10 pounds in two days… what the vacation!

So tonight ends the whirlwind vacation filled summer… Three weeks ago I had the Colorado tip, last week was my Ohio trip and this weekend was my Las Vegas trip. What a fun three weeks it has been, it will be hard to get back to the ‘real world’ (or in line for it at least). One bad thing about these trips, is that since the 1/2 marathon at the beginning of May I have only ran a handful of times (twice in Colorado, once in Ohio, and once since I have been back) NOT GOOD!

My diet has also gone to shit too. I did well in Colorado and surprisingly I did well in Ohio too. In Ohio we ate at a buffet almost every day by the time I got home though I had only gained one pound!!! YES ONLY ONE POUND ON A SIX DAY VACATION!!!!!!! Funny thing though, I come home, lose that one extra pound, go to Vegas for two days and gain 10! Yes gain 10 freakin’ pounds over two days. I don’t even know how that happens. I’m hopping its a combination of a routine change and that time of the month (at least that is what I am going to tell myself).

Tomorrow I’m getting back to my running routine and a 1300-1600 calorie diet. I’m weighting myself in the morning to see the real damage of this Vegas weekend and then I’m going to take a two week vacation from the scale as my weight evens out and starts to drop then I’ll go on tracking it again.

Here I am in Ohio. (That’s my awesome brother by the way)

Here I am 10 pounds heavier in Vegas… I don’t feel like I look 10 pounds heavier, so hopefully it is just a fluke that will work itself out.

Okay well that is all for now… I promise I’ll give updates on everything soon! I have been sooooooooo busy!



About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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