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My week in fitness-a recap

What is the most frustrating things in the world? For me it is working out really hard, eating health-balanced meals and having the scale stay the exact same!!! I am completely frustrated with how this past week went. I made I made the conscious choice to put more effort into my lifestyle change. I mean, I have been 1/2 ass working out all summer, but my diet has been anything but great and as a result I have stayed at the same weight all summer, despite training for a 1/2 marathon.

This week, even though I worked out 5 days and burnt a total of 3980 calories, while  meticulously counting calories and weighting my food, I lost absolutely nothing! Really I was set up to lose at least 2 pounds, but the scale didn’t budge in the slightest. I can’t even articulate how frustrating it is. I am not going to let it stop me from keeping up with the changes though. I actually think a bit of the problem is I didn’t quite eat enough for how much I worked out… So this week instead of 1250-1350 calories I will be okay if I reach 1450-1500 calories. I a going to keep up with the high level of activity though because, quite honestly I loved it!

So here is my weekly fitness breakdown


I had my scheduled long run. 9 miles. It was actually a pretty bad run, I was slow, sluggish, but I finished and moved on from it.
I burnt 900+ calories 🙂 and I got my long run treat, Joe’s Italian Ice 🙂 Yummmmm!


I had a 6 mile hike with crazy hills and then kayaked for 2 hours with my friends. I bought a waterproof disposable camera so I’ll post pictures soon. We also watched the season finale of true blood–did you watch it? SOOOO Good huh?

I burnt about 1200 calories today 🙂

See that monster hill!?!?! It really kills going up it.

That hill is totally worth the view though!


4 mile training run. Again a little slow, but I chocked it up to so much activity.

Burn about 400 calories today!




2 mile tempo run and yoga with my friends 🙂 11 minute pace!

Burn about 350 calories today.

My new workout shirt! I love it :)… Even though I didn’t lose weight this week, I feel like I am toning up.


4 mile tempo run 11 minute per mile pace! I also did one hour of yoga at 24 hour fitness. Normally 24 hour fitness has a pretty moderate yoga class, I feel it the next day but I can keep up. We had a substitute this time and she kicked it up a notch! I really felt it the next day, but I loved it.

I burn about 600 calories today


REST DAY 🙂 I love me a rest day!

I played with Corgi a lot today.. so enjoy the images!


Saturday was long run day and this week it was 10 miles. I didn’t have a specific goal going into this run, other than to do better than last week. I was hopping that I could keep a 11 minute per mile pace for at least 3 miles (like I do on my lower mile runs) but for some reason I couldn’t. I am not too sure why I felt like I was going at a good pace but when I looked at my Garmin it would read 13:xx per mile pace. It was pretty discouraging. When I feel like I’m flying by I’m actually going slow and when I feel like I’m barely chugging along I am actually keeping a 11 minute pace going. I just hope I can pick up the pace for the Long Beach 1/2 marathon. I have a month to tune things up. The 10 miler was pretty fun and the sites were great. The waves were really choppy and pretty big so that was fun to watch. I ended up seeing two people who broke their boards and watched one really good surfer do some tricks–that helped pass the time! I ended up stopping twice to walk during the run once when I ate my Sports beans (so I wouldn’t choke) and once when I caught up with Greg (he ran a different 8 mile path) I walked with him for about 1/4 of a mile before ‘running’ again. My pace was about 13:35 per mile, which isn’t horrible–for me at least, but I would like it to be in the 12:xx per mile pace by next month. I don’t know how attainable my 2:36:xx 1/2 marathon time is now, but as long as I PR I will be happy. Next week I am doing an 11 mile trail in Newport Beach, I hope a new location will help with my time.

Okay… So I know this is kind of a boring post… but it’s more to keep myself accountable. I would link to my sparkpeople nutrition intake… but I don’t know how to link it 🙂


Breaking out the ol’ running shoes

What is it about summer that makes me so lazy? I think it is the heat… and not having a job isn’t helping anything either. I miss having a job, it gives me routine, I like routine.  I have been applying to full time jobs like crazy. It is funny… growing up they always tell you to go to college, get a degree and you will be set… What a lie that is… Honestly if I could do it over I think I would have went and got an AA in something marketable and gone back for my bachelor degree later. I actually have quite a marketable degree (Health science–think public health, community health, health education, ect) but the problem is all the jobs hiring want 3-5 years of experience. I am most likely going to have to go back for my masters if I was a decent job and time in the future..  Funny I say that… I found this on pinterest the other day… describes my situation perfectly..

Okay that was quite a tangent…

Sunday will mark the start of 1/2 marathon #4 training. I am going for 2:36:00 (that is 19 minutes off my current time). Why 36 you ask? Last year the Long Beach 1/2 marathon was my first 1/2 marathon ever… I didn’t train and my longest walk was 8 miles, I really just wanted to do a 1/2 marathon ( I would NEVER recommend this approach) but anyway, my time was 3:36. Now that I am training and can actually run decently I want to take an hour off my time… My actual goal was 60 pounds off my body and 60 minutes off my time, but I have been slacking on the weight loss… I lost all my gained vacation weight, but I have been ‘stuck’ at 187 pounds (23 pounds down)… Personally I think my body hates summer and refuses to lose weight… or………It might be the red velvet cupcakes with baileys cream cheese frosting or vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate frosting I have been making and accidentally sampling 😉

I was good today… I had a ‘get back into running, run” 60 minute run, with 30 second walk… I am doing this run until Sundays training starts since I haven’t ran in a while ( I have been staying inside with a workout dvd or going to the gym and swiming)

My day in pictures… short 30 minute run + workout video… Yogurt breakfast… Dinner… I made Shark!! (Check out Sprouts, they have it cheap and it was really good… not fishy at all, oh and it also cooks in 15 minutes–amazing!)

I also bought a pool for the puppies since it is starting to get hot…. They are not huge fans…. I had to picking them up and putting them in…. See the picture (yep Sheldon in hiding behind a trashcan…) That’s my boy…

After the pool I dried off Sheldon with a blow dryer (on cool of course) Sheldon actually loves it… Every time I blow dry my hair he walks right under me and lets the air blow on his face.

Oh, yes I know… cutest puppy ever!

Well that’s my boring tangent write for the day…

10 pounds in two days… what the vacation!

So tonight ends the whirlwind vacation filled summer… Three weeks ago I had the Colorado tip, last week was my Ohio trip and this weekend was my Las Vegas trip. What a fun three weeks it has been, it will be hard to get back to the ‘real world’ (or in line for it at least). One bad thing about these trips, is that since the 1/2 marathon at the beginning of May I have only ran a handful of times (twice in Colorado, once in Ohio, and once since I have been back) NOT GOOD!

My diet has also gone to shit too. I did well in Colorado and surprisingly I did well in Ohio too. In Ohio we ate at a buffet almost every day by the time I got home though I had only gained one pound!!! YES ONLY ONE POUND ON A SIX DAY VACATION!!!!!!! Funny thing though, I come home, lose that one extra pound, go to Vegas for two days and gain 10! Yes gain 10 freakin’ pounds over two days. I don’t even know how that happens. I’m hopping its a combination of a routine change and that time of the month (at least that is what I am going to tell myself).

Tomorrow I’m getting back to my running routine and a 1300-1600 calorie diet. I’m weighting myself in the morning to see the real damage of this Vegas weekend and then I’m going to take a two week vacation from the scale as my weight evens out and starts to drop then I’ll go on tracking it again.

Here I am in Ohio. (That’s my awesome brother by the way)

Here I am 10 pounds heavier in Vegas… I don’t feel like I look 10 pounds heavier, so hopefully it is just a fluke that will work itself out.

Okay well that is all for now… I promise I’ll give updates on everything soon! I have been sooooooooo busy!


I guess that means I’m a runner now.

This past weekend I ran in my 3rd 1/2 marathon! Yep 3rd! One year ago I walked my first 5k and here one year later I have my 3rd 1/2 marathon under my belt! 🙂 I ran with Greg and Daisy, well I just ran with Daisy, Greg was behind us (but not by much). I am still deciding if I liked the race of not. It had its ups and it had its downs. The jury is still out.

One issue I had, was that I had a hard time getting my beach cities metal. They had it recorded that I ran the OC marathon last year (meaning I would have gotten the medal at Surf City) Um, pretty sure I would remember running a marathon! Anyway after that all sorted out I got a new bib and unfortunately the tag didn’t register and I didn’t get an official time :(. I had my Garmin so I got a time from that…. but I looked up Daisy’s time and then subtracted my time (from a finisher picture) from her time (official) and got 2:55:35, which was just a tad off from my Garmin. New PR for me and I reached my goal of a sub 3 hour 1/2 marathon!


The day started  with a 4am wake-up call. I had no problem getting up since I was so excited for the race. We left at 4:30–and boy am I glad we did– and ended up getting to the fair grounds (where the suttles take you to the start) at 5am, even though my shuttle time was for 5:45, I wanted to be safe. It turned out to be a good idea since the shuttle line was over 1/2 a mile! It took 40 minutes to get on a shuttle and we barley made it to the starting line (see this is why I have mixed feelings about the race). Anyway I ended up meeting up with Daisy and before we knew it, we were off. The race started with a one mile incline, but it wasn’t that bad and I even was at my normal one mile pace for long runs (about 11:40). I picked up during mile 2 and the first 6 miles seemed to breeze by. I was doing great! I slowed down and walked through a water station at mile 7 and then kept running until mile 8. At mile 8 I started to walk .25 of each mile until mile 12. At mile 12 I walked 1/2 a mile before jogging the rest of the way in. I am really proud of myself for this 1/2 marathon! Not only did I PR, but I I actually jogged most of the 1/2! Even better than that, I wasn’t even sore at the end and today only my abs are sore 🙂 Yeah. I am going to totally call myself a runner from now on!

Me at the finish, with my AWESOME beach cities medal!

Me with my ‘Finisher’ shirt.

Giving Credit where Credit is due:

I have to say thank you to my best friend Daisy. I honestly don’t know if I would have done sub 3 without her. She pushed me on my long runs, we kept each other accountable and she was such a big help getting through the first 7 miles! I also have to give props to Greg, he PR’ed too and was only a tad sore!

This was our joke. The night before Daisy was telling out friends that she was going to ‘die’ and I was going to have to carry her across the finish line.

Orange County ½ Marathon

Pros Cons
Amazing Course (breath-taking, beautiful) Beach Cities Issues
Tons of water stations! Amazingly Helpful Unorganized Shuttles
Good Expo Tag didn’t register
Nice Medal Little Support from staff
Easy Run (despite the hills) RUDE ‘Event Staff” (that is what their shirt said, I think they were fair ground staff

Overall the Pros outweigh the Cons and I will probably run it next year… Unless the Safari Park 1/2 marathon happens to fall on the same day again.


I would like to say that yes I know a lot of people can do 2:55 in their sleep for a 1/2 marathon, but the only person I race against is myself. My first 1/2 back in October took me 3:34 in February I did a 1/2 in 3:20 and now in May I broke 3 hours!


Also, I know a lot of people judge ‘runners’ differently, like it is an elite club or something, but I don’t care, I am a runner. I don’t care that I don’t train as hard as others, or can’t run more than 8 miles straight, or run slow 1/2 marathons. The thing is, I run, I run often, I run hard, I run and thus I am a runner. <– I have a post coming up about this later!


My super awesome medals that make up the beach cities. 🙂 I am trying to think of a way to display them… any ideas?

Weight loss update

I haven’t had a weight update lately. So I decided to share this!

Yep that’s me on January 26th 2012 and then again March 13th, 2012.

That is a whole 22 pounds gone! 🙂

Go me

In other good news… I had a great run today… Set out to do a 5k ended up doing almost 5 miles… and with a 12:30 pace!

All around good day… Now off to work

Sometimes, it’s okay to be broken.

This weekend was challenging. Food was a huge temptation and I was worried that what I ate would further my rut and push me pack towards my starting weight; I ate anyways, and I ate, and ate. I gave into every temptation. I didn’t feel guilty, or did I? I really don’t know, all I know was that I ate. I ate food I don’t even let myself think about. I ate food I haven’t eaten in years. Now I feel guilty. Still, this weekend I didn’t care, all I cared about was the eating. I know how I got to my top weight and this weekend I put myself on the road back to that weight.


I ate cheeseburgers from In-N-Out (yes, burger(s); if it wasn’t enough to have a burger Saturday, I had one Sunday as well). I ate French fries, so covered in ketchup that they were red, not golden. I ate chips. I ate red velvet cake. I ate cookies. I drank starbucks. I ate Chick-fil-a, with extra sauce. I ate dip. I ate bread. I ate toast, with butter. I ate chicken strips. I ate frozen dinners. I drank diet soda, upon diet soda. I would have eaten more. I wanted to eat more.

As I look at that list, I’m disgusted. It makes me sick to see what I put in my body. But I broke. I had no willpower. I didn’t make better choice. I didn’t make choices at all, I just ate.


I could have continued today, but I didn’t, today I ran. I ran hard, I ran fast, I pushed myself, vowing to burn every calorie I let myself scarf down this weekend. I also didn’t eat, I punished myself, told the fat girl inside me that I ate enough calories this weekend and that I didn’t deserve a breakfast, or lunch, even if it was healthy. I am fat, I don’t deserve that food.


I know it isn’t healthy, but sometimes we break. Sometimes we are glutens for punishment.  I know I will be better tomorrow, but today, today I can be broken. I can let that skinny voice in my head, the one that tells me not to eat, the one that makes me afraid of food, I can let her have today. Tomorrow I’ll regain control.


I feel like I am always spiraling from one extreme to the other. I give into the fat girl; I give into the skinny girl, when am I going to give into myself? I know it isn’t healthy, or good, but honestly how many of you can say you are perfect with your diet? How many can say they don’t fail once in a while.


This weekend I was broken. It’s okay to break.

The biggest thing is, I could have eaten horrible today. I could have said “what is one more bad day”. I could have taken the path back to my heaviest weight, but I didn’t. Today I ran. Today I will pick up the pieces and gain control.


I had a better post for today, but I felt compelled to share my defeat. I can be so guarded sometimes. I fear the judgment. I only want to share the good, but if I share the good, I need to share the bad. This weekend was the bad.

So this post is a  total bummer. I did have fun this weekend though, I’ll post more about that later. For now I’ll leave you with a few photos :

Oh, why yes that is a 5D MK iii around my neck. & Yes, I do still have both my kidneys. 🙂

I’ll post more about my amazing new camera later.

Sunday long run

I am beginning to think that my improved pace I was seeing all week two-weeks ago was a fluke. I had another crappy run today. I started off strong at an 11 minute mile but then I had a 13, 14, 15 minute mile. I really don’t know what has gotten into me. I even ate before my run today! I think this week I am going to focus on interval runs because those tend to produce my fastest runs. My goal for the OC 1/2 marathon is to jog ( 12ish min/mile pace) the first 5 miles and then walk/jog 1/4 mile intervals. I hope in the 2 months I have left to train I can do this. I thought it was very possible two weeks ago, but now, I’m slightly doubting it :/ I really want to break 3 hours.

This was just 1/2 of my run. My long run is from Huntington pier to Newport pier and back. Its 12 miles. I ended up waiting for Greg at the pier and we just walked back. Yeah it was that kind of run  :/ It was 11.45 miles and I did burn 1299 calories, wooohoo!

Here is an update of my weight loss progress. The left photo is last month and the right photo was taken tonight and 15 pounds down.

Right now this is my working goal. This was a year ago and 25  pounds lighter.

Yeah, I gained all my weight within a year. From April to August I gained 40 pounds & now.

I also have more good news on the weight loss front. Yesterday I was out of clean jeans so I decided to try on one of my ‘big’ small jeans. They are from my freshman year of college and haven’t fit in a while. So I was extatic when I tried them on yesterday and not only did they button, but there wasn’t anything hanging over!!! Can’t wait for the rest of my old jeans to fit 🙂


Well that is today.

See you later this week. Hopefully I will have better running times. I am thinking of adding yoga and swimming to change it up a bit.

I’m a loser today.

Today was my weigh in day, and guess what 1.8 pounds down… Despite that horrible binge on Saturday I am still down 1.8 pounds this week and 8.8 pounds total. The best thing about it is that I don’t feel like I’m on a diet or doing anything special. I’m eating, and just making better portion choices and food choices. Sparkpeople is great tool, I have really loved the articles they post and the site is so user friendly.



Today also marks t-3 days until the ½ marathon! I am getting excited, I want to be at the finish line and see my time already! I didn’t feel like running outside today  so I decided to have a gym day today and it turned out to be pretty good. I started off on the treadmill for 25 minutes going through 4.5/5.0/6.0 intervals (in all honestly I probably only did 3 minutes at 6.0). I then went and did some circuit training, if you’re familiar with 24-hour fitness it is their 24 minute circuit. It felt great lifting some weights, but boy are my arms weak!!!! I finished up with a different treadmill and did hill training at a 4.5 pace. Overall good workout if I do say so myself! Tonight Greg and I also went for a little walk, nothing big just 3 miles around the block, burnt a fair amount of calories though 🙂




I also made my super yummy 300 calorie pasta lunch. I love this dish so much, the flavors are amazing! I made it differently than last time though. To make it healthier I added some asparagus and took out the meat (I’m not really a meat fan anyway). I also topped it off with an iced passion tea, yum! Non-sweetened of course.




The sauce is a combination of spinach, onion, bell pepper, asparagus and the vodka sauce. I put it all together and then sauté it in a pan. It doesn’t look super appealing at times, but it sure taste amazing!

In other food news, I have found the perfect snack! I tend to make low calorie meals (in the 200-350 calorie range) so my snacks are normally around 150-200 calories. I take a skinny cow light cheese wedge (35 calories), 6 triscuits (120 calories) and 4oz of vanilla almond milk (45 calories). It is the perfect size for a snack that will hold you over between lunch and dinner!


& tonight Greg and I are making round steak (his choice), asparagus, and baked potato. Should be yummy and all at 366 calories.


If you would have told me that I would be losing weight eating pasta, potatoes, steak ect, I would never have believed you. I think it’s a lesson to us all, that you can lose weight without eating only salad! All in all what I am doing is not a diet at all; it really is a lifestyle change and that is why I think I am going to be successful this time.


Also for those wondering, here is what my meal plan looked like today:




40g of oats

1 teaspoon brown sugar

108g of banana (the fruit varies)

Calories: 261

This breakfast will typically keep me full for about 4-5 hours and gives me a lot of fuel for my workouts



2oz Whole Wheat Pasta

Classico Vodka Cause ¼ cup




Bell Pepper


Calories: 288 calories





Baked Potato 200g

Beef Round Steak 4oz


Calories 366



1 tablespoon peanut butter

Triscuits (6)

Laughing Cow Light

Almond Milk  (4oz)

Post workout:


100 calorie pack almonds


Total calories 1405! Which is right where I want to be since I burnt 711 calories today.


I snack a lot! I get full fast on my 300ish calorie meals and snacking throughout the day helps me feel like I’m not being cheated. Snacking works for me, just be careful though, I measure everything out meticulously if you eye stuff your calories are most definitely going to be higher!

You mean I can eat peanut butter and still lose weight!

For two weeks now I have been telling myself that I am going to start blogging more and start blogging about my running/weight loss journey, but I guess I haven just been a little to preoccupied. Anyway here am I and the blogging starts today! Mainly because Greg has already gone home for the night, but I  still find myself with tons of energy.

Before I get to the topic at hand let me catch you up:

I once again have NO idea what to do with my life. Well I do, I went back to school this semester to take credential classes so I can apply to the credential program next semester, but I mean I changed what I want to do again…<– but isn’t that what being young is all about?

I still have no job! 😦 Sad face. I mean I like all the free time, but I miss money. So far I have applied to about 15 jobs that I qualify for and nada! I have applied to about 10 that I don’t qualify for and nada, but I expected that.

My parents got a new puppy. A mini aussie, Sheldon is a bit jealous. Personally I like Sheldon more 🙂 But I might be a little bias.

I have an photoshoot Monday–very excited about that! (MONEY!)

I lost 5 pounds!


On to today… I wanted today to be a lazy day so bad, but alas having two puppies doesn’t allow for that. I also tried to push off my run, but that little nagging voice in my head kept telling me GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE! So I did… The whole time I was running though I kept thinking, I want to be done, I want to be done. I also put off running so long that it was about 76 degrees out–yuck! I also ran at a horrible pace: 14:10, which would be okay if it was a long run, but it was only 2.25 miles. I did the same run yesterday in 21 minutes, so I was pretty disappointed with my run today. My mind really kicked my butt today. On the eating front though, I did pretty well. I ate at least 1200 calories had no urge to binge (unlike yesterday where I wanted to shove anything edible into my mouth!) and ate very healthy.

I wasn’t very hungry when I woke up so I ended up having a late breakfast that was more snack like than anything. A medium apple and one tbsp of peanut butter. Peanut butter is my newest addiction! I just love the taste and it’s crazy to think that I have ate it everyday and still lost weight! I mean, did you know you can eat peanut butter and still lose weight? I didn’t know that! I used to avoid it like the plague! I then had a small lunch consisting of a Luna bar  and orange and then a small Lean Cuisine around 3pm. For dinner I ended up making a small baked potato, some grilled chicken and broccoli. It is crazy how much food you can eat for such little calories when you portion everything out right! I even had enougth calories left over for a skinny cow ice cream! Yeah all of that for 1269 calories!!! Don’t believe me? Let me break it down:


Skippy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter 1 TBSP|   90 Calories

One small apple| 63 calories


Luna Bar Oatmeal| 180 Calories

Orange (2) 173 Calories


Lean Cuisine 290 Calories


Chicken breast 3 oz| 125 Calories

Baked Potato plain 200 grams| 186 Calories

Broccoli 1/2 cup| 12 calories


Skinny Cow Cookies and Cream bar| 150

For a total of 1269… I am shooting for at least 1350 per day, but it is hard… What I ate today filled me up, As I write this I’m still full, so I guess as long as I’m not hungry I should be fine.


Greg came over after work which allowed for me to get some homework done while he played with the dogs which was nice. I also was able to run to the store and pick up some things to make rice bowls tomorrow. I also briefly studied for the CBEST which I am taking in a week. Anyway that was my day. Pretty uneventful. Sorry for not pictures, I’m just to lazy to send them from my phone to computer then upload them…  I promise tomorrow there will be pictures! Pinky promise!


Side note, I’m thinking of creating a completely separate weight loss blog… any ideas on the name?

13.1 miles… Yeah, I did that.

You may have noticed that last weeks weekly weight update was missing. No, I haven’t gave up! Last Sunday I ran in the Long Beach 1/2 marathon and by the time I had gotten home I was too tired to blog :). The Long Beach 1/2 marathon ha amazing views and the course was great! A little hilly but nothing to bad, I think it was a great course to start off on.

Despite being so tired, the half marathon was amazing. I felt so empowered after crossing that finish line and felt like I could do anything!  I am so excited for my next race in February and I am looking to cut 45 minutes off my time. Which is totally possible since during this one, up until mile 8 I was keeping a 13ish minute mile pace, but around mile 9 I started getting extremely severe foot pain that caused me to walk the next 4 miles and walk them extremely slowly. It turns out I actually had a minor stress fracture. So note to self, better shoes for the next one and more long runs during training: which starts Monday 🙂 with swimming! ( Can’t run/jog for 3 weeks).


For the two weeks prior to the half marathon I wasn’t doing amazing with my weight loss. I was snacking and having cravings like crazy! Which was apparent since over the two weeks I actually gained one week and only lost .5 lbs the next. Luckily after the half marathon I was able to get back on track with a vengeance and came up with a 3.7 pound loss!

Me at the 6 mile mark and the finish!

This was by far my favorite thing! I don't know why, but I LOVED throwing the cups on the ground!

The view was amazing!

Total Weight loss: 9.9 lbs

Miles ran 13.1

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