Hair, Lunch and Super Cute Puppies :)

It’s Saturday, glorious Saturday 🙂 Yay!!!!

I prowled discount sites today trying to get a good deal on a hair cut. For a while now I have desperately needed a good hair cut. (The last time I had my hair trimmed was in June and that was just my bangs, my last actual hair cut, hair cut was over a year ago!) While I love my long hair it was brittle,

I found a deal on groupon for this place called Circa 96. For $23 you got a hair cut, wash, treatment and massage. I also had $10 in groupon credits so I got the whole deal for $13. If $13 was good enough, the cut was amazing and my stylist, Noriko,  spent an hour washing my hair, and massaging my head and shoulders (BLISS!).  The whole time I felt completely comfortable, Noriko constantly asked if the style was going the way I liked it and gave me some great hair tips! She took my dead, lifeless hair and made it soft, put together and light as air! The experience was amazing and while I typically jump around from stylist to stylist, I think I have found one I just might stick with! While the price isn’t the cheapest around, they seem to have lots of deals and special offers, so I will have to keep an eye open for that. If you are looking for an amazing hair cut in the Orange County area check out Circa 96, I loved it!

My 'Before' Hair

It seems okay in the picture, but don’t let looks fool you. The ends were dead and frayed.

My After Hair

It isn’t the best picture, but there was so much wind and static that I couldn’t get a good picture of my hair…


After the cut Greg, who patiently waited for me the whole time, and I went for lunch/dinner at Wahoo’s, it has been so long since we had it and it was just as yummy as I remember! I got the kids fish bowl, I absolutely love Wahoo’s rice, it’s just so yummy and when you add salsa to it, swoon! I did have a big scare at Wahoo’s, when I grabbed my camera to take a few shots of lunch unknowingly didn’t put the lens on right…. When I tried to take a picture, I couldn’t get the F/stop or shutter to change. I freaked calmly turned my camera off, then took the lens off and put it back on (it was this step when I realized I didn’t have the lens on right). After lunch we headed to target to pick up a couple things for dinners this week… pasta sauce, whole wheat pasta, and measuring spoons!


The top is the normal fish bowl, and the very bottom is my creation. I take Greg’s cabbage and salsa and mix it all together for yummness 🙂



Despite my best efforts on the diet front, I ended up binging today. Not as bad as I normally binge however, so I guess that is a win… I had a bite of twix dipped in peanut butter (SOOOOO GOOD), a piece of toast with peanut butter, and an Irish cookie. I wanted more but ended up stopping myself. Honestly I could have ate so much more, probably to the point where I was sick. I have begun to realize that binging is where my weight has come from, if I control my binging, I control my weight.  I tracked what I ate today, including my binges and am still in my calorie range for the day–Thankfully, but knowing my body I will probably wake up tomorrow 4 pounds heavier :/ Maybe I just wont weight myself tomorrow… I actually think that might be more helpful.  I went 15 days without a binge and blew it, but tomorrow is a new day though and a new longer binge free streak starts! I really have no idea why I binged, I have been eating well and leaving calories for tiny indulgences…


Lets end on a good note… Do I have the cutest puppies in the world or what!?!?

Here is a better hair picture, but I really don't like how I look in it.


Ah, I love my Sheldon!!!!


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