DIY Baby Shower Gift: Bath Time Kit

For Katie’s baby shower (which I will be posting about soon) I wanted to get her a gift that was practical and wasn’t clothes. She is having a girl so I knew she would be set on clothes (I think every other gift at her shower was clothing). I also knew that with my budget, I didn’t have the money to get one of the bigger items on her registry, but also didn’t want to get just one tiny thing. So I came up with the idea of a bath kit basket.

For the basket I took tool a ribbon to create a tie around the basket, the I had Greg cut me a tiny piece of wood and spray paint it with chalkboard paint. On the chalkboard I wrote ” Princess Sarah’s Royal Bath Kit” ( it was a fairy tale/princess themed shower)

I then stocked the basket with some bathtime essentials:
Hooded towel
Baby wash
Baby lotion
Baby oil
Baby q-tips
Wash cloths
Nail cutting kit
Hair brush kit
Bath time themed frame

I then arranged the basket in a cute pattern and wallah Bath Time Kit ready to go.

This is the finished product.

I am kind of disappointed that I didn’t get a better picture, but the day of the baby shower was super busy!

I love how useful and practical this gift can be, these items are a must for any new mommy!!!

Here is Katie with the gift.

This idea is completely customizable too, it can be a diaper kit with changing essentials, or a feeding kit with bottles and feeding essentials or even a baby travel kit with all things needed to take baby from here to there!

Hope this helps if your stumped for a cute gift idea for the next baby shower you’re attending!


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