Guinness Cupcakes

As you all may know st Patrick’s day started as…

Kidding no history lesson, this was one of the first st Patrick’s days that I have celebrated in a long time!

It all started with a TB test reading, extremely exciting I know! It was for my new job! (yes finally a job! It is only part time substitution position, but hey it’s something!)

Then I came home and cooked dinner, I made bangers and mash and for dessert I made Guinness chocolate cupcakes with baileys cream cheese frosting. I mean oh my gosh they were good!!! I may have put a bit too much alcohol in the cupcakes (is there such a thing?) but they were still amazing! 🙂 I am actually not a big chocolate fan, which is why I thought making them was a good idea, you know I wouldn’t eat too much… But no they were so good a non chocolate lover like me still devoured them! 🙂

Nom, Nom, Nom.

After dinner we went to see 21 jump street, it was way better than I though and super funny. There want too much of s plot but it was still good. I laughter and thought it was worth the $9.50.

We went home and watched American pie after, since Greg had never seen it, I also had another cupcake or two :/ oh well this is why I weigh in on Wednesdays…

It was a great st Patrick’s day 🙂 & I’m even sober enough to write this up!

Oh and to clarify I used:

                                            <—- This Guinness      Not this one—>


About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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