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The 2.5 year photography difference

This is a competently impromptu post, but I felt like I just had to share.

In the past year I have really come into my photography skills. I took the time to hone a style, learn my camera and understand light. Because of the time I devoted to the craft, I have really seen an improvement to my skills. Then I came across this…


This was my very first engagement session 2.5 years ago (on top)… I was using an XSI, and really did not know enough about photography to be taking anyone’s picture. I didn’t know how to pose people (it was an era before the invention of pinterest), I didn’t know my camera, I didn’t know light and I really didn’t know how to edit! It makes me both happy and sad to see this image. I am happy to see how far I have come, but I am also sad that I thought this picture was worthy of clients. Thankfully it was a free session, but still I feel bad… I no longer have the contact information for this couple, but if anyone out there in this wide open internet knows them, please send them my way! I would love to photograph them again and give them professional images.

On bottom is my latest engagement session. It is actually one of the ‘bad’ pictures from the session (it is a tad blown out, I forgot my reflectors that day). In my opinion, and my clients, this is professional quality. I am happy to present this image to them and they are happy to use it. I am glad I have come so far. This is a personal lesson though, never stop learning and keep striving to be a better photographer. I am never going to be a perfect photographer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t strive to be better than I was yesterday.


So a lesson to all:

1. Know your camera (in all situations) and learn how to control light!

2. Don’t be so eager to make that jump to ‘professional photographer’

3. Never stop learning! Learn, learn, learn!

I am by no means a perfect photographer. I have flaws still. I take pictures that are not good. But I am a HELL of a lot better than I was 2.5 years ago and in 2.5 years I will be even better!


Hearts on a Rope, A Tutorial

I am sure by now you have at least heard of pinterest, personally I have developed a huge love affair with the site. There are so many amazing ideas, but I do have to say, as more people have joined, the quality of pins has slightly declined. ( I have came across a handful of nude images which should not be on the site)

Back to amazing ideas though, a few weeks ago I found this idea of a couple and strung around them was a rope of hearts. I thought the concept of being “tied up by love” was cute and decided to make my own heart rope. Since I’m such a nice, amazing, thoughtful person ( I sound like Glinda from wicked don’t I?) I will share with you how to make the heart rope:

Ribbon, twine, rope, metal… Basically some type of material to be the string.

Construction paper, scrapbook paper, cardstock
Again basically some type of paper

Heart shape template  ( I got a wooden heart at Michaels for 29 cents)
For this I recommend the template to be flat, this will allow for easier tracing.

Pencils (for tracing)

First layout how you are going to trace the hearts to make sure you are getting the most out of your paper.

I had to up the saturation of this image to show you the trace. Be sure to trace very lightly.

Next trace the heart shape on the paper.( a variation of this step is to print a heart outline on your paper choice rather than trace, but I didn’t want to take the time to set up that template or

Here is my heart that I used to trace. I picked it up for 29 cents .

Then carefully cut out each heart. Slight variations in heart shape is fine.

After all hearts are cut depending on string type determine how to string your hearts.
For twine I recommend a small hole at the top on the heart. For ribbon I suggest two slits and then slide the ribbon through almost like sewing.

For the heart rope I had, my rope was the closest I could find to twine, but it had a metal spine. It was also very thick.
For the hearts I cut a small hole, just large enough to string the rope through.  I also varied the placement of the hole ( moving form left to right to center)

Lastly I strung the hearts and was done!

Here is my creation in action:

Tied up in love

Great as a hanging prop too!

I was happy with the tiny touch the heart rope adds!


Great for engagement sessions!

This works great as a prop, backdrop or even streamers for a party!

Oh and make sure to “pin” this if you like it 🙂

In line for the real world

I it has been a while since I last posted but I have had a lot on my plate in past few months and unfortunately in things to neglect, my blog is on the list. I have been busy with a public health internship and preparing myself for graduate school. I know last time I posted on the topic of school I was gunho on becoming an occupational therapist, however, after I reevaluated what my goals were in life and what I really was passionate about during my undergraduate degree I realized I wanted to continue with public health. I love the process of creating community wide programs that serve for the betterment of all. So with that being said I have begun my search for entry level public health careers and I am about ½ done with my MPH applications.

I know, you’re probably thinking OT VS MPH there is a HUGE difference; however, even with OT my ultimate goal was to either become an administrator or professor and after realizing that I could do that more effectively while following my public health passion, I decided that an MPH would suit me better. I am a huge advocate for community health and prevention strategies that focus on healthy bodies and minds rather than treatment only approaches. For too long our society has fallen to the idea that if we are sick we should go to the DR.’s where we will get some pills to pop and then be all better. Rather than subscribe to the idea that there are preventative strategies that will help us be healthier overall and thus less likely to become sick in the first place. Now, before anyone goes into reading this wrong, I don’t advocate for the idea to throw the Dr.’s to the way side, nor to the idea that pills as a treatment method are bad, rather to the idea that prevention strategies have a strong role in our health as well. The healthier our minds and bodies are the less likely we are to need BP medication, cholesterol medication and such. If you are wondering about the minds part, many researchers suggest that mentally is the first place to start when getting healthy, our brain controls our thoughts and our thoughts control our actions thus if you begin with a healthy mind, healthy actions will follow.

I am ready to be out in the real world with a real career. Despite how comfy the educational system is, I realize that I need to get some real world experience. I love the world of academia and I know that I will return to it sooner rather than later.


 What you can expect coming up in the blog world:

Recap on mine and Greg’s 5 year anniversary

Here is a sneek peek:

Lots and Lots of pictures!

Graduate school & Job Hunting progress

The black and the white

I have become a lot fonder of black and white lately.

I feel like it defines me.

Well, defines me better than it did.

Black and white is like a mask.

It covers, hides, conceals.

If something is wrong with a picture, black and white can hide that.

Black and white can make a mistake look intentional.

Black and white can make you look like you are in control.

Everything looks fine on the surface, because black and white is just another form.

&& sometimes black and white is just that, just form.

But sometimes it isn’t.



oh, & hello.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday| 7.10.11

So I am finally back from my vacations… at least for two weeks, which also means that I am back to scavenger hunt Sunday…

I actually meant to participate while in Vegas, but I barely even touched my camera–I took a total of 8 pictures in Vegas… lol

I did have a great time though, and even won a bit of money 🙂

1. Looks like a letter
Newlens 035logo
Ok, This may be a stretch, but I totally see a ‘G’ in the shell.

2. Weather
vegas 003logo

So while we were in Vegas for 4th of July weekend/week there were random thunder and lighting storms the whole time. The fireworks were even rained out because of it 😦 It is kind of weird seeing lighting strike in Vegas, it was even a bit scary.

3. Bling

m&nat 050logo

The blurred girl is my niece Natalie & that bling is our matching heat necklaces. Isn’t it cute? We got them at forever 21 for $3 each!!!

4. Tangled
theresa shoot 006bw

Ok, well his fur is more matted than tangled, but I swear normally his fur is sooooo tangled that we have to cut the knots out.

5. Dark
m&nat 252logo2
Those are my other niece Emily’s cute little pigeon feet 🙂

Well there you have it folks. Can’t wait to browse everyone else photos!!!

Oh, P.S.

I finished editing my first wedding, you can check out the photos here
Let me tell you, it was such a fun experience, and I am so glad to have done it; however, as of now, I don’t think I will be doing another wedding for quite a while, even though I have been offered 3 more 🙂 Hopefully my portraits start picking up just as much.

Christa&Franz (309)logo
Christa&Franz (220)logo - Copy

I’m Back–back again :)

I’m back in the scavenger hunt game! I have been meaning to participate for the past 5 months now–wow has it really been that long–but I have been so busy these that by the time it was Sunday I had 0 photos. 😦

It is funny how life can get the better of you some times. The busyness was well welcomed though, because while this isn’t my first scavenger hunt, it is my first scavenger hunt as a college graduate :)!!!! Yep last  Saturday I graduated from CSUF 🙂

My last semester was pretty hectic along with 18 units, I also was working, began volunteering at two hospitals, and started my own photography business–you know, because life wasn’t busy enough I guess lol 🙂

Anyway enough catching up, on to what you are really here for… PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

1. Classic still life….

Ok, I am cheating a little with this one :/ I didn’t have any fruit… and pretty much that was all I could think of for classic still-life, but at least the yard decoration is still, still-life right??? 🙂

2. On the Ground

I love the shadows of the fence on the ground!

3. Self

I think I am photoed out… I tried to take a few self-portraits, but hated them, so this is me “giving-up”.

4. Lines

Memorial weekend= Strawberry festival

5. Fresh

To me the color white is fresh. It’s clean, crisp, just like this.

Check out more awesome photos here

Oh, P.S. If you could, prayer and positive thoughts would be most appreciated. I have an interview next Friday with an autism organization :). It is an internship to give me some experience before graduate school. The organization is awesome, and I would love the chance to work with them! 🙂

Random Day

As I write this I am hopped up on some pain meds, no not because I am a druggie, rather because I had a dentist ravage my mouth for 2.5 hours today. When I am stressed out I grind my teeth and I have been stressed out, thus grinding my teeth, thus causing them to get mad and jump out of my mouth. I am trying to distract myself from the pain by editing photos, and I came across this batch that I though I should share.

This is a kitty that keeps coming into my backyard, cutie!

my mommy likes cats, she is a cat person… Until she met Ty

This kitty was pulling at my daddys heart strings

My lovely parents. They are amazing and they mean the world to me. ❤

Here is my little man

Here is my kitty.


Ahhhh, only 2 more years until 12.12.12. 🙂 sorry couldn’t resist.

Hope everyone had a nice week, mine was pretty stressful, and next week is finals week so I assume it will be the same. Right now I am taking a little break watching twilight, drinking coffee, and playing with some photos. Today I had my first photo session  in a while, a little boy he is addorable and I can’t wait to share the photos. I also have another shoot on Monday, I am extatic to get my photography site off the ground again. I love shooting random items like flowers, landscapes and what not ; however, I love portait sessions, capturing special moments and smiles is an amazing feeling.

Well I think that is enought for my little rant on to the photos!

1. Holiday Colors
Christmas Colors
What is more Holiday than the colors on a Christmas Tree :). I love bokeh trees, so expect to see another variation next week maybe too!

2. Winter/Holiday Icon
Christmas Blend
Yum, Starbucks!!!!!!  You know it is the holidays when you see those red cups!

3. A tree
Christmas Tree

Our little gliter mesh tree

4. Quite
Sun Set

To me sunsets are peaceful, peace is quite, thus quite.

5. Favorite color

This is one of the shots from todays shoot, and blue is my favorite color!

Well thats all for this week! Stop by later this week for more shots of the little guy. Oh, and 13 days until Christmas, YAY!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11.27

This has been a light week for photography. I had the week off school so initially I though snapping this week would be a breeze; however, black friday had plans of its own. I worked a lot this week so I was really to tried to pick up my camera most days. I did manage to get some shots, so without further ramblings here I go….

1. Black and White

2.  I ate this…
thanksgivin 051
Some mini cupcakes I made. They were really yummy! I tried taking pictures of them a few other ways, but they weren’t “right” so I stacked them lol 🙂

3. Historic
Parents Ring 082

My parents wedding rings, are historic to my existence :)
4. Off Center

5.  The end
photography 043
Here is the end of a long day for my little boy! See that little eye peeking at me… so adorable!

If you have time check out this post… it is about a blog hop I am thinking about starting–and yet photography would have some part in it!

well that’s all folks check out more over at Ashley’s blog


Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday…

11.23 Photography Tuesdays

Well here are a bunch of shots for varous photo challenges. It feels like forever since I liked up, I am so glad I had time to play along again!

Something you are thankful for…@ Simplicity and

35 years\

One of the biggest things in my life that I am thankful for is being blessed with the parents that I have. Most of the other things I am thankful for ( my education, my transportation, my place to live…ect.) are all because of them as well. Rather than use a picture of them, I took a picture of their original wedding rings. The plain gold band is my mother’s wedding ring, and was originally my grandmother’s (also Theresa) ring. The small ring—I mean small it is about 1/4th carrot max—was her engagement ring, and the larger ring is my dads’. When they were married 35 years ago they had nothing (and I mean nothing, that ring cost 30pound and took them 8 months to save for), my mom was only 17 and my dad was 21, but they made it work. Four years later with two kids under three they to California (from Belfast, Ireland) and after many, many, many years of sacrifice and hard work created a comfortable life. Their story is really amazing, and it inspires me so much—I really should post a blog about it sometime. They work so hard for everything, they are extremely amazing, and I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that for now. I love them, and am eternally thankful for having parents like them.

Family @ The moments inbetween
Generations of love
This is a ring that my grandmother Theresa ( yep just like me) had. I am pretty sure it was her wedding ring. I never met her, or any of my grandparents for that matter, so it is nice to have items of my grandparents as a link to the past. I know this is probably not what the challenge was going for, but I don’t have a “family” of my own yet, and my family and I never take pictures. So I used a family heirloom. ( Hope thats ok?)

Sorry for the long post to some of these photos, if you didn’t read it all I don’t blame you. I just felt like I should give these photos a little more justification.

Fall @ Trendy Treehouse
I finally have a fall photo lol
The Trendy Treehouse

Music @ Happy Mondays
The Touch
Here is my ipod, without which I would never make it through the school day :).
Ashley Jean

Touch up Tuesdays

Pale rose.

This is one I took while playing around in the backyard. The editing is done with Lightroom 3 and some preset actions. I desaturated the image with an action called “old photo 3,” then I lightened up the photo with “Mr. Brightside”, and added medium grain.  I also removed the small amount of pink in the right corner I don’t know why but I have been loving grain lately. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I guess it is just my way to kind of use texture since lightroom can’t do layers ( @ least I don’t think it can…)
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Thanks for stopping by to check out my photos, hopefully I will see you back for wordless Wednesday!

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