is that it went by in the blink of an eye! If you ever have the means or opportunity to go on the Caravan tour, I HIGHLY recommend it! I know Greg and I would love to do the tour again and can’t wait for the zoo to offer a member discount, because while it is kind of pricey the experience is one in a million and completely worth it! Next time though, I will take my time taking shots. I was so excited that I was snapping away without keeping an eye on my settings. I also think I might shoot in the ‘P’ or ‘A’ setting next time to give me a little less to worry about. Keeping an eye on shutter, exposure, and iso while in direct sunlight, while trying to catch a split second moment = HARD

This was my favorite shot of the trip! It was even featured on the Safari Parks website!


Feeding Rhinos

The tour was amazing–I know I sound like a broke record–but it really was! Seeing the various facial expressions of animals up close was amazing. I had no idea how many expressions giraffes, rhinos, or ostriches had! There were even some giraffes that kept sticking their tongues out at us, which was hilarious, because it only happened after we ran out of food and they walked away.

Since the tour was 3 ½ hours it took a big chunk out of our day at the Safari Park, but one exhibit that was a must to visit were the Okapis—my favorite animal—because earlier that week the new okapi calf made her exhibit début and I knew I had to see the cute little thing! We also visited a few of our other favorite animals, but because of time had to cut a large part of the safari park out.


Since the tour was pretty draining, we decided to head back to Coronado and plan our night around there. We had dinner then walked around the town and Coronado beach (sorry no pictures, I had left my camera back in the room). It is such a pretty place, there were little shops (granted they were all closed, but window shopping was fun) and lots to look at, it reminded me of a Laguna Beach, Newport Beach mixture. The night life in San Diego is great!

Well that was day two… Check back soon for a post on our final day in San Diego!

As you can image day two was my favorite day of the trip by far!


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