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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

Here is your first edition of:

Theresa’s Table {Calories Need Not Apply}

For a while now I have been really, really into baking. It has really been cupcakes galore around here! So I decided to share a few of the better recipes with you…. Up first are my Reeses peanut butter cupcakes!  These are rich chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate peanut butter fudge filling topped with peanut butter frosting. Let me tell you, the frosting was AMAZING, if I didn’t have cupcakes to frost, I could have just sat and ate it all! Needless to say these cupcakes were a HUGE hit with Greg and my Mom!

The Cake

Ingredient Amount
Flower 1.5 cups
Sugar (White) 1.5 cups
Coco Powder ¾ cup
Instant Chocolate Pudding ¼  packet
Baking Soda ¼ teaspoon
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon
Butter ½ stick
Eggs 2
Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon
Milk (I use 2%) 1 cup

The Filling

Instant Chocolate Pudding ¾ packet
Milk (2%)  cups
Peanut butter 2 tablespoons

For the filling I mix everything together and let sit in the fridge. (follow the box for length of time)


The Frosting

Butter 1 stick
Reeses Peanut Butter Chips 1 bag
Confectioners Sugar 2 cups
Heavy Whipping Cream ¾ cups

For the frosting, I add the peanut butter chips to a large bowl. Personally with peanut butter chips I put them in the microwave to melt and then stir into a nice smooth mixture. I then mix in equal parts of each and blend with a hand mixer (because I am too poor to afford a kitchen-aid). I tend to add more of a specific ingredient if I feel the frosting needs it. (feel out the frosting if it is watery, add more powdered sugar, if it is too thick, add some whipping cream…ect.). Once the frosting is done I sometimes let it chill (my kitchen can be too hot and make the frosting a bit to soft to properly frost cupcakes).



I bake the cupcakes at 350 for about 12-15 minutes (best bet is to check the cupcakes to see if they are done). Once out of the oven, I take the cupcakes chill them for about 15 minutes and then fill with the pudding mixture.  Then I frost the cupcakes and sprinkle with a few mini Resses pieces candies.

{Side note… The setup, is my kitchen table and scrapbook paper!}

If you’re looking for a rich cupcake for Resses fans look no further!

If you try these, be sure to tell me how they turned out! & keep an eye out for some of my other cupcake recipes (Apple pie, butterbeer, and vanilla pudding)

{All photos were taken by me, Theresa Bridget, with a 5D mk iii, canon 100mm L, and a speedlight}


Red Velvet Cake– Yummy!

Today both my mom and I had the day off, so we decided to bake!

 Originally I had wanted to bake a strawberry pie; however, the strawberries I had bought only two days ago had already gone bad. So we looked around and had all the ingredients to make red velvet cake! I actually am not a fan of chocolate, but there is something about red velvet cake that I really like. This cake is actually pretty easy to make, my mom put together the solid ingredients, and I put together the liquid and the red coco part. Then we let it bake.

It was alot of fun, I love spending time with my mommy, I really treasure her!

Then comes the part that I rock at: making frosting. I normally mix ingredients together to taste, but I went along with the recipe for the cake, about half way through my mom realized she gave me the wrong page.( totally her fault not mine!)So I started to wing it, and it taste great! My one problem however, is that I always add to much vanilla extract. It still tastes great I’m happy with the taste.


Theresa’s Cream Cheese Frosting (yeah I’m sure this is someone else’s too but hey I made it too)

2 sticks unsalted butter

4 cups confectionary sugar

10 oz cream cheese

2 teaspoons vanilla extract (really you probably should only use one)

This recipe makes a large amount of frosting (we do a double stack cake)

I also add cream cheese and sugar to taste while I blend. After all ingredients are mixed I switch to fluff so it comes out nice and creamy.

It was so yummy!

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