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Joys of owning a Corgi

I just had the most amazing weekend this week, and you want to know why? It’s because I did nothing!!! Greg and I completely took the time to revamp after quite a busy schedule we have been having these past few weeks.

Greg has been working a lot lately and I mean A LOT, A LOT! Our weekdays are jam-packed between work, school, puppies, work, homework and trying to squeeze in runs and couple time! We barely get time to see each other now and days!

The weekend started by seeing the midnight showing of Hunger Games –great movie, go see it! Then we spent Friday night relaxing and catching up on TV. We were both tired from staying up the previous night. Man are we getting old!

Then on Saturday Greg and went to mile square park for a run! It was much needed, I have fallen way behind on my 1/2 marathon training and my weight loss has really slowed as well. All things considered, my run was decent. I did 4 miles and kept a 12:54 pace. All of my miles were under 13:25 too, no more 14 minute miles for me! A few weeks ago I was bummed about my 13 minute mile times, but I have to rememebr just 4 months ago, I was running high 14 minute mile times. I’m progressing and that is good!Normally mile 2 kills me and I end up doing it in 13 minutes and then mile 3 in 14 minutes, so I can really see improvement. This was also an ‘easy’ run and I could have done another few miles when I finished, so I know I could have pushed myself harder as well. At this point, I’m hopefully for the OC 1/2 marathon and a sub 3 hour time.

On Saturday we also took Sheldon to petsmart! He loved all of the attention he was getting–he is quite a ham that way! A bunch of people stopped us to ask 1) what kind of dog is that?–I guess not a lot of people have seen corgis and 2) tell us–him rather– how cute he is. It was fun. We ended up buying him a new leash and collar, his harness wasn’t working out to well.

Yeah, I know. My corgi is pretty hardcore.

Then on Sunday we took both Sheldon and Guinness to the dog park! I don’t know if I have ever shared this before or not, but I am actually terrified of dogs. I was mauled when I was 4 and ever since, I have been terrified of big or aggressive dogs. This is one of the reasons I can’t adopt or rescue, any sign of aggression and I tense up. Anyway on Sunday’s at the Huntington Beach dog park, they have a corgi meet up. I LOVE corgis so I really wanted to go. I was pretty much terrified the entire time, but since they have a little dog section it was manageable. It was so fun to watch all of the other corgis play! Sheldon was a hit as well, two people who actually follow his blog came up to take a picture of him. (Yeah, my dog is kind of a big deal..) Sheldon was very shy and stuck to me the whole time and Guinness actually growled at the other dogs, but towards the end they became a little more adventurous. I can’t wait to take them next week!

Oh, there was also a swing, so this picture was a must! Doesn’t he look like he is smiling! Oh the joys of owning a corgi!

Hunger Games

Never have I felt so compelled to be a fictional character and not be them at the same time. If you have not heard of it–get out of that rock your under– the hunger games is an action packed trilogy that has a little bit of everything.

I am in awe of the character Suzanne Collins was able to create in katnis. She is brave, independent, strong, and just awesome. I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone, but it is a story that really captivates you and draws you in emotionally. I felt anger, frustration, love, envy, admiration among many other emotions.

Additionally the movie was just as gripping. Normally I am a person who tends to like movie adaptations of my favorite books; however I like them as their own entity. This movie was so well directed,cast, clothed, written and produced that it was really a companion to the book. Key points were hit, details were there and the emotion was just as real as I remember reading. Now I didn’t feel the anger for katnis that I did during the peeta scenes as I did in the book, but I still think those scenes were so well done (by all involved) that the overall idea was there. I was pleased with this adaptation, it might be one of the best book to movie adaptations since Harry potter and the sourceres stone. and by best I mean that it stays as true to the book, in way of plot, emotion and visual as possible. Right now I am one happy fan and I can’t wait to go see the movie for a second time.

Until next time, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Guinness Cupcakes

As you all may know st Patrick’s day started as…

Kidding no history lesson, this was one of the first st Patrick’s days that I have celebrated in a long time!

It all started with a TB test reading, extremely exciting I know! It was for my new job! (yes finally a job! It is only part time substitution position, but hey it’s something!)

Then I came home and cooked dinner, I made bangers and mash and for dessert I made Guinness chocolate cupcakes with baileys cream cheese frosting. I mean oh my gosh they were good!!! I may have put a bit too much alcohol in the cupcakes (is there such a thing?) but they were still amazing! 🙂 I am actually not a big chocolate fan, which is why I thought making them was a good idea, you know I wouldn’t eat too much… But no they were so good a non chocolate lover like me still devoured them! 🙂

Nom, Nom, Nom.

After dinner we went to see 21 jump street, it was way better than I though and super funny. There want too much of s plot but it was still good. I laughter and thought it was worth the $9.50.

We went home and watched American pie after, since Greg had never seen it, I also had another cupcake or two :/ oh well this is why I weigh in on Wednesdays…

It was a great st Patrick’s day 🙂 & I’m even sober enough to write this up!

Oh and to clarify I used:

                                            <—- This Guinness      Not this one—>

2 miles and some abstract art

I didn’t have a scheduled run today–or did I? Unlike most runners, I, for the most part, don’t schedule my runs, with the exception of Saturday long runs. I try to stick to running this day or that day, but as long as I get 3 runs in a week, I am good. Normally however I never run after my long run day, but today I just felt like going. Since the clocks went forward it was colder when I got up and much more inviting to run in.

So naturally with the atmosphere inviting me to run, I laid in bed, 10 minutes later I got my butt up and forced myself out the door. I had the goal of not walking at all during my short 2 mile run and to monitor my pace. The only problem is I have such a hard time gageing my pace. I still tried though, I slowed my mile time to 12:00 minute pace which felt slow! My second mile I slowed to a 13:00 pace–not intentional. I tried to pick it up, but I ended up walking for 30 seconds– out of want not need! I finished the second mile and still had .15 miles to my house so I sprinted and that folks was my run! terribly exciting wasn’t it!? But it’s a Sunday what do you expect?


After my run Greg came over and we headed down to CSULB to spend some time at the Japanese gardens. First we needed food though, and stopped at Denny’s. Denny’s has this new fit fare food and I really wanted to try the chicken avocado sandwich, against my better judgment I got fries instead of the veggies as the side; however, since the sandwich was not the greatest I was happy with my choice. It was very bland and just ehh. I would have been happier with a Subway sandwich and it would have been a lot cheaper too! After brunch we headed to CSULB and went to the gardens. I wasn’t thrilled, I have never been to a Japanese garden before, but I was just expecting more I guess. It was very tiny and very crowded and not much to take pictures of. There were also a lot of photographer there who were holding sessions, which normally doesn’t bother me but there were a few who lacked any sense of etiquette and were all together quite rude! I had high hopes of taking some cool pictures but I ended up only getting a few.

This is a little different than my normal shot. I like it though.

As always these photos are for purchase on my smugmug site. Contact me for more information.

Tonight is also Sunday Funday! Both Michelle’s came over and we just hung out. I ate too much. Like way too much. We also made plans to visit LACMA Friday :). Greg has to visit for school so we are making a day out of it! Can’t wait. Since we will be so close to Sprinkles… I am thinking I might have to run 6 miles Friday morning and enjoy a cupcake! 🙂

Interval run, you are my friend

I failed this week! I am supposed to run at least 3 times per week and I failed. I am telling myself it is okay since I had a 12 mile run on Sunday, but I know really it’s not.  My times lately have discouraged me so much that I just needed a break. I did however have a ‘long’ run scheduled today with Daisy, so I had to get up and do that. I love running with Daisy, although she is a bit faster than me, because it makes me get up and go running! I guess that is what best friends are for, to kick your butt into shape! I also tend to run SOOO much better when I run with her, which is why I am so excited that she is doing 3 of my next 4 races with me! (hopefully I can talk her into some more).


We were planning to go to mile square, but I really dislike running there, so we headed to Huntington Beach and ran along the coast. We did an easy 5.5 miles and kept a decent pace (The pace was a hell of a lot better than normal). After jogging the first mile, we did ¼ mile intervals of walking and jogging. Intervals are seriously my best friend, I love them! Overall we were consistent with our times, which I am happy about. It was a much better pace than the past two weeks which gives me motivation for this coming week.


This week at my weekly weight-in I was also down 1 pound. I find this really exciting because I have not been using sparkpeople lately. I have been trying to eat healthy on my own and make the right choices and as my weight shows, it is working. While it is only one pound, I am happy with a slow one pound loss, because it means that it is not fluctuation, it is actual weight loss. My mini-goal right now is to lose 15 pounds before Greg and I take our Colorado trip in May. (Yay, were exploring the world-ish). Then my goal from there is to maintain my weight in Colorado and keep it off for my trip to Ohio the following week. (Yay, I get to see my brother for the first time since Jr. high!!!!).  I think maintaining—or even losing—in Colorado is possible, because we will be doing a 5K at the Cheyenne zoo and most of the activities we have planned are active type things. I also plan to run while I am there, so we’ll see what happens with that.


After the run Greg and I had a few errands to run. Our point and shoot camera broke so we took it into Best Buy. Since I bought it when I worked there, I added on the warranty (The warranties are pretty cheap for employees). I am hoping that they are just going to replace it rather than fix it—Fingers crossed! I have my eye on the Canon SX230 HS. I really like that one and I think it will be the perfect camera for everyday use. In other camera news, the 5D mk iii was announced. If I could sell my 50D for more than 900ish I would probably buy it. I am taking donations though, so if you want to give me money towards the “Theresa wants this freakin’ awesome camera” Foundation, I won’t turn you away.

I mean look at today’s running data…




They are pretty much forcing me to buy the 5D!

Oh, and if you are actually interested in the run data:


So it’s St. Patrick ’s Day next weekend, have any plans? I don’t, despite being Irish; we don’t really celebrate the day. It’s a day when a bunch of people walk around and mock our accent, claim they are ‘100% Irish”, get drunk, and promote a stereotype about us. It’s more of an annoyance; I might go drink though 😉 Oh, and if you do go out all of that ‘traditional Irish food’ you are eating, it’s not really typical Irish food. Most likely it is a fake knock off, or we don’t even eat it at all.

Sunday long run

I am beginning to think that my improved pace I was seeing all week two-weeks ago was a fluke. I had another crappy run today. I started off strong at an 11 minute mile but then I had a 13, 14, 15 minute mile. I really don’t know what has gotten into me. I even ate before my run today! I think this week I am going to focus on interval runs because those tend to produce my fastest runs. My goal for the OC 1/2 marathon is to jog ( 12ish min/mile pace) the first 5 miles and then walk/jog 1/4 mile intervals. I hope in the 2 months I have left to train I can do this. I thought it was very possible two weeks ago, but now, I’m slightly doubting it :/ I really want to break 3 hours.

This was just 1/2 of my run. My long run is from Huntington pier to Newport pier and back. Its 12 miles. I ended up waiting for Greg at the pier and we just walked back. Yeah it was that kind of run  :/ It was 11.45 miles and I did burn 1299 calories, wooohoo!

Here is an update of my weight loss progress. The left photo is last month and the right photo was taken tonight and 15 pounds down.

Right now this is my working goal. This was a year ago and 25  pounds lighter.

Yeah, I gained all my weight within a year. From April to August I gained 40 pounds & now.

I also have more good news on the weight loss front. Yesterday I was out of clean jeans so I decided to try on one of my ‘big’ small jeans. They are from my freshman year of college and haven’t fit in a while. So I was extatic when I tried them on yesterday and not only did they button, but there wasn’t anything hanging over!!! Can’t wait for the rest of my old jeans to fit 🙂


Well that is today.

See you later this week. Hopefully I will have better running times. I am thinking of adding yoga and swimming to change it up a bit.

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