The Long Run

I have so much to update you on…. Color run, upcoming trip, weight loss, photography, among other things. Even though I have a post for every one of these topics sitting in my ‘to be posted’ bin, they are half finish, I have found that about 1/2 through a post, I get bloggers-block.

I decided a good way to get over blogger-block was to post on something that was almost unblockable

Here I am prerun 🙂 See all happy.

Greg and I before the run!

I swear, I treated this like a race… but I was excited for my last long run :).

The run started off pretty slow.  Not pace wise, but I swear during the first mile, I though my garmin was broke. I felt like it was at least 2.5 miles, but it was really only .6miles. After 3 miles though the run was going pretty well. I was feeling great until mile 6 when my knee started to hurt, but nothing big.

I had one major accomplishment during the run, I was able to run 6 miles straight with a pace under 13:00/mile. I have had a goal for a while to run 5 miles straight, and I finally did it! At mile 7 Daisy and I started to run intervals, which worked out pretty well. This run felt good, it made me feel confident for Sunday. I am really hopping for a sub 3:00:00 pace. If I copy this run, I will do it! 🙂

Check back, I’ll let you know how Sunday goes.

Me after the run 🙂 Not all tired. I really could have went another 2.1 miles 😉 (but I’ll save that for Sunday: OC 1/2 marathon)


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  1. You shoulda went for another 2.1 miles!! 😛 Great job 🙂

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