Scavenger Hunt Sunday| 12.3.11

Who–me? Back at the old SHS game! Yep, you can believe your eyes.


Lately I have not been taking pictures for any reason other than portrait sessions. I have just not felt into it–lots going on! This week however, I broke my camera out of its bag not once, but twice this week!



This is from my family session earlier today. She also happens to be 18 weeks pregnant, so we snuck in a few pre-maternity shots too. They are turning out adorable so far!


I know this may not be complete nostalgia, but to me antique books and country feel scream nostalgia… Don’t you just love the look of lemons in jars? I do, I know this is a MUST at my way-distant-future wedding!



This photo represents my favorite thing about photography, capturing a moment in time.  (Also I don’t know why her shirt looks weird, I did a facebook resize to this and it warped my photo…)



For ages I have had this cup of straws sitting on my counter screaming photograph me. & I finally answered, I love the warps of light that were created!


I have probably photographed this fountain 100 times! I love, love, love the way water flows down the metal and then looks like its dancing as it hits the pool bellow.



Well that is my spiel hope you enjoyed the pictures, and feel free to look around at what else if going on while I’m “In line for the real world” ( Since I official reach the front of the line, next week–no more college!)



&& Don’t forget to check out more great work :


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  1. Beautiful set! That is a really sweet portrait and I love the lemons! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that, but it is gorgeous!

  2. I love your Portrait and Nostalgic shots. Great work. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous set, love nostalgic and light, so pretty and great DOF! Motion is amazing love the colour and texture!

  4. Lovely set! You really captured the joy the couple must be experiencing as they await the birth of their child!

  5. Loved the set, very creative. I love the picture of the straws!

  6. Wonderful portrait shot. The water shot has to be my favorite.

  7. Love your light and nostalgic pictures! Great finds!

  8. I love the creativity you used in your portrait session. Great job.


  9. What a great set – love the maternity shots.

  10. Your portrait shots are so beautiful. She really glows. Looks like that will be a well loved baby! Your water shot is lovely too. Love all of them actually!

  11. It’s so much fun to see snippets of everyone’s life through their cameras. I’m new to the scavenger hunt and just loving seeing everyone’s work. What a great series! Love the portraits and she’ll love having them to look back on after baby comes!

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