What’s a post without a picture of a Corgi?

These past two weeks have been kind of a bummer for me. My weight has only dropped a pound the past two weeks-Im not going to lie is frackin’ pisses me off. I know it’s my fault, I haven’t been tracking my food as good as normal and I know I have been taking a few bites from Greg’s plates lately. I have been doing good with exercise– I have run or gone to the gym at least 3 times per week and have burnt 2000+ calories each week. Now if I could be as good with my diet everything would be golden! That’s my mini goal this week. I plan to make all my meals, eat 1300-1400 calories per day, eat balanced meals and snacks, and count every calories.

On to today, today me and my Sunday crew went on a hike at Irvine park. While it was fun, I was disappointed in my time. I wasn’t banking on it being a high calorie burn workout, since we were just planing to exercise together nothing big, but it is disappointing only going 4.75 miles in 1:40 when I did 7.3 miles in 1:39 earlier this week. I just kept thinking of the calories I could be burning! However it was all worthwhile since I got to spend a day with my best friends 🙂

Michell, myself, and Daisy 🙂

This photo my friends was taken with an Iphone

Michelle, James, Myself, and Greg (I just realized we matched)

This my friends was taken with a droid

The lesson= Iphone pwns.

After our hike and going home to change and clean up we headed to Chipotle for dinner (See, I told you my diet has been sucking!). Then we went home and watched the Oscars, I’m actually really made about the results, I mean Harry Potter should have won something! I think I had more fun playing with the puppies than actually watching the Oscars, I mean what is cuter than a corgi?

Here is said corgi, he looks like he is playing Airplane 🙂 Ah, I love him to pieces!!!

Oh, my amazing boyfriend also picked me up a little piece of jewelry… Nope not a ring, a Garmin 305! I love using it when I run it is amazing!!! I can’t wait to keep playing with it. I plan to run intervals tomorrow using the pace thingy on it. It beeps if I go to fast or too slow, GREAT FOR TRAINING. I tend to start off too fast and burn out, but hopefully I’ll do better with this! I was previously using Nike + and while it was okay, it was not the most accurate, it also doesn’t have the pace features that the Garmin has and the calorie could was WAY off. I guess that is all for me.

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