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Inching my way towards the real world.

I have been away from this little blog for a while, but for good reason. I have been busy and not busy with random stuff, busy with work and photography!


I finally found a full-time job after all that searching. I feel so blessed that I have and am definitely praising God for this one! All summer, I begged, and pleaded, and cried for him to help me find a job and the moment I stopped demanding one and ask that he guide me along the path to finding one, one came my way! The job, although not in my ideal field–I’m working in accounting (and yes, I do know I have a health degree)–is a job and I am happy for all of the work experience I am gaining with this job. I feel like God has guided me to this job, because I will need to gain from it experience that I can use in the future.

In the Photography world, things have been going very well as well! I was recently asked by a high school aquatance to teach her a few things about photography, in doing so I ended up developing a small ‘making the move to manual’ workshop that I plan on promoting. My mini-sessions have also been filling up as well as my November bookings. While I would ideally like more sessions, I am happy with the increase in business.
Other than that I have been mulling around. I am trying to get used to balancing a full-time job with a social life and time to unwind. Additionally I am trying to balance working out/living a healthy lifestyle while working a desk job. So far I have had no real challenges, so I hope that continues.
Last Sunday I ‘ran’ the long beach 1/2 marathon. It is in quotes because I gave up at mile 7 and pretty much walked the rest of the way (with the exception of 1/2 a mile at mile 9 and mile 12). I just wasn’t feeling a run that day–plus I had stopped training 2 weeks earlier once I got a full-time job. I don’t know why I did as bad as I did (3:20) but I haven’t let it get me down. I ran twice this week 3.1 miles each time and had a time of 38:24 the first day and 36:52 the second, so at least I know my short distance speed isn’t affected. And for those of you thinking that is a snails pace, compared to a ‘real runner,’ for me it is a pace that makes me like going out of a run, rather than dread it.


Okay well, I think that is the jest of my life the past month. I am going to try to update this more regularly. One of my goals is to be become more organized and manage my time, which includes adding time to blog.


In case you were wondering–Yes, Corgi still Corg’in

Guinness is still… well Guinness



It is almost our 6th anniversary!!!

We have nothing planned for our 6th anniversary yet :/. Guess it is true, the longer your together, the less anniversaries matter. We are going to Vegas

Daisy & I at longbeach!

Greg and I at Long Beach


We finally got a chance to head down San Diego, I missed that place!

Greg and I were lucky to sneak in a trip to San Diego before gas prices reached a ridiculous price!

& this is one of my recent sessions… check out more @












2 miles and some abstract art

I didn’t have a scheduled run today–or did I? Unlike most runners, I, for the most part, don’t schedule my runs, with the exception of Saturday long runs. I try to stick to running this day or that day, but as long as I get 3 runs in a week, I am good. Normally however I never run after my long run day, but today I just felt like going. Since the clocks went forward it was colder when I got up and much more inviting to run in.

So naturally with the atmosphere inviting me to run, I laid in bed, 10 minutes later I got my butt up and forced myself out the door. I had the goal of not walking at all during my short 2 mile run and to monitor my pace. The only problem is I have such a hard time gageing my pace. I still tried though, I slowed my mile time to 12:00 minute pace which felt slow! My second mile I slowed to a 13:00 pace–not intentional. I tried to pick it up, but I ended up walking for 30 seconds– out of want not need! I finished the second mile and still had .15 miles to my house so I sprinted and that folks was my run! terribly exciting wasn’t it!? But it’s a Sunday what do you expect?


After my run Greg came over and we headed down to CSULB to spend some time at the Japanese gardens. First we needed food though, and stopped at Denny’s. Denny’s has this new fit fare food and I really wanted to try the chicken avocado sandwich, against my better judgment I got fries instead of the veggies as the side; however, since the sandwich was not the greatest I was happy with my choice. It was very bland and just ehh. I would have been happier with a Subway sandwich and it would have been a lot cheaper too! After brunch we headed to CSULB and went to the gardens. I wasn’t thrilled, I have never been to a Japanese garden before, but I was just expecting more I guess. It was very tiny and very crowded and not much to take pictures of. There were also a lot of photographer there who were holding sessions, which normally doesn’t bother me but there were a few who lacked any sense of etiquette and were all together quite rude! I had high hopes of taking some cool pictures but I ended up only getting a few.

This is a little different than my normal shot. I like it though.

As always these photos are for purchase on my smugmug site. Contact me for more information.

Tonight is also Sunday Funday! Both Michelle’s came over and we just hung out. I ate too much. Like way too much. We also made plans to visit LACMA Friday :). Greg has to visit for school so we are making a day out of it! Can’t wait. Since we will be so close to Sprinkles… I am thinking I might have to run 6 miles Friday morning and enjoy a cupcake! 🙂

Merry Christmas One & All

I am 100% sure I will not get back to this blog before Christmas ( I haven’t even wrapped presents yet!) (even worse than that, we don’t even have a tree up yet!), so I just wanted to take this time to wish you all a very merry and joyous Christmas, or what ever holiday you celebrate.

Merry Christmas From Our Home To Yours

Oh, and isn’t my little Sheldon the cutest thing ever. I hope to soon have a post up about him soon! For those wondering he is my 8 1/2 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Ty, the little man who will always have my heart.

October 05, 2005

He was born.

December 03, 2005

He arrived to our house.

November 07, 2011

He went to a better place.

He was such a regal dog.

Dear Ty,

Oh my little Tyty… I knew I loved you with all of my heart, but I had no idea that such a little doggie could have this much of an effect on me. I miss you so much my little buddy. I miss the way you would incessantly want petted, and the way you would be waiting at the door every time I came home. The house is really not the same without you. You have left this huge hole in my heart. You were loved Ty and I know you knew that. You were loved by all three of us more than anyone can imagine. I am glad your not suffering, but I would give anything to have you here with me. I am sorry I couldn’t help you baby. I’m sorry your life was cut so short. You gave me the best 6 years imaginable, they went by in the blink of an eye.

I do not like the cone of shame :)-UP

If you knew Ty, you knew he wasn’t a dog. He was a person in a doggies body. Nothing about him resembled a dog. He was amazing. He knew how you felt and was right there to comfort you. He was the funniest little thing ever!

In the mornings I would get up and walk into the bathroom and my little shadow would be right behind me, so I would stop pet him for a few minutes and then keep getting ready. Ty would walk out of the bathroom and like clockwork 15 seconds later would walk back in to be pet again. It was the funniest thing, because he would act like you didn’t know you already pet him.

Every night when I got home from school he would be waiting at the front door. He would wait for all of us and was never truly content unless everyone was home with him. He gave you so much love. He cared about you and you could feel it. His love was so warm, so comforting. His love meant everything to me.

Christmas 2009, checking to see if its a real starbucks

He was kind of lazy too. It was so funny. I would take one of his toys and throw it. He would go get it, bring it back. I would do it again and then he would run inside. It was like he was saying OK, I have had enough of this game. He was the funniest little thing. He always had a toy with him too.

He was also an inside dog, and would only go outside if you were with him. He was quite funny that way. If he walked out back he would be watching over his shoulder to make sure you were following him. The second you stood up to go back inside he was right there waiting at the door to go back inside too.

His personality was one of a kind.

You never had to worry about him running away either, or leaving the door open. The door could be wide open and it didn’t matter he would sit right there in the door away, even if a person or another dog was passing. He was that good of a dog. He never did anything bad or wrong.

He loved us with all he was. He fought to stay with us, but somethings even love isn’t strong enough to overcome. We were his pack. We will always be his pack.

He always had a smile on his face

He had a million different expressions, I mean look at this, doesn't it look like he is cracking up at a joke!

Ty, the memories you gave me will last a lifetime. You were a very, very special dog and I am so thankful to have had the honor of being your companion.

He LOVED posing for pictures 🙂 He was a beautiful dog.

They say only the good die young, which is why you were taken so soon.

I miss you so much, the house is just not the same without you. Your absences is felt. You are the type of dog that comes about once in a life time. You never barked incessantly, you never went to the bathroom in the house, you never chewed anything that wasn’t yours, you loved us with everything you were. You were the perfect dog, and that is not just in retrospect. We told you everyday how perfect you were, how lucky we were to have you in our lives. I imaged you at my wedding walking down the isle with me. You were so young, you had a full life ahead of you, but in the blink of an eye you were gone. How does that happen? Why were there no symptoms? The vet said you were a fighter, you were strong and you were loved. I already knew all of that though. Ty you are amazing. Ty there will NEVER be another you.

You were the most amazing dog I have ever met.

I want you back. Please I want you back so bad. I would do anything, give up anything to have you here with us.  I want you in my life again. Happy and Healthy. I need you baby, we all do.I love you buddy. Thank you for the best 6 years of my life.

Me and Ty on my graduation day. May 2011. He was a part of everything we did.

Baby I miss you so much. I want you back here cuddled next to me. I want to pet you one last time. I wish you weren’t taken from me so soon or suddenly. A piece of my heart will always be with you Ty. I hope your okay and not scared. Please know that I am sorry this happened. I am so sorry baby. Please know you were loved and know that we know you loved us right back. Ty you will always have a place in our hearts and home.

He was my best friend

You were my best friend Ty. My buddy. I am glad you didn’t have to suffer and I am glad you are not in pain. I loved you too much to treat you like that. Ty 6 years was not enough with you, but I don’t think any number of years with you would ever be enough. You were the dog that comes around once in a lifetime. You were that special little spark. It kills me knowing that your gone. My heart breaks over and over again when I think about you. I want you to be at peace, I don’t want you to be in pain, but I want you here with me too. I don’t know why you had to leave so soon. I know it wasn’t your choice. It’s just how life works.

Your love was unconditional and unwavering. You loved all of us without reservation or hesitation and we loved you right back. You will be missed so much Ty. I never knew that the loss of a dog could make you feel like your world has just ended, but then again, you were no dog, you were one in a trillion x a billion and then some.

I had a dream about him last night: We brought him home from the vet, it turned out nothing was wrong. I sat outback holding him and petting him. He just kept looking up at me smiling his little Ty smile. The dream was nice. It was comforting. Even in death he is comforting me. It’s because he loved me that much. I loved him that much too. I wish that dream was real. I want one more day. That’s a lie, I want the rest of my life with him, but I would settle for one more day.

Ty, I have shed more tears over you than ever in my life. A little piece of me feels as if it is gone with you. Maybe you took that with you to the other side, because you miss us just as much. I keep hearing you and seeing you in the house and the tears and pain come all over again. When I think I have cried out all the tears my body has, there are more.I feel sick to my stomach thinking about you. I just want you back. I need you. Why you? Why now? WHY????

He was the cutest thing I have ever known!

Christmas 2010 Family Picture

He was a part of every thing we did. He was our life. I know that a part of me will never get over his death. You may think its stupid or silly, but think what you want. You didn’t know Ty. It’s okay to love a dog with all your heart. It’s okay to grieve this much over one too. When someone comes into your life that means as much as he did, when they are gone, your life will be different.

Ty was different. Ty was special. He was Ty.

Ty, if love could bring you back to us. All I would have to do is blink and there you would be.


Ty died from pancreatic cancer. He had no signs or symptoms, it’s a silent killer. Last Monday he was running to the door and barking every time a trick or treater came, this Monday he was gone. That is how fast it happened. There was no warning, no goodbyes. The vet said there was no way to save him. He also said it is better this way, Ty never suffered he only felt mild discomfort. It’s killing me racking my brain trying to think: is there something I could have done? Is there a symptom I just overlooked? What could I have done to make it so my baby was still here with me today. This is going to be a hard holiday season, he was such a pivotal part of our lives, just like a baby our world revolved around him. Our house is a lot emptier and quieter now.

Goodbye my dear friend. Until we meet again.

I love you Ty. I miss you more than I ever though imaginable. I hope your in a good place and I hope your happy and safe. Until I see you again my friend I love you.

Ty, I love you now, forever, and always. You will never be forgotten.

In line for the real world

I it has been a while since I last posted but I have had a lot on my plate in past few months and unfortunately in things to neglect, my blog is on the list. I have been busy with a public health internship and preparing myself for graduate school. I know last time I posted on the topic of school I was gunho on becoming an occupational therapist, however, after I reevaluated what my goals were in life and what I really was passionate about during my undergraduate degree I realized I wanted to continue with public health. I love the process of creating community wide programs that serve for the betterment of all. So with that being said I have begun my search for entry level public health careers and I am about ½ done with my MPH applications.

I know, you’re probably thinking OT VS MPH there is a HUGE difference; however, even with OT my ultimate goal was to either become an administrator or professor and after realizing that I could do that more effectively while following my public health passion, I decided that an MPH would suit me better. I am a huge advocate for community health and prevention strategies that focus on healthy bodies and minds rather than treatment only approaches. For too long our society has fallen to the idea that if we are sick we should go to the DR.’s where we will get some pills to pop and then be all better. Rather than subscribe to the idea that there are preventative strategies that will help us be healthier overall and thus less likely to become sick in the first place. Now, before anyone goes into reading this wrong, I don’t advocate for the idea to throw the Dr.’s to the way side, nor to the idea that pills as a treatment method are bad, rather to the idea that prevention strategies have a strong role in our health as well. The healthier our minds and bodies are the less likely we are to need BP medication, cholesterol medication and such. If you are wondering about the minds part, many researchers suggest that mentally is the first place to start when getting healthy, our brain controls our thoughts and our thoughts control our actions thus if you begin with a healthy mind, healthy actions will follow.

I am ready to be out in the real world with a real career. Despite how comfy the educational system is, I realize that I need to get some real world experience. I love the world of academia and I know that I will return to it sooner rather than later.


 What you can expect coming up in the blog world:

Recap on mine and Greg’s 5 year anniversary

Here is a sneek peek:

Lots and Lots of pictures!

Graduate school & Job Hunting progress

13.1 miles… Yeah, I did that.

You may have noticed that last weeks weekly weight update was missing. No, I haven’t gave up! Last Sunday I ran in the Long Beach 1/2 marathon and by the time I had gotten home I was too tired to blog :). The Long Beach 1/2 marathon ha amazing views and the course was great! A little hilly but nothing to bad, I think it was a great course to start off on.

Despite being so tired, the half marathon was amazing. I felt so empowered after crossing that finish line and felt like I could do anything!  I am so excited for my next race in February and I am looking to cut 45 minutes off my time. Which is totally possible since during this one, up until mile 8 I was keeping a 13ish minute mile pace, but around mile 9 I started getting extremely severe foot pain that caused me to walk the next 4 miles and walk them extremely slowly. It turns out I actually had a minor stress fracture. So note to self, better shoes for the next one and more long runs during training: which starts Monday 🙂 with swimming! ( Can’t run/jog for 3 weeks).


For the two weeks prior to the half marathon I wasn’t doing amazing with my weight loss. I was snacking and having cravings like crazy! Which was apparent since over the two weeks I actually gained one week and only lost .5 lbs the next. Luckily after the half marathon I was able to get back on track with a vengeance and came up with a 3.7 pound loss!

Me at the 6 mile mark and the finish!

This was by far my favorite thing! I don't know why, but I LOVED throwing the cups on the ground!

The view was amazing!

Total Weight loss: 9.9 lbs

Miles ran 13.1

A rambling post for a rambling mind.

Yesterday I got the letter that I have been waiting for since I was 12. My Hogwarts acceptance letter–well Pottermore letter, but same difference.

I spent the better part, ok honestly more than the better part of yesterday playing around on the website. I’m actually brewing a potion right now 🙂 lol


There was a tad glitch with my sorting quiz, and I was sorted into Hufflepuff;however, when I took the sorting quiz again I was Ravenclaw. So I don’t  know if that makes me a ravenpuff… 🙂

Once registration opens to everyone in October I plan to retest and find my true house. No matter where I end up though, I don’t think I will mind, that is one thing Pottermore has taught me. Each house gets a bigger back story and you really begin to like them all, yes even slytherin a bit…


Oh and my wand is 10 1/2 inches vine with phoenix feather  hard.

Anyway the site looks really promising, there are quite a few glitches still, which is why they are doing this 1million person beta test.


For those who don’t know Pottermore is an interactive website that serves as an addition to the harry potter novels. Currently it is in beta testing through October, when it will then open to the masses. It gives a better back story to the characters, some of them at least, and gives us potter-nerds the fix we need after the conclusion of the saga. It is an immersive experience with beautiful artwork, and was well thought out. Once logged onto the site the dedication, hard work and creativity of the creates does not go unnoticed. Want to know more about pottermore, comment and I’ll be sure to answer questions I can. At the time of this post the number of pottermore useres is just under 95k.



I also started tweeting more. It’s pretty fun. I’m a little confused though, maybe you can help me… what is “#” for? I mean I tried it, but I don’t know exactly what it means.  I’m Theresa_Bridget if you want to follow me 🙂



I also found these amazing photoshop actions from Pure Photoshop Actions. The nice thing about their actions are that they take a good pictures and makes it amazing, but without looking overly processed or fake. They have fully adjustable layers so that they fit your image, and they have everything: Brightening, darkening, color pops, haze(which I used to hate, and now love!).They are kind of pricy, Luckily I caught a good sale, like 50% off 🙂 I have the Set 2 and hazy days set right now. They have some great free actions on their website too! Check it out  HERE

Here are some examples

They also have some amazing hazy bw images!


Well thanks for checking in. I better get back to my potion now.

The black and the white

I have become a lot fonder of black and white lately.

I feel like it defines me.

Well, defines me better than it did.

Black and white is like a mask.

It covers, hides, conceals.

If something is wrong with a picture, black and white can hide that.

Black and white can make a mistake look intentional.

Black and white can make you look like you are in control.

Everything looks fine on the surface, because black and white is just another form.

&& sometimes black and white is just that, just form.

But sometimes it isn’t.



oh, & hello.

& the world spins maddly on

Why is it that as we get older time seems to past just that much faster?

I honestly have no clue where this year has gone, and I really can’t remember a time where I have not been rushing to complete this or that.

I know part of this reason is I have begun to socialize a lot more, which I wouldn’t trade for the world! I love the group of friends that I hang out with weekly, they are pretty awesome and I think they will be getting their own post soon!

Ugh, why did I just use the word socialize? Makes me sound that much old, and I’m only 22!!!!

Anyways back to my main idea of the world spinning madly on, I feel as if life is passing around me so fast that I have no time to absorb it. Even though I did quit my job about a month ago, and school ended, I have less time that ever. I volunteer 3 times a week, have an internship 2 times a week, and have had at least one photo shoot a week for the past month! I know busy, busy!!!

I feel as if I am drowning in life. As if I am in a never ending ocean with an endless supply of waves crashing over me, and before I have time to catch my breath, the next one crashes, each time leaving me gasping for any little breath I can take.  && don’t take that the wrong way, I am not depressed, quite happy with my life actually, yet I just need a break.

I also feel as if life is moving on without me. I want to be further along, I want certain things in my life already, like my masters degree. I am worried as of late of not getting into a program, and if I don’t get into a program what will I do? People have been reassuring me that I am smart, yet I am up against at least 600 applicants all going for about 35ish spots at each school. This fact has been stressing me out so much, because other than occupational therapist, I have no back up plan, I would have to wait a year to apply to any other program. && If I were to apply to another program, what would I apply to? Probably my MPH, but I don’t even know what I would do with that degree. I just want to get out of this limbo stage of life.

What is new, will soon be old.


I feel like these pictures sum life up pretty well for me. Contrast between new and old, light and dark.
I will stop rambling for now. It is just bumming me out further. I know I should be enjoying this time in my life. This is one of the only times in which I will have a basically stress free life, I mean void of any real stresses. I guess I will just suck it up, be happy with what I have and see what life has in store. Hopefully it does have a M.S.O.T in my near future.

Street Art

This semester Art 101 is my favorite class. Shocker I know, if you would have told me that at the beginning of the semester I wouldn’t have believed you. However, this class is just so interesting, especially now as we move towards more modern forms of art. This class has opened up my mind to art, I even visited an art museum!

Adding to the “coolness” of my art class is a video we watched: Exit through the gift shop a few weeks back. It featured street art and I really developed a respect towards the craft, even if most think it is vandalism.


***I have been getting some nasty comments and emails about this post, saying that this is so-and-s0, no this blah-blah. Or ‘Your an idiot this isn’t space invader’ Anyways. Since every email says that this is a different person( 8-bit, mario, j-boy). Who ever it is, the point is that street art is everywhere once you are aware of it***

I found street art in La Jolla 🙂

Ok that was my little tangent, have a nice night. Take an art 101 class 🙂

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