Joys of owning a Corgi

I just had the most amazing weekend this week, and you want to know why? It’s because I did nothing!!! Greg and I completely took the time to revamp after quite a busy schedule we have been having these past few weeks.

Greg has been working a lot lately and I mean A LOT, A LOT! Our weekdays are jam-packed between work, school, puppies, work, homework and trying to squeeze in runs and couple time! We barely get time to see each other now and days!

The weekend started by seeing the midnight showing of Hunger Games –great movie, go see it! Then we spent Friday night relaxing and catching up on TV. We were both tired from staying up the previous night. Man are we getting old!

Then on Saturday Greg and went to mile square park for a run! It was much needed, I have fallen way behind on my 1/2 marathon training and my weight loss has really slowed as well. All things considered, my run was decent. I did 4 miles and kept a 12:54 pace. All of my miles were under 13:25 too, no more 14 minute miles for me! A few weeks ago I was bummed about my 13 minute mile times, but I have to rememebr just 4 months ago, I was running high 14 minute mile times. I’m progressing and that is good!Normally mile 2 kills me and I end up doing it in 13 minutes and then mile 3 in 14 minutes, so I can really see improvement. This was also an ‘easy’ run and I could have done another few miles when I finished, so I know I could have pushed myself harder as well. At this point, I’m hopefully for the OC 1/2 marathon and a sub 3 hour time.

On Saturday we also took Sheldon to petsmart! He loved all of the attention he was getting–he is quite a ham that way! A bunch of people stopped us to ask 1) what kind of dog is that?–I guess not a lot of people have seen corgis and 2) tell us–him rather– how cute he is. It was fun. We ended up buying him a new leash and collar, his harness wasn’t working out to well.

Yeah, I know. My corgi is pretty hardcore.

Then on Sunday we took both Sheldon and Guinness to the dog park! I don’t know if I have ever shared this before or not, but I am actually terrified of dogs. I was mauled when I was 4 and ever since, I have been terrified of big or aggressive dogs. This is one of the reasons I can’t adopt or rescue, any sign of aggression and I tense up. Anyway on Sunday’s at the Huntington Beach dog park, they have a corgi meet up. I LOVE corgis so I really wanted to go. I was pretty much terrified the entire time, but since they have a little dog section it was manageable. It was so fun to watch all of the other corgis play! Sheldon was a hit as well, two people who actually follow his blog came up to take a picture of him. (Yeah, my dog is kind of a big deal..) Sheldon was very shy and stuck to me the whole time and Guinness actually growled at the other dogs, but towards the end they became a little more adventurous. I can’t wait to take them next week!

Oh, there was also a swing, so this picture was a must! Doesn’t he look like he is smiling! Oh the joys of owning a corgi!


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