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Sunday Funday

Okay, I wrote this Sunday, but I guess it didn’t post.


Sunday Funday… ha I lured you in with an awesome title, and all your going to get is some boring jibber jabber 🙂 But you already opened the page, so at least stick with me…

What is it about the weekend that makes eating healthy about 10X 100X harder than eating healthy on a weekday? Today was not as massive of a fail as yesterday, but it wasn’t a huge success either. I ate about 1600 calories today when I was shooting for 1300. I had one too many trips to the peanut butter jar, and just one, or two, or three too many sweet treats. It is sad because I substitute a treat for a meal, when that isn’t the healthiest, but I just can’t help my sweet tooth!!!  This week I am going to be on the lookout for popsicle makers and turn my passion tea into popsicles, so hopefully that will help with cravings. As I write this I’m drinking a cup of green tea to help start my week off right…

I did have one mini success today: I made a 330 calorie pasta dish! I mean when Greg and I cook pasta, we cook pasta. It is the one thing he could eat everyday for the rest of his life. Now normally I give him free rein in the kitchen, but since I’m trying to control my intake I helped out today and measured everything out. It was actually surprising to see how much pasta 2oz really is….  A lot more than I was expecting. We also had this amazing spinach chicken sausage from fresh and easy that is just 90 calories per link, and they are decent sized links. All in all it was a low-calorie pasta dish that was immensely satisfying!

Look at that yummy-ness!

Doesn’t that look good? Here is scoop:

2 oz of whole wheat pasta

1/4th a cup of Classic vodka Sauce

1 Spinach Chicken Sasage cut into small pieces

Cook, Mix, Eat, no guilt 🙂

In other news, today I am exactly one week from my half marathon! Ekk, I’m getting a bit nervous, but I think I am ready and if I go at training pace I am set to break my PR.  After this half marathon I am going to start speed training, I want to get my pace down to 10:00 so that when I run my next 5k in April, I can have a 30 minute time (I’m factoring in race day adrenalin to help boost my speed). I’ll let you know how that training goes. I’m thinking my goal for next year is a 9 minute pace for a 5k. With weight loss it should be more than attainable. Now that I think about it, I should probably add run a 28 minute 5k to my 25-by-25 list.

Other than running, I had a great day with my pups, they are just too darn cute!!!! I also had a few friends over, we watched The Hangover 2, which although I saw it in the theater, I was a little to inebriated to remember much of it. It’s a great story, you should ask about it sometime!

Sorry, but they are the cutest puppies ever!

Oh, on a side note, a lot of traffic ( and by a lot I mean about 5 people per day) have been searching “Sheldon Cooper weight gain” and getting my blog… now to me he looks the same as always… My Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the other hand now weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds!


He is getting the Corgi Body. I love it!!!


Look how big my baby is getting!!!

Alright, I guess I have bored you enough for one post.

(So do you find it harder to keep track of calories on the weekend? Any tips or tricks you use? Let me know in the comments bellow!)


Hair, Lunch and Super Cute Puppies :)

It’s Saturday, glorious Saturday 🙂 Yay!!!!

I prowled discount sites today trying to get a good deal on a hair cut. For a while now I have desperately needed a good hair cut. (The last time I had my hair trimmed was in June and that was just my bangs, my last actual hair cut, hair cut was over a year ago!) While I love my long hair it was brittle,

I found a deal on groupon for this place called Circa 96. For $23 you got a hair cut, wash, treatment and massage. I also had $10 in groupon credits so I got the whole deal for $13. If $13 was good enough, the cut was amazing and my stylist, Noriko,  spent an hour washing my hair, and massaging my head and shoulders (BLISS!).  The whole time I felt completely comfortable, Noriko constantly asked if the style was going the way I liked it and gave me some great hair tips! She took my dead, lifeless hair and made it soft, put together and light as air! The experience was amazing and while I typically jump around from stylist to stylist, I think I have found one I just might stick with! While the price isn’t the cheapest around, they seem to have lots of deals and special offers, so I will have to keep an eye open for that. If you are looking for an amazing hair cut in the Orange County area check out Circa 96, I loved it!

My 'Before' Hair

It seems okay in the picture, but don’t let looks fool you. The ends were dead and frayed.

My After Hair

It isn’t the best picture, but there was so much wind and static that I couldn’t get a good picture of my hair…


After the cut Greg, who patiently waited for me the whole time, and I went for lunch/dinner at Wahoo’s, it has been so long since we had it and it was just as yummy as I remember! I got the kids fish bowl, I absolutely love Wahoo’s rice, it’s just so yummy and when you add salsa to it, swoon! I did have a big scare at Wahoo’s, when I grabbed my camera to take a few shots of lunch unknowingly didn’t put the lens on right…. When I tried to take a picture, I couldn’t get the F/stop or shutter to change. I freaked calmly turned my camera off, then took the lens off and put it back on (it was this step when I realized I didn’t have the lens on right). After lunch we headed to target to pick up a couple things for dinners this week… pasta sauce, whole wheat pasta, and measuring spoons!


The top is the normal fish bowl, and the very bottom is my creation. I take Greg’s cabbage and salsa and mix it all together for yummness 🙂



Despite my best efforts on the diet front, I ended up binging today. Not as bad as I normally binge however, so I guess that is a win… I had a bite of twix dipped in peanut butter (SOOOOO GOOD), a piece of toast with peanut butter, and an Irish cookie. I wanted more but ended up stopping myself. Honestly I could have ate so much more, probably to the point where I was sick. I have begun to realize that binging is where my weight has come from, if I control my binging, I control my weight.  I tracked what I ate today, including my binges and am still in my calorie range for the day–Thankfully, but knowing my body I will probably wake up tomorrow 4 pounds heavier :/ Maybe I just wont weight myself tomorrow… I actually think that might be more helpful.  I went 15 days without a binge and blew it, but tomorrow is a new day though and a new longer binge free streak starts! I really have no idea why I binged, I have been eating well and leaving calories for tiny indulgences…


Lets end on a good note… Do I have the cutest puppies in the world or what!?!?

Here is a better hair picture, but I really don't like how I look in it.


Ah, I love my Sheldon!!!!

You mean I can eat peanut butter and still lose weight!

For two weeks now I have been telling myself that I am going to start blogging more and start blogging about my running/weight loss journey, but I guess I haven just been a little to preoccupied. Anyway here am I and the blogging starts today! Mainly because Greg has already gone home for the night, but I  still find myself with tons of energy.

Before I get to the topic at hand let me catch you up:

I once again have NO idea what to do with my life. Well I do, I went back to school this semester to take credential classes so I can apply to the credential program next semester, but I mean I changed what I want to do again…<– but isn’t that what being young is all about?

I still have no job! 😦 Sad face. I mean I like all the free time, but I miss money. So far I have applied to about 15 jobs that I qualify for and nada! I have applied to about 10 that I don’t qualify for and nada, but I expected that.

My parents got a new puppy. A mini aussie, Sheldon is a bit jealous. Personally I like Sheldon more 🙂 But I might be a little bias.

I have an photoshoot Monday–very excited about that! (MONEY!)

I lost 5 pounds!


On to today… I wanted today to be a lazy day so bad, but alas having two puppies doesn’t allow for that. I also tried to push off my run, but that little nagging voice in my head kept telling me GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE! So I did… The whole time I was running though I kept thinking, I want to be done, I want to be done. I also put off running so long that it was about 76 degrees out–yuck! I also ran at a horrible pace: 14:10, which would be okay if it was a long run, but it was only 2.25 miles. I did the same run yesterday in 21 minutes, so I was pretty disappointed with my run today. My mind really kicked my butt today. On the eating front though, I did pretty well. I ate at least 1200 calories had no urge to binge (unlike yesterday where I wanted to shove anything edible into my mouth!) and ate very healthy.

I wasn’t very hungry when I woke up so I ended up having a late breakfast that was more snack like than anything. A medium apple and one tbsp of peanut butter. Peanut butter is my newest addiction! I just love the taste and it’s crazy to think that I have ate it everyday and still lost weight! I mean, did you know you can eat peanut butter and still lose weight? I didn’t know that! I used to avoid it like the plague! I then had a small lunch consisting of a Luna bar  and orange and then a small Lean Cuisine around 3pm. For dinner I ended up making a small baked potato, some grilled chicken and broccoli. It is crazy how much food you can eat for such little calories when you portion everything out right! I even had enougth calories left over for a skinny cow ice cream! Yeah all of that for 1269 calories!!! Don’t believe me? Let me break it down:


Skippy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter 1 TBSP|   90 Calories

One small apple| 63 calories


Luna Bar Oatmeal| 180 Calories

Orange (2) 173 Calories


Lean Cuisine 290 Calories


Chicken breast 3 oz| 125 Calories

Baked Potato plain 200 grams| 186 Calories

Broccoli 1/2 cup| 12 calories


Skinny Cow Cookies and Cream bar| 150

For a total of 1269… I am shooting for at least 1350 per day, but it is hard… What I ate today filled me up, As I write this I’m still full, so I guess as long as I’m not hungry I should be fine.


Greg came over after work which allowed for me to get some homework done while he played with the dogs which was nice. I also was able to run to the store and pick up some things to make rice bowls tomorrow. I also briefly studied for the CBEST which I am taking in a week. Anyway that was my day. Pretty uneventful. Sorry for not pictures, I’m just to lazy to send them from my phone to computer then upload them…  I promise tomorrow there will be pictures! Pinky promise!


Side note, I’m thinking of creating a completely separate weight loss blog… any ideas on the name?

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

Have you seen the video “Why I hate Religion, but love Jesus?

If not I can’t figure out how to put it here, but If you click below I added a link.

Check this VIDEO out

The message I got from the video is that saying “I am a christian” or just going to church Sunday does not actually make you a christian. It is saying that religion is not the answer, Jesus is.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding over this video. I have seen people posting that the man in the video is saying that the church is bad, but that is simply not true, the speaker even says “I love my church.” He does not state that church is bad, but the unchristian practice of religion is.

The videos author never mentioned a specific religion either. I have seen some people take this as an attack against their church, but a further examination of the actual words shows this is just not so.

Going to church does not make you a believer.

To me this is a back to basic message. If I point out your blindness, it does mean I can see. If I judge your action, it does not make me righteous.

Love Jesus, not the religion.

I think this needs to be said of me:

I am not perfect. I struggle, I have ups, I have downs. I am not the best follower, but I do believe in God and his son Jesus. A church and religion does not define my belief, but my heart of hearts does. I don’t think I wear my religion proud enough.

Sheldon Cooper Wonder Corgi Extraordinaire


Let me introduce you to Dr. Sheldon Cooper, corgi extraordinaire.


Yes, he is named after TBBT.

He is my super cute, super loveable corgi.

He was born 10/17/11 and came home to my house 12/16/11.

It was love at first sight.


Sheldon is so funny too, he is always cracking me up.

He loves to run around.

He also loves to cuddle and lick.

He wiggles his little bunny butt when he is excited, or when someone comes to the door.

He loves cottage cheese with his food.

He LOVES toys in all shapes and sizes and sounds.

He already knows sit.

He knows come (most of the time)


He is Sheldon Cooper wonder corgi!

Yep that is my Sheldon. I love him so much already 🙂

Keep checking back for more Sheldon, but if you can wait that long check out his own tumbler blog: The Adventures of Sheldon


Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

2011 is gone and 2012 is here for now.

2011 was quite a year for me. I had many, many ups counterbalanced with the facts of life (a.k.a life’s downs).

One of the best moments for me this year was my college graduation! I am the first college graduate in my immediate family, so I wear my bachelors degree with pride! I also use is as a symbol of my parents achievement, they came here (America) to give their kids a better life, and my bachelors degree is one step towards that better life.

I also had a good year with my photography. I feel like this year I really learned how to use my camera to it’s max and found my portrait style. I also feel like my photography has evolved to fit my personality and looks a lot less cookie-cutter. My camera bag also had a huge upgrade this year with the addition of a canon 17-40mm L, canon 50mm 1.8, canon 85mm 1.8 and Big Daddy canon 70-200mm L 2.8 IS.  I am sooooo grateful for amazing photographer friends and Greg’s mom for helping me build my lens arsenal.  2012 look out a speed light is in my future (hopefully)

This is one of my favorite shots of 2011

I also had some amazing mini-vacations this year! Vegas x2, San Francisco, and San Diego! All were super fun weekend trips & I cannot wait for what trips 2012 has for me! I am thinking Arizona and Seattle and maybe Utah.

I also ran my first 1/2 marathon! Boy was that an experience!!! Next one is in just about a month ekkk! (better start running again)

I also left my job with best buy after over 2 years! That doesn’t mean I did nothing though, I had two internship this year and volunteered with St. Joesph’s hospital!

But, what is a year with out some unpleasant times…. In 2011 I lost one of my best friends, my puppy Ty. Two months later and I still miss him like crazy!!! Never would I have thought that I could love a dog as much. He will always be in my memory.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful rock of a boyfriend who I was able to lean on during both the good and the bad times. He even found me Sheldon, my welsh corgi puppy, to help me get over the loss of Ty. I absolutely LOVE him already, he is quite a character.

On to 2012. What do I want out of 2012???? I want happiness, health, and lots and lots of good times!

I realized in 2011 I neglected my ‘fun’ photography and neglected my blog a lot! I want that to change in 2012. I am going to start up a photography-how-to biweekly for my blog. Now, I am not the best photographer, nor have I EVER taken a class, but I do know a thing or two and it will be fun! I also am going to have a weekly corgi post all about Sheldon! I am also going to try to finish up my 101 list, this is my last year!



Overall 2011 was a good year and I am excited to see what 2012 has in store!

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