Spastic dancing


I have NOT felt like myself lately. I don’t know what has been up with me this week, but I have had no energy, no motivation and have been in a funk. I am kind of down on myself because I have not lost what I wanted this week. Initially I was down 2 pounds then I went up 3 and now I’m down 1. Confusing huh? Overall since last week I have lost a pound… not bad but, I have been working my butt off running and eating right. I didn’t pig out over temptation weekend and actually stayed in my calories, what I actually think it is, is that I am not eating enough calories. This week I have found it really hard to get in my calories (mostly due to lack of motivation) and thus I have days where I am running 6+ miles and eating 1000-1200 calories… I need to eat more if I don’t want to mess my body up more than it already is…


Tonight my funk was really bad, so I decided to put on some songs and dance spazout to the music. It was fun and therapeutic. I tell people I don’t like dancing, but that’s not true, what is true is that I CAN’T dance. I am the epitome of white person dancing. Thus you will never see me dance in public… but if you are over and I’m watching glee or something of the nature you might just see the spastic white dance come out. Greg has seen it and he can assure you that it is hilarious.


Well I’m going to go have some peanut butter, vanilla cupcake goldfish and almond milk for desert. YUMMY!


I have a 3 or 4 mile treadmill run scheduled tomorrow… I’m going to try to make it 4 so I can already be at 10 miles for the week, but it depends a lot on my feet (they have been acting up)


Oh and I have a tutorial coming up on photography props.. I actually have it written, just need to find the pictures.


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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