Hearts on a Rope, A Tutorial

I am sure by now you have at least heard of pinterest, personally I have developed a huge love affair with the site. There are so many amazing ideas, but I do have to say, as more people have joined, the quality of pins has slightly declined. ( I have came across a handful of nude images which should not be on the site)

Back to amazing ideas though, a few weeks ago I found this idea of a couple and strung around them was a rope of hearts. I thought the concept of being “tied up by love” was cute and decided to make my own heart rope. Since I’m such a nice, amazing, thoughtful person ( I sound like Glinda from wicked don’t I?) I will share with you how to make the heart rope:

Ribbon, twine, rope, metal… Basically some type of material to be the string.

Construction paper, scrapbook paper, cardstock
Again basically some type of paper

Heart shape template  ( I got a wooden heart at Michaels for 29 cents)
For this I recommend the template to be flat, this will allow for easier tracing.

Pencils (for tracing)

First layout how you are going to trace the hearts to make sure you are getting the most out of your paper.

I had to up the saturation of this image to show you the trace. Be sure to trace very lightly.

Next trace the heart shape on the paper.( a variation of this step is to print a heart outline on your paper choice rather than trace, but I didn’t want to take the time to set up that template or

Here is my heart that I used to trace. I picked it up for 29 cents .

Then carefully cut out each heart. Slight variations in heart shape is fine.

After all hearts are cut depending on string type determine how to string your hearts.
For twine I recommend a small hole at the top on the heart. For ribbon I suggest two slits and then slide the ribbon through almost like sewing.

For the heart rope I had, my rope was the closest I could find to twine, but it had a metal spine. It was also very thick.
For the hearts I cut a small hole, just large enough to string the rope through.  I also varied the placement of the hole ( moving form left to right to center)

Lastly I strung the hearts and was done!

Here is my creation in action:

Tied up in love

Great as a hanging prop too!

I was happy with the tiny touch the heart rope adds!


Great for engagement sessions!

This works great as a prop, backdrop or even streamers for a party!

Oh and make sure to “pin” this if you like it 🙂


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I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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