Sunday Funday

Okay, I wrote this Sunday, but I guess it didn’t post.


Sunday Funday… ha I lured you in with an awesome title, and all your going to get is some boring jibber jabber 🙂 But you already opened the page, so at least stick with me…

What is it about the weekend that makes eating healthy about 10X 100X harder than eating healthy on a weekday? Today was not as massive of a fail as yesterday, but it wasn’t a huge success either. I ate about 1600 calories today when I was shooting for 1300. I had one too many trips to the peanut butter jar, and just one, or two, or three too many sweet treats. It is sad because I substitute a treat for a meal, when that isn’t the healthiest, but I just can’t help my sweet tooth!!!  This week I am going to be on the lookout for popsicle makers and turn my passion tea into popsicles, so hopefully that will help with cravings. As I write this I’m drinking a cup of green tea to help start my week off right…

I did have one mini success today: I made a 330 calorie pasta dish! I mean when Greg and I cook pasta, we cook pasta. It is the one thing he could eat everyday for the rest of his life. Now normally I give him free rein in the kitchen, but since I’m trying to control my intake I helped out today and measured everything out. It was actually surprising to see how much pasta 2oz really is….  A lot more than I was expecting. We also had this amazing spinach chicken sausage from fresh and easy that is just 90 calories per link, and they are decent sized links. All in all it was a low-calorie pasta dish that was immensely satisfying!

Look at that yummy-ness!

Doesn’t that look good? Here is scoop:

2 oz of whole wheat pasta

1/4th a cup of Classic vodka Sauce

1 Spinach Chicken Sasage cut into small pieces

Cook, Mix, Eat, no guilt 🙂

In other news, today I am exactly one week from my half marathon! Ekk, I’m getting a bit nervous, but I think I am ready and if I go at training pace I am set to break my PR.  After this half marathon I am going to start speed training, I want to get my pace down to 10:00 so that when I run my next 5k in April, I can have a 30 minute time (I’m factoring in race day adrenalin to help boost my speed). I’ll let you know how that training goes. I’m thinking my goal for next year is a 9 minute pace for a 5k. With weight loss it should be more than attainable. Now that I think about it, I should probably add run a 28 minute 5k to my 25-by-25 list.

Other than running, I had a great day with my pups, they are just too darn cute!!!! I also had a few friends over, we watched The Hangover 2, which although I saw it in the theater, I was a little to inebriated to remember much of it. It’s a great story, you should ask about it sometime!

Sorry, but they are the cutest puppies ever!

Oh, on a side note, a lot of traffic ( and by a lot I mean about 5 people per day) have been searching “Sheldon Cooper weight gain” and getting my blog… now to me he looks the same as always… My Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the other hand now weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds!


He is getting the Corgi Body. I love it!!!


Look how big my baby is getting!!!

Alright, I guess I have bored you enough for one post.

(So do you find it harder to keep track of calories on the weekend? Any tips or tricks you use? Let me know in the comments bellow!)


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