About Theresa

Hi I’m Theresa and this is what I look like when I take pictures

I like about me pages… like a lot!

I love photography! I currently shoot with a canon 5D Mk III

I live in Orange County, California.

I am a recent CSUF graduate, with my B.S. in Health Science. A.k.A public health/health education

I am going back to school to be a teacherNurseOccupational Therapist Public Health AdministratorOccupational TherapistTeacher… I have no clue what I want to do with my life!!!

I have no clue what I really want to do in life

Actually, I do, I want to be a photographer, but I also want a job with good health care, so I’m stuck.

I love my boyfriend, we have been dating 5+ years.

We met at a yogurt shop when I told him he had a big butt 🙂

I, sometimes, use too many, commas.

I love color.

When I was 4 a dog bit me and now I have a big scar on my cheek.

luckily I have tons of freckles so the scar blends in.

That is part of the reason I my freckles

I am 100% Irish and the first person in my family(including extended family) to be born in America.

The rest of my family was born in Belfast, Ireland.

I think I act more Irish than America.

When I speak with my family I have an accent, when I speak with my friends I don’t

I love Disney and all things related (with the exception of Snow White and Tinker Bell)

I don’t know why I hate Snow White, I just do.

I loveAriel!!!!

If she was real we would be bestfriends

I also love Leonardo Di Caprio

I am utterly obsessed with Starbucks.

I have my own photography business: Theresa Bridget Photography.

I like acting like a kid–the carefree feeling is nice.

I worry entirely too much about everything

I have  anxiety attacks because I worry to much

I am working on reaching a healthy weight.

I am slowly becoming a runner and have completed (3) 1/2 marathons, with 2 more scheduled.

I plan on randomly updating this with more facts so check back

 Contact me… I am an open book! 🙂 Seriously though ask away.

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! That’s awesome that you want to be an OT too! I also majored in Health Sciences in undergrad! I’m getting nervous for classes to start on Monday but I will def keep my blog updated with how it is going/my classes and everything- ha give you a little sneak peak of what you might expect when you start! Are you in your senior year of undergrad this year?
    -Jessica (:

    • Yes I am a senior right now… only a little bit longer to go! lol I’ll deff. need to bookmark your blog, it would be cool to read about what it’s really like. Good luck on monday!

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