Fairy Tale Baby Shower with Pink Pixi Dust

We recently got to celebrate Katie and baby Sarah at a super cute fairy tale themed baby shower. While I was really excited and looking forward to celebrating baby Sarah and Katie, I was also somewhat dreading the desert only shower. Since I was less than a month into my new lifestyle I knew it was going to be a temptation day. If you know me you know I have a huge sweet tooth and if you know Greg’s mom, you know she can BAKE! (& cook too!)  You should have seen this party; there were so many yummy treats, peanut butter cookies, cupcakes, candy, cherry shortbread, cream cheese filled strawberries, and strawberry lemon bars. I mean, I know I just gained 3 pounds by writing that list!!!! BUT, the party came and I only ate ½ a lemon bar,one short bread cookie and a handful of raspberries!! Yay me! Now that we have dealt with my food obsession, let’s move on to the party.

The party was fairy tale themed with a complete pink immersion! Debbi (Katie’s mommy) and Cassie (Katie’s sister) did a great job coming up with ideas for this party. Cassie even created a baby jeopardy game, it was such a cute idea! One of the categories was ‘Celebrity babies’ and Katie’s grandma picked that one… The look on her face when Cassie asked the question was so cute!

The welcome table.

This was the welcome table. It had a fairly tale book that guest could sign and write Katie and Sarah a little message. It also had a few other games on it.

Each centerpeice was a stack of books with a vase of flowers on it. There were also small candles.

Here are thoes treats I was raving about earlier!

The frosting on the strawberry cupcakes tasted just like strawberry ice cream!

There was also a candy buffet.

Here is a group shot.

The favors Debbi got were addorable! Little moon bookmarks!

The baby shower was so cute and whimsical. Debbi and Cassie really did a great job, I know I had a great time!

Cassie, Katie and Debbi

isn’t my future family-in-law cute!

Oh, in unrelated news I got my CBEST results and… I Passed! I know it is an easy test but I’m still happy. Now I just need to wait for the official results in the mail and my substitute teaching application is complete!


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  1. Totally presh!

  2. What a Fab shower. Love it!

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