The most colorful shower of my life!

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted… I have so much to post about too! Since I’m slightly pressed on time (jeeze, I have a lot going on in the next few weekends!) I’ll start with updating you on something I was really looking forward too. The Color Run! Have you heard of it? I found the Color run on Pinterest and though it was a crazy cool 5k and I knew I just had to do it! I brought the idea up with my friends and because they are completely awesome, they were down! The color run is coined as ‘The happiest 5k on the planet” and boy were they right! It was a super fun color bomb day!

Since we were a team, we needed a team name, naturally we choose ‘Bazinga’ Yep, were rad. We wanted to make the team thing official so we also made some rad ‘Bazinga’ t-shirts! All thanks to my wonderfully creative boyfriend, honestly they were amazing, he is spectacular!

The run was not the most organized event in the world, the line to get in was LONG (i.e. it was quicker to walk 2 miles in than to drive in). The start time was also very disorganized, there were no real waves, just line up and go when they say. They did pass out more color and bracelets at the starting line, yay for free stuff! We started off jogging but found it was more fun to walk and take our time.

Here we are all nice and crisp and clean. Look at those shirts, amazing right!

Each 1k they had a color strip where people threw color, it was fun, but at some stations they had run out of color. We improvised though and rolled in the color 🙂 Yeah, we were those people. lol During the blue station a guy dumped a lid full of powered on my head; at the time, it was super fun… 4 days later… my scalp is still blue.

Even though it was a run, we walked, it was a lot better that way (more color). It was fun to see the different costumes and all of the other people covered in color. My favorite part was defiantly the end, where they had a ‘color-party’ every 15 minutes. The last blast of color, super fun!!!

Here we are all nice and clean still.

All in all, the race was a blast and really one of those experiences that stay with you. The shower after the race, was also really run. I mean seriously when is the last time you took a shower where the water turned into a rainbow!?!? I can’t wait to run again, I’m thinking you will see team Bazinga again in Las Vegas 2013! 🙂


& for good measure… images from my colorful shower experience…





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