Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Well, it’s another Sunday ,which means more picture sharing!

Side note… Next week Christmas? Really?!?!?! How and when did that happen?


What is this?

Little Sheldon is checking out Greg’s camera.

Sleeping Fur Baby

Here is my little baby Sheldon. We picked him up Friday. He sleeps on his back, and is just way too cute!


Last summer we were thinking about getting Ty a friend and while we ended up nixing the idea, during my research I realized I LOVED corgis and if we were ever to get another dog, it would be a corgi. Well, this Friday I got my corgi. Bringing a puppy home so soon after Ty’s passing was a hard choice, but I knew I needed it. My house was too empty. Sheldon, my little corgi, arrived Friday and in his two short days here he has already won us all over and brought some Joy back to our house.


So I took this prompt a different way, rather than take a picture of a window, I took one from my window.


Here is half of Padre Pio’s face. He is my moms favorite saint and we have his trinkets all over the house!




About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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  1. Your little Sheldon is the cutest doggy ever! Awwwwwwww! Love your pictures.

  2. Cute cute cute puppy!! I like how you caught him on a mission! The power lines are awesome too!

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