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Why yes the Colorado trip was a month an a half ago… Why yes I am just reporting on it now… ūüôā But don’t worry, the pictures are worth the wait…(well pictures from day 2 anyway ūüėČ See I’m keeping you wanting more.

Anyway the Original Post:


Can I go back to Colorado… Like now? My whole life I have been a California girl. I never imagined myself moving out of California… I mean… It’s freakin’ California…. That opinion is waning now. If you offered me a job in Colorado, I would take it in a heart beat.

Our first day in Colorado started out at Santa Ana Airport at 4:30am. After our flight (which left at 6:45) we arrived in Colorado at 10am. Right away we got our rental car, had lunch and headed to a Big Cat sanctuary. It was pretty cool, they had lots of tigers and even a few white tigers!

After about an hour there, the weather started to turn and it began to rain a little. The clouds looked pretty scary and I had remembered seeing ‘tornado shelter’ in the airport so my mind went to tornados… To be clear, I have no idea what tornado weather is, nor what it looks like so I don’t know why my mind went to tornados, but it did. After the rain picked up, Greg and I decided to call it a night and head to Colorado Springs. On the way to the hotel, I kept dozing off ( I had very little sleep the week leading to Colorado) I was asleep maybe 2 minutes at a time, it sucked! Greg said it was cute to see my head bounce though, it was that startled bounce every time I woke up.

Top: Me @ the Denver airport, they had a cool map!
Middle Me @ Orange County airport at 4:45am and me at the big cat sanctuary
Bottom me and Greg ūüôā


On our way to CS we stopped a few times on the side of the high way (at turn outs of course) to take pictures. We just had to, never in my life had I seen a whole state as beautiful!

When we got to Colorado Springs, we checked into our hotel and headed out to dinner. We grabbed a quick bite at Red Robin (I had this yummy chicken bruchetta sandwich and greg had a decent cheeseburger) Isn’t it funny that a burger restaurant like red robin can’t compare to fast food like In-n-out or 5 guys? After dinner we called it a night. Waking up at 4am and a 1 hour time change can make one extremely tired!

These are images from the big cat sanctuary and the side of the road… I mean isn’t it beautiful!


Looking at all of the Colorado pictures makes me so sad… I cut my hair after this trip and I miss my long hair so bad! (Oh, and because I want to go back to Colorado).


Colorado Vacation Overview

My long awaited Colorado vacation is finally upon us! Well actually as I write this it is almost over.. ūüė¶

I have been debating weather or not to post each day of the trip, and ultimately decided to hold off until I got home for a few reasons. One, I’m on vacation and should be enjoying it! Two, we only brought Greg’s computer and his photo editing programs don’t support my 5d’s RAW files,and I really didn’t want to post with out the awesome photos I have been taking… I mean I almost NEVER post without pictures… However, I didn’t want to leave my readers completely in the dark (Hi readers!) so I decided to give a quick vacation overview ūüôā

Day One (May 16th)

  • We left Orange County at 6:45 am and arrived in Denver at 10am.

Me waiting on the plane… (4:45am

  • Once we had our rental car (enterprise completely did a bate-and-switch on us) NEVER will I use them again!
  • We had lunch at Chick-fil-a (they are every where out here!)
  • We went to a Big Cat Sanctuary

  • We drove into Colorado Springs, Checked into our hotel and called it an early night

Day Two (May 17th)

  • We went to Garden of the Gods (One of my Favorite things by far)

  • We visited a replica western village
  • We visited the Cliff Dwellings (and had some yummy fudge)

  • We had dinner at Olive Garden and tried this AMAZING WINE (Roscato) I don’t like wine, but I loved it!

Day Three (May 18th)

  • We took the Cog Railway up to Pikes Peek

  • We visited Garden Of the Gods again (see I loved it!)

  • Stargazing at Garden of the Gods

Day Four (May 19th)

  • We ran a 5k (1000 ft elevation over 2 miles!) I had trouble running at high altitude

  • We went to the Zoo (Now that is 2 zoo’s off our zoo in every state list!)
  • We visited the William Rodgers Shrine

  • Went to a Historic Grave Yard
  • We packed ūüė¶


  • Went to a comedy club

Day Five (May 20th) –Tentative–

  • One last drive around Garden of the Gods
  • Drive into Denver
  • Banjo Billy’s Denver Tour
  • Denver’s Botanical Gardens
  • Home ūüė¶

I am in love with Colorado, we leave tomorrow at 9pm and I am honestly so sad that we are leaving… I could stay here forever. I felt at home here and I love how active of a state it is! Never in a million years could I have even seen myself leaving California… that is until now… I am really heartbroken to leave Colorado behind…

[We’re actually home now… but I thought this post was worth it. Stay tuned for updates from each day!]

9 days til’ Ohio!

What’s a post without a picture of a Corgi?

These past two weeks have been kind of a bummer for me. My weight has only dropped a pound the past two weeks-Im not going to lie is frackin’ pisses me off. I know it’s my fault, I haven’t been tracking my food as good as normal and I know I have been taking a few bites from Greg’s plates lately. I have been doing good with exercise– I have run or gone to the gym at least 3 times per week and have burnt 2000+ calories each week. Now if I could be as good with my diet everything would be golden! That’s my mini goal this week. I plan to make all my meals, eat 1300-1400 calories per day, eat balanced meals and snacks, and count every calories.

On to today, today me and my Sunday crew went on a hike at Irvine park. While it was fun, I was disappointed in my time. I wasn’t banking on it being a high calorie burn workout, since we were just planing to exercise together nothing big, but it is disappointing only going 4.75 miles in 1:40 when I did 7.3 miles in 1:39 earlier this week. I just kept thinking of the calories I could be burning! However it was all worthwhile since I got to spend a day with my best friends ūüôā

Michell, myself, and Daisy ūüôā

This photo my friends was taken with an Iphone

Michelle, James, Myself, and Greg (I just realized we matched)

This my friends was taken with a droid

The lesson= Iphone pwns.

After our hike and going home to change and clean up we headed to Chipotle for dinner (See, I told you my diet has been sucking!). Then we went home and watched the Oscars, I’m actually really made about the results, I mean Harry Potter should have won something! I think I had more fun playing with the puppies than actually watching the Oscars, I mean what is cuter than a corgi?

Here is said corgi, he looks like he is playing Airplane ūüôā Ah, I love him to pieces!!!

Oh, my amazing boyfriend also picked me up a little piece of jewelry… Nope not a ring, a Garmin 305! I love using it when I run it is amazing!!! I can’t wait to keep playing with it. I plan to run intervals tomorrow using the pace thingy on it. It beeps if I go to fast or too slow, GREAT FOR TRAINING. I tend to start off too fast and burn out, but hopefully I’ll do better with this! I was previously using Nike + and while it was okay, it was not the most accurate, it also doesn’t have the pace features that the Garmin has and the calorie could was WAY off. I guess that is all for me.

Remember to check out my photography website ūüôā

Happy Birthday–To Me!

Well there are officially only 359 days until my 23rd Birthday! To be honest, I kind of want to stop getting older. Can my vegetarian vampire come and bite me already? ūüôā ( When I read that back to Greg, he put his hands over his face and shook his head–but I mean come on… it can happen right?)

Every year I get to ring in the New Year, with a birthday a few days after, and this year‚ÄĒmy 22nd birthday‚ÄĒwas really one to remember! I had a three-day birthday celebration this year: one with Greg and my family, one with Greg‚Äôs family, and then one with my friends. I loved the prolong celebration‚ÄĒI got to feel extra special!

Brithday #1 January 5th

These are shots from birthday celebration number one. I got to wear my cute new dress and boots–which made me happy! The day started off a little¬†later than we¬†wanted so rather than¬†breakfast at our favorite bagel¬†place, we went to lunch at Chilis. Then¬†Greg and I went mini golfing–I tottally¬†won!¬† That is my whole in one…and also my ball in the water :). After mini-golf it was time to spend a few hours at Disneyland¬†where Greg bougth me those cute little pins. I don’t really collect pins, but those pins¬†were pretty much¬† made for Greg and I. I love mickey bars, and he loves mickey popcorn. After Disneyland we went home for dinner, cake and movies. Birthday number one was an awesome day!

Birthday #2 January 6th

These are pictures from my birthday celebration with Greg’s family. His mom made a yummmy¬†dinner and that AMAZING Ariel Birthday cake was made by my friend Alexandra–She is starting her own little business you can check her website out here). The cake was just as yummy as it looked! I also got some pretty awesome gifts: like that 50mm lens from Greg’s parents, it hasn’t left my camera yet!

Birthday # 3 January 7th-8th

Here are tons of pictures from the celebration I had with my friends.

The night started at Cheesecake Factory–where I tried the red velvet cheesecake(AMAZING!).¬† Moved to Heroes¬† –a bar in Fullerton– and then ended with two spontaneous games of bowling.


These pictures are some of my high school friends. Michelle,James,Michelle on the left. Greg, Me, and Daisy on the right. I love, love, love that even though we are almost 4 years out of high school, we all still hang out.


My high school friends again!

Right after that first picture of Michelle and I hugging a random guy--also celebrating his brithday-- came up and told us he was going to die at 27--because he was left handed. I then asked for the drink he was drinking :) kidding. He was trashed, but funny, and I got a high-five out of it.

Here are some pictures of my work friends. I love the people I work with!!!

The two girls (Lauryn and Karissa) work with me at customer service and they are amazing. Even better is the fact that Lauryn acts just like me when I'm buzzed (so it's like double the fun).

Oh and P.S. Doesn’t my friend Brad–the guy at the end of the last photo–look like Zachary Quinto¬†(Syler from heroes).

It was a really awesome night, with funny stories that I'm sure will follow me. I also got to try some really good new drinks. I was trying to drink the rainbow. Which is when you have a drink in every color of the rainbow; however, I am not a huge drinker so I didn't finish :(.


Red: Washington apple

Yellow: Malibu and pineapple

Green: Unknown--but it was sooooooooo good. Let me just say, Green is the new blue. (story behind that , is that when I was "happy" in vegas rather than ask for drinks, I asked for blue).

Orange: Cactus cooler shot (only had a sip)

Purple: LA water (yummmy!)

Blue: Adios (Again only a sip)

Please don't judge--I normally don't drink a lot!

Here are some shots of me and my bestfriend. I love her more than anything. I tend to kiss her cheek alot¬†when I’m buzzed.¬†¬†Oh, and that¬†empty drink is in our¬†photo mash-up¬†because I posted it to facebook as “Daisy”.

Just to let you know she is amazing, smart and the best freind ever.


The last little mash-up of the night. In the second shot I was trying to drink it fast--I was being accused of nursing my drinks :). The rest of the shots are pretty self explanatory. Bowling buzzed makes anything funny. When I drink I make funny

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed looking through my little birthday post.

Oh and the Green drink tasted kind of like apple--any idea what it is???

California Science Center: Mummies of the world

This past friday Greg and I went to the mummies of the wold exhibit at the California Science Center. We were both excited to see it because well mummies are cool! Unfortunately cameras were not allowed in the exhibit so I don’t have very many photos to share, but I’ll do my best with words.

We went into the exhibit at 12 and one of the first mummies we saw was what looked like a little baby, it turned out that it was really a child and under the cloth they had folded all the bones. Scientist don’t know why, but I sure would like to know.

I was somewhat frustrated at every new mummy: I had so many questions that science could not yet answer. How did this mummy die, who were they, why did they wrap it the way they did. I just wanted the answers! What is pretty cool though is the fact that they can do different types of x-rays, and cat scans¬†to figure certain things out, like some¬†medical conditions, or how old they were when they died. I know it sounds somewhat nerdy, but I’m a nerd.

I also learned that nature can preserve perfect mummies. There was one of a monkey that was naturally preserved. It was so interesting to see this monkey with fur and all in a pose as a mummy. It was also nice to see mummies from areas other than Egypt. I know when I think mummy I think Egypt, but areas like Chili and Argentina used to mummify their dead as well.

unfortunately¬†there were not any sarcophaguses, but there was this one family they found buried¬†under a church. This family was forgotten for generations and became natural mummies. They were a young family all dead before 45, the child dead at 2–very sad–and they were just found laying in a church. The boards read that they had a tragic life, and obviously a tragic death, having being forgotten.

The exhibit was somewhat small, which was disappointing. I was expecting a different type of exhibit to be honest; however, it was still fun and interesting.

We even walked around the Science center for a while which was fun minus the millions of unsupervised kids.

They opened a new ecosystem wing in the center. I think this was my favorite–aside from the mummies– the different biospheres¬†all put together were fun to walk through. They also had a lot¬†of things you could interact with to learn more about that area, since I was a biology major it was a refresher more than a learning experience; yet, it was still fun all the same.

Greg liked alot of the interaction stuff (so did I). We got to drive drunk, drive a hovercraft, play with wind, and watch surgery amoung other things.  I love watching him play he can act like such a little kid and you have no idea how happy that makes me!

Overall it was a fun trip and spending the day with Greg is priceless!

On a side note Our 4 year anniversary is coming up! We have not idea how to celebrate, and I would love your imput.

So far we both came up with two ideas each:

Getting Disneyland passes and spending the day there. (Granted I get my $200 dollar gift card)

Going hiking in Big Bear ( I’m thinking great photo opportunities)

Going wine tasting (More for the photos than the wine…)

Going to the Legoland¬†aquarium (legos + fish… can it get any better!)

Any ideas/imput??? I would love to hear from you.

Princess Eggy

So a warning to all leaves, news paper, and straws mixed with a tin can don’t keep baby eggs alive… ūüė¶

Let me give you some background on how I came to this conclusion.

My last class on Thursday nights (7-9:50pm ekkk!) is Worksite¬†Health Promotion–one of my health science required classes. In this class we form groups and are assigned a topic that we then base an employee wellness program around. Tonight we started off class with a team building¬†assignment. I actually thought it was a great idea I was able to gauge personalities see who is the “bossy” one and what people actually work well with others.

For this project each student either brings an item or works on the project.

The items are

Tape….Newspaper…Leaves….Popsicle sticks…and a secret item

The secret item was my job… I brought a tin… on my defence we didn’t know what we were doing. Unlike another group which brought a floatie… (ok I don’t know if they actually knew what we were doing, but really a floatie… pretty creative item)

So we placed all our items together and I put my tin down, it was cute and had Disney princess on it.

Those of us that brought the items could not touch the stuff, only talk.

Most groups made a parachute and their¬†eggs survived… Our group tried to protect our egg, but alas princess eggy died… ūüė¶

She had a tiny crack…

He here is… may she rest in peace… or pieces ( ok I know lame joke)


Here is how we did it....

Our first order of business was giving out egg a name... We decided on Princess Eggy, since it was a princess tin that she was in. (oh we also had a feeling she was a girl... maternal instinct you know)

1. We placed crumpled paper at the bottom

2. Then wrapped leaves around our baby

3. Then we put straws on one side of the egg to keep it away from the sides ( that was our problem, I think if it would have had both sides... the tiny crack wouldn't have happened, and our lovely little eggy would still be here)

4. Then we placed popsicle sticks on the top to keep the egg in

5. Then we wrapped newspaper balls all around to absorb the shock.

6. Then the moment of truth came, and our egg was dropped 8 floors from the humanities building (not really only about 15 feet, but since she cracked I wanted us to look better :).

7. We then gathered round unwrapped her... thought she was fine... and then to our dismay we saw a crack. :,(


I really thought deep down it was going to work :( oh well it was fun! I'll just have to remember when I have a real kid... leaves newspaper and straws are not secure.

All in all it was a fun exercise that allowed our group to get to know each other better, and personalities came out.

… This blog is in loving memory of princess eggy.



{one} what was your favorite birthday gift?

Hmm, I always get pretty good gifts, but I think my favorite that I can remember is an airplane ticket. Greg bought me a ticket to go up to Berkley and Visit Daisy :).

Oh and when I was 16 I got a tricked out computer, that was pretty awesome!

{two} have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting?

No… but I have been ice blocking!

{three} what’s the strangest talent you have?

I don’t have any strange talents ūüė¶ I wish I did, then I could run away with the circus and blog about it… wouldn’t that be a cool blog?

{four} what are your favorite kind of chips?

I really like Cheetos or Doritos.. There are also these Irish chips called Tato, I love, love, love the onion flavor.

{five} do you know any tongue twisters?

Sally Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore…

Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers…

I’m so good I know two.

{six} what was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Dinner for Smucks… it was ok, really its more of a renter.

{seven} do you collect anything?

I buy/collect anything with Ariel on it, only if her face is pretty thought, because sometimes they make some jacked up face princess stuff, and it kind of scares me. I absolutely love Ariel thought so I am always on the look out for her. I do have a pretty nice collection of actual Ariel “collectables”

{eight} what is something you wish you were better at?

I wish I was better at studying/memorization. If I could have a photographic memory that would be ideal, because then I would kick anatomy’s butt, instead of the other way around.

{nine} what’s the worst habit you have?

I mutilate my nails, I really, really, really–and I mean really, need to stop. biting them is just a mindless habit. I also bite my wrist, that has gotten pretty bad to. (I am just practicing for when I become a vampire thought :)…)

{ten} when you wake up, what is the first thing you think?

M & W… “Ugh, why did I sign up for an 8:30 class”

T&TH… “Ugh, I want to go back to bed”

Well there you have it, a little bit more about me! Thanks for stopping by! If you want to play along just visit the button bellow!

Oh, P.S. : I wrote this from a MAC desktop at school… Its different but I think I may be falling in love.

I'm on a Boat.

I’m on a boat…. ūüôā

Today–well not actually today, since you might be reading this a day, a week, a year down the line–was one of those rare days when both Greg and I have a day off that coincides¬†with each other. Between school and work we have had very few days this summer where we had all day off to spend with each other, so when days–like today–come around we take advantage of them! originally¬†we had planned to go to the beach, we haven’t gone together all summer–which is a shocker considering¬†we live in Orange County! Unfortunately when we woke up it was not a very “beach day,” so we went to Noahs– this amazing bagel place in Huntington, you really should try– for breakfast.
Here I am–always remember, pinkies out!

We started thinking of alternatives, O.C. fair, Irvine park, La Brea Tar Pits, San Diego… then we saw an advertisement for a boat tour! Yeah¬† a real live boat tour!¬† So we went home looked it up and it turned out being 45 dollars a person, so um NO! When looking it up thought we saw that Balboa Island had a harbor tour, and it had a 4 dollar off coupon. So we printed two and away we went!
Once we got to Balboa the first thing I wanted to do was ride the ferry. Even thought you don’t need to, I wanted to ride it in, I actually wanted the “I’m on a boat” foursquare badge. It was actually fun I had never been on a ferry¬†before, I thought it was pretty cool you could take cars on. There were some annoying Jr. lifeguards¬†thought– you wouldn’t believe the mouth on some of these 12ish¬†year old kids! Those kids definitely need some soap!

Once off the ferry¬†we decided to walk around a bit to kill some time. There wasn’t too much¬†to see, a few stores, a “fun zone”, and tons of unsupervised kids–boy I can’t wait for school to start back up! I was actually sad because the “fun zone” didn’t have any of the rides it used to ūüė¶ bummer. It was ok thought because it was time for the harbor tour.


The tour is a 45 minute boat ride around the island. It was pretty nice, but I kept thinking “I’m¬†on a boat” — it’s an¬†SNL¬†reference¬†for those who are wondering. We got to see Nicolas¬†Cages old house, and Vanna Whites house. These houses were massive, all had big boats, and all were 20 million plus! I always thought it would be nice to live by the beach… guess I’ll never know! The tour guide told some interesting¬†stories, like one person bought the house a few rows down from his, just to dock their second boat. Another resident also has a live in maid, however he only shows up 2 or 3 times a year– Sign me up for that job! Really these houses were ridiculous on all aspects, size, design, cost! All of the houses were very pretty thought. Houses aside we also saw a bunch of sea lions! They were sea lions not seals, seals don’t have vocal chords. There were two funny ones fighting over the space on a boat. I guess they are trouble makers thought–the sea lions in¬†general–¬†because they tend to sink boats, they are¬†just that¬†heavy!
Photobucket… Jersey Shore Status!

Once the tour was over we went for a snack. We ended up in some candy shop, but really all of the shops sold pretty much all the same food with one variation. After waiting in line we go up to order, and the lady working takes a phone call and starts chatting like there are no customers! I mean she totally ignores us walks away and¬†starts talking about the day she has had–and¬†yes she did see us.¬†She is not some teen girl either, she was a middle aged¬†lady, probably¬†the owner. So Greg and I walked out–no way was she getting our money. Seeing we are walking out she actually¬†shouts “wait no no I help you now!” I just gave her a dirty look and kept walking.

It was just our luck thought because there is a little snack shack thing just down from the shop we walked out of that sells snow cones for the same price; however they were triple¬†the size! Score! So we a rainbow one–I didn’t really want rainbow but I thought he said it was the only flavor he had. Silly me, rainbow isn’t a flavor! Yeah I have my moments :).

The snow cone was good but we only finished about 1/3 of it. In the end I actually¬†like that we got rainbow, because I got to try all the colors! The only down side was that yellow tasted off– I guess it is right what they say about eating yellow snow( kidding!). Also that is probably something you should know about me, I don’t know flavors just colors. I’m like a little kid in that way. Even when I’m drinking, I always want the blue drink! ūüôā

After our monster snow cone, we rode¬†the ferry back to our car, and drove down into Newport. Since spaghetti¬†Factory doesn’t open until 5pm for dinner, we walked around this little park called Jetty. I got to see some crab, and it ended up being very pretty. Greg and I played yellow boat–just like yellow car, but with boats. Finally after some more walking it was 5 and we headed to spaghetti¬†factory. At this particular spaghetti¬†Factory, they have complimentary valet¬†parking! Boy did I feel special, they held the door open for me and everything. We did forget to tip them thought :/. Ehh were poor college students.

Our last stop of the night was at “our special spot” It is a little cove in Laguna beach. It actually¬†the beach, that made me fall in love with the beach. Very remote, quite, and pretty. Not to many kids which was perfect! Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, just I had an overload of them today! As we were waiting for sunset we looked at the tide pools a bit, saw a few crabs and amenities, no nemos¬†thought. As the sun started falling I reached for my handy-dandy¬†camera, which decided to die:(, so I got to play around with the¬† manule¬†functions on the new camera and ended up taking a couple decent shots, not as nice as my DSLR¬†would have turned out but nice enough.

This one here is my favorite of the day…
Balboa 604

Overall it was pretty much a perfect day. The only downside was a little burn, but I’m an Irish gal in So cal, so I’m kinda used to looking like a lobster during the summer time.

Here are some of my other photos of the day:
Setting Sail
Balboa 592
Balboa 153

Balboa 153
Balboa 222

Thanks for reading, see you again!

Last comic standing

Are you a morning person, or¬†a night person?–Me, I guess I would have to say I am a morning person, but it doesn’t mean I like waking up early. Today was a little different thought–I woke up at 6:40am today ( yes for me that is early)–but today was different because I was waking up to go see the living tapping for Last Comic Standing! I originally signed up to get tickets to a tapping of Tosh.0; however, I guess other people like him too and the tickets were sold out.

I was sent a link saying that tickets for the season finale of last comic standing were available–and you know me, I can’t turn down free! (turns out it wasn’t the season finale, it was the one before)

The morning started out with starbucks–a must on any “special day”. I will come clean, I am an addict, I love starbucks– espresso¬†frappicino¬†light ‚̧ yuuuumy!

Once on the road, it was like any other California morning–filled with traffic! Just to give you an idea, the studio from my house without traffic is around 35ish¬†minutes away–it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there. This is California thought, and you plan for it. ( hence waking up at 6!)

A rare no traffic moment:

By the time we got in line it was 9am– and we were not going to be let in until 10:30–so¬†we waited. That is the thing you have to know about going to a T.V. show tapping–well at least this one— be prepared¬†to wait, and wait, and wait for it…. yep you guessed it wait! :). There was a bunch of waiting, then moving, then a new line, then waiting again, then waiting to sit, then sitting, then waiting, then clapping. That is another thing, you need to clap, and clap all the time. It is worth it thought because its free.

So for those of you who don’t watch last comic standing– and don’t feel bad, I don’t either– it is hosted by Craig Robinson… He was hilarious, he was keeping us entertained during down time, and seemed like a genuinely¬†nice guy… The judges ehh, I wasn’t sitting close to them, but they didn’t even look at anyone around them during the down time. So I don’t know how I feel about them.

The show started up like any normal reality show… que lights, que clapping, que dramatic music, and then duh duh¬†duh sorry….Jonathan Thymius you are eliminated. I don’t normally watch the show, so I don’t know how I feel about this. More clapping, a joke, and the first comedian takes the stage. Unfortunately no cameras are aloud¬†into the theater… so my description will need to suffice.

Roy Wood, was really funny! He was actually my favorite that I saw. He also had the best joke of the night, it’s hard to remember all or it¬†and tell it well enough, so I am going to forgo that, but youtube¬†it if you have the chance, very funny! After his act maybe 2 minutes long, they cut to commercial(for normal people anyway–not me, because I’m special, or you, I guess, if you have a DVR-The best part about watching a live tapping–no commercials!

Next upTommy Johnagin, he was funny too. One time God threw¬†a deer at his truck, oh¬†also he went to an OBGYN¬†for a sports physical (get it he’s a boy) it was funny… laugh,clap,laughs,clap…

Next Myq¬†Kaplan,he mentioned mermaids, so I like him, because I like mermaids… But I don’t know he supports womens rights, so I don’t know thats kinda far out… women votting… nah! ( sarcastic here!) laugh¬†clap laughs clap.

Next it was Felipe’s turn, now¬†him… he was funny, but not as much as the others. He did have a heart attack at 12… that was about the funniest part… more laugh¬†clap, laugh clap

clap clap… its¬†Mike DeStefano’s¬†turn… he taught me that the only difference between Jewish people, and Italian people is a college degree, this guy was also funny… then clap laugh¬†clap laugh ( Yes I did change that up, I thought you could use it)

more clap clapping… and drum roll… Ron White! He is from the blue-collar¬†comedy, and he was pretty funny it wasn’t long enough thought.

clap clap clap… The end

The show went by faster than I thought it was about an hour and 15 min, there wasn’t much messing up. The only part we had to tape more than once was the clapping. Yes there was so much clapping.

I am so happy that I was able to go to the show thought, it was a really fun experience. While there was alot¬†of clapping, and alot¬†of waiting¬†I would recommend¬†it to anyone.¬†I will definitely¬†do it again–hopefully Tosh.0 next time–Here¬†that Tosh… I’m coming for you!

Since the tapping ended so early, and I was already in Los Angeles Greg and I went up to the Hollywood sign! I have lived in So cal for 21 years, and have yet to see the hollywood sign from any closer than highland. The road up is extremely¬†small, it almost seems like one way, two cars could not go up and down at the same time. We made it up safely thought, and boy was it cool! You can not actually go up to the sign, the road to it is closed, people do it anyway. I didn’t thought I was in heals, I wouldn’t have anyway I don’t like breaking rules. Finally after 21 years I have my picture up close with the sign!!!

Here is the sign.. its that tiny white thing in the background.

Then we went up higher!

Next we were on our way to sprinkles! If you have never had one– you are missing out! We took a quick short cut on the way and visited Hight Voltages a.k.a L.A ink– not as impressive in real life, I wish I would have looked around more, but I felt kinda out-of-place.

Finally onward to sprinkles! The cupcakes¬†there are¬†very¬†yummy. The frosting is extremely¬†sweet, but it counters with the moist cake to give an amazing flavor. Honestly the only way to describe it, is an orgasm in your mouth. Maybe I have went and hyped it a bit to much, but if you like sweets then you will like sprinkles! Be prepared to wait thought the line is always out the door–mostly because its a¬†tiny shop, and they keep the door closed to keep in freshness. ( I would recommend¬†the vanilla, with sprinkles) I have tried the moca, and red velvet, they are ok, moca is really strong, and I think that my red velvet cupcakes are better. The secret is butter!

Then it was homeward bound…

Where I found a new present waiting… My dad bought a new T.V. ūüôā

Now it is off to watch the show, and hopefully see a glimpse of me!

oh and thanks random guy for this great photo!!

Weekend Get Away!


If I could remember it, I‚Äôm sure I probably had a great weekend‚ÄĒkidding! (About the not remembering, I do, and I did‚ÄĒhave a great weekend that is)

On Friday morning at 5am I woke up and head to the smallest airport around‚ÄĒLong Beach‚ÄĒmy flight took off at 6:45am, and by 9am I was in Berkley. It was a really nice flight, and I will more than likely fly Jet Blue again! The flight was smooth, nice leg room, easy check-in, and an overall good experience.

One thing I love about Berkley is the public transportation‚ÄĒeven thought it can be somewhat scary‚ÄĒit really is an experience that you do not get in southern California.

My time in Berkley was short thought because, soon after Carina and Cassie arrived!!! While Daisy was at work we all went to this cute diner that had a juke box and everything! Around 4ish we took off to Santa Cruz!

Once in Santa Cruz‚ÄĒwhich is so pretty by the way‚ÄĒwe settled in and headed to the boardwalk! They had every deep-fried thing known to man!¬† After walking around watching a little bit of a free concert we had some yummmmy¬†funnel cake‚ÄĒit was better than Knott‚Äôs! They put ice-cream and whip cream on it and it was crispy and perfect! We walked around a bit more, then headed back to Carina and Cassie‚Äôs place.¬† Then we got our drink on!

… Waterfall…Mate…. ūüėČ kings cup!

¬†…Just Like High School…

The next morning after waking up‚ÄĒwithout a hangover mind you‚ÄĒwe headed to the beach. The beaches up in Santa Cruz are so pretty, and the one we went to (lighthouse beach I think) was even a dog beach. There were some cute dogs playing around. I had planned on going in the water but it was way to cold!!! I did manage to get splotchy burnt, pretty much any tiny spot I missed putting sun block on was bright red!

 Pretty beach!

We then went to the Santa Cruz diner which has pretty much any food you would want! They were ok, but the brownie ice cream thing was awesome!

After eating, and going back to change out of our beach stuff, we took a mini-tour of UCSC, it’s a¬†really pretty school. The design is very modern; the school is surrounded by forest, and is overall gorgeous. They even had a wall of student painted murals which were nice. Some were really funny like the one bellow.

That night we partied at the apartment again, and I played beer pong for the first time! I wasn‚Äôt half bad either! Except I learned that beer can get you a lot drunker than you would think. Even if you are only playing with one can. I ended up drinking more than I should‚ÄĒbut its ok because still no hangover the next day! Go water! ( the hangover is greatly in part to dehydration, drink water while you drink and you should be fine) I did wake up with a few bruises on my arms thought… and have no clue how they ended up there.

 Woohoo, we were winning!

Me and Carina–

Anyway we partied to about 5:30am (Sunday morning mind you) and woke up around 11am 12 ish… Since I was leaving that day we all headed back up to Berkley!

It was really a great trip and I was so glad I was able to see Carina, Cassie, and Daisy again. I miss them so much already! I definitely must go back again soon.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Go me! This trip knocked two more things off my 101 in 1001 list, I can

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