Gosh I swear for those looking froward to my Colorado and Ohio post, they may never happen. I swear I am trying to work on them but I have been so darn busy! I have been looking for a job–and due to the low demand for entry level public health workers in Southern California I have decided to expand my search to other states as well. Expanding my search makes a whole skew of other factors I need to look at while applying (mainly can I afford to live with the pay being offered.) Anyway there have also been a lot of parties, a friend visited from out of town, I have had a few sessions and have been on a total baking/making treats kick! I tell you it has been quite a fun time around my way lately. Too much living, not a whole lot of blogging… All you who can blog and live at the same time–I admire you!

Last week started training for Octobers 1/2 marathon! I am excited, I am following a training plan this time and I really hope that it helps my time, my goal is 2:36:00. Training has been kind of all over the place, last week I was doing awesome with 12:09/mile- 11:48/mile paces but this week I have been sucking! I hope that it is just the added weight training I am doing and once my body assimilates my pace will pick back up.

I have also been on a total salad kick! Summer salads are perfect when it’s too hot for anything else!




About Theresa Bridget

I have a pretty simple life, but simple is perfect for me.

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