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Why yes the Colorado trip was a month an a half ago… Why yes I am just reporting on it now… 🙂 But don’t worry, the pictures are worth the wait…(well pictures from day 2 anyway 😉 See I’m keeping you wanting more.

Anyway the Original Post:


Can I go back to Colorado… Like now? My whole life I have been a California girl. I never imagined myself moving out of California… I mean… It’s freakin’ California…. That opinion is waning now. If you offered me a job in Colorado, I would take it in a heart beat.

Our first day in Colorado started out at Santa Ana Airport at 4:30am. After our flight (which left at 6:45) we arrived in Colorado at 10am. Right away we got our rental car, had lunch and headed to a Big Cat sanctuary. It was pretty cool, they had lots of tigers and even a few white tigers!

After about an hour there, the weather started to turn and it began to rain a little. The clouds looked pretty scary and I had remembered seeing ‘tornado shelter’ in the airport so my mind went to tornados… To be clear, I have no idea what tornado weather is, nor what it looks like so I don’t know why my mind went to tornados, but it did. After the rain picked up, Greg and I decided to call it a night and head to Colorado Springs. On the way to the hotel, I kept dozing off ( I had very little sleep the week leading to Colorado) I was asleep maybe 2 minutes at a time, it sucked! Greg said it was cute to see my head bounce though, it was that startled bounce every time I woke up.

Top: Me @ the Denver airport, they had a cool map!
Middle Me @ Orange County airport at 4:45am and me at the big cat sanctuary
Bottom me and Greg 🙂


On our way to CS we stopped a few times on the side of the high way (at turn outs of course) to take pictures. We just had to, never in my life had I seen a whole state as beautiful!

When we got to Colorado Springs, we checked into our hotel and headed out to dinner. We grabbed a quick bite at Red Robin (I had this yummy chicken bruchetta sandwich and greg had a decent cheeseburger) Isn’t it funny that a burger restaurant like red robin can’t compare to fast food like In-n-out or 5 guys? After dinner we called it a night. Waking up at 4am and a 1 hour time change can make one extremely tired!

These are images from the big cat sanctuary and the side of the road… I mean isn’t it beautiful!


Looking at all of the Colorado pictures makes me so sad… I cut my hair after this trip and I miss my long hair so bad! (Oh, and because I want to go back to Colorado).


Anniversary Trip| Day Two

Ready for more San Diego awesomeness!  Well then here you go:

(Need to catch up on Part One? Click Here)

Oh, warning, there are LOTS of pictures!

Look at this view!!! The safari park is beautiful

Before our San Diego getaway turned into a getaway, we had originally planned on an anniversary trip to the Safari Park complete with zoo memberships (you can’t beat their membership deal)! So even after our day trip turned into a weekend trip we decided to keep our plans and turn Saturday into our ‘big’ present to ourselves. Since Greg and I have been to the Safari Park a countless number of times in the past few years, we decided to do something a little more special and booked a tour that we have wanted to go on—the Caravan Safari, formally the Photo Caravan. The interactive tour takes you and a small group into 5 different exhibits and gives you the opportunity to feed both giraffes and rhinos. The tour was just as amazing as I expected it to be—I really don’t think I stopped smiling the whole time! It is one thing to see a huge giraffe 20-50 feet away, but it is a completely different experience staring eye to eye with its’ 50 pound head!

They are such a beautiful animal!

Greg and I showing off our glass!

Since Greg and I are animal buffs we didn’t learn too much from the tour,  but I did learn a few neat facts:

Did you know that giraffes have the same number of vertebra as humans? (7 to be exact)

Rhino horns are made out of the same fiber as human hair!

A giraffes tongue is proportional to its height! ( an 18 feet giraffe will have an 18 inch tongue!)

They make the cutest expressions!

I got to be a bat, I got excited, Greg feeding a giraffe, me singing soft kitty

My only complaint about the tour is that it went by in the blink of an eye! If you ever have the means or opportunity to go on the Caravan tour, I HIGHLY recommend it! I know Greg and I would love to do the tour again and can’t wait for the zoo to offer a member discount, because while it is kind of pricey the experience is one in a million and completely worth it! Next time though, I will take my time taking shots. I was so excited that I was snapping away without keeping an eye on my settings. I also think I might shoot in the ‘P’ or ‘A’ setting next time to give me a little less to worry about. Keeping an eye on shutter, exposure, and iso while in direct sunlight, while trying to catch a split second moment = HARD

This was my favorite shot of the trip! It was even featured on the Safari Parks website!


Feeding Rhinos

The tour was amazing–I know I sound like a broke record–but it really was! Seeing the various facial expressions of animals up close was amazing. I had no idea how many expressions giraffes, rhinos, or ostriches had! There were even some giraffes that kept sticking their tongues out at us, which was hilarious, because it only happened after we ran out of food and they walked away.

Since the tour was 3 ½ hours it took a big chunk out of our day at the Safari Park, but one exhibit that was a must to visit were the Okapis—my favorite animal—because earlier that week the new okapi calf made her exhibit début and I knew I had to see the cute little thing! We also visited a few of our other favorite animals, but because of time had to cut a large part of the safari park out.


Since the tour was pretty draining, we decided to head back to Coronado and plan our night around there. We had dinner then walked around the town and Coronado beach (sorry no pictures, I had left my camera back in the room). It is such a pretty place, there were little shops (granted they were all closed, but window shopping was fun) and lots to look at, it reminded me of a Laguna Beach, Newport Beach mixture. The night life in San Diego is great!

Well that was day two… Check back soon for a post on our final day in San Diego!

As you can image day two was my favorite day of the trip by far!

Anniversary Adventure| Day One

On October 25th, Greg and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!  It is crazy to think that I have spent 5 years with him already. However, I know it is only a small fraction, God willing, of the time that we are going to share together (forever). I think Edward Cullen said it best: “No amount of time with you will ever be enough, but let’s start with forever.”

This year we didn’t celebrate our anniversary on the actual day, rather we *drum roll* WENT TO SAN DIEGO!!!!

One of my favorite pictures from the trip!

I have to preface by saying I LOVE SAN DIEGO and always have. It is something about the towns, the attractions, the people that make it so amazing. Which is why taking a trip to San Diego was pretty much the perfect anniversary weekend getaway.

Friday started off with Greg and I heading down to Fullerton cameras to rent some AMAZING lens. Which in retrospect was a horrible idea because I loved my lens so much that now I pretty much HAVE to buy it J. We rented the Canon 24-105 f/4 IS L and the Canon 100-400 f/4-5.6 L.  Then we headed down to San Diego. Since we couldn’t check into our hotel until 4pm we stopped off at Balboa Park to walk around and enjoy the sights. I think you can spend a few days at Balboa Park alone, and we were crazy to think we could see it in a few hours!

A few shots @ Balboa Park

My 2 favorite shots from the day

Can you say 'Lens Envy'?

Balboa was amazing! We spent most of the time behind our cameras, but we also got some people watching in and it was so much fun! We visited a few gardens and walked around the park admiring the buildings–the architecture was amazing!

After leaving Balboa we checked into our hotel: Lowels Cornodao report and spa! We got an AMAZING deal from The room was amazing and the view from our balcony—yes balcony—was even better! However we had little time to soak everything in since we had dinner reservations at P.F. Chang’s. It was amazing to break away from ww and order exactly what I wanted!

Told you the view was AMAZING!

After dinner we headed to downtown San Diego to go on a ghost tour, unfortunately we arrived just a tad  late and missed it. Which I was okay with, since I was scared out of my mind of the ghost tour anyway :).

We ended up walking around old town checking out some sites and enjoying the atmosphere of down town. So all in all it was a great day.

Well that is all for day one, stay tuned for day 2. But in the mean time here is a hint:


San Diego is my ideal weekend getaway, what’s yours?

Happy Birthday–To Me!

Well there are officially only 359 days until my 23rd Birthday! To be honest, I kind of want to stop getting older. Can my vegetarian vampire come and bite me already? 🙂 ( When I read that back to Greg, he put his hands over his face and shook his head–but I mean come on… it can happen right?)

Every year I get to ring in the New Year, with a birthday a few days after, and this year—my 22nd birthday—was really one to remember! I had a three-day birthday celebration this year: one with Greg and my family, one with Greg’s family, and then one with my friends. I loved the prolong celebration—I got to feel extra special!

Brithday #1 January 5th

These are shots from birthday celebration number one. I got to wear my cute new dress and boots–which made me happy! The day started off a little later than we wanted so rather than breakfast at our favorite bagel place, we went to lunch at Chilis. Then Greg and I went mini golfing–I tottally won!  That is my whole in one…and also my ball in the water :). After mini-golf it was time to spend a few hours at Disneyland where Greg bougth me those cute little pins. I don’t really collect pins, but those pins were pretty much  made for Greg and I. I love mickey bars, and he loves mickey popcorn. After Disneyland we went home for dinner, cake and movies. Birthday number one was an awesome day!

Birthday #2 January 6th

These are pictures from my birthday celebration with Greg’s family. His mom made a yummmy dinner and that AMAZING Ariel Birthday cake was made by my friend Alexandra–She is starting her own little business you can check her website out here). The cake was just as yummy as it looked! I also got some pretty awesome gifts: like that 50mm lens from Greg’s parents, it hasn’t left my camera yet!

Birthday # 3 January 7th-8th

Here are tons of pictures from the celebration I had with my friends.

The night started at Cheesecake Factory–where I tried the red velvet cheesecake(AMAZING!).  Moved to Heroes  –a bar in Fullerton– and then ended with two spontaneous games of bowling.


These pictures are some of my high school friends. Michelle,James,Michelle on the left. Greg, Me, and Daisy on the right. I love, love, love that even though we are almost 4 years out of high school, we all still hang out.


My high school friends again!

Right after that first picture of Michelle and I hugging a random guy--also celebrating his brithday-- came up and told us he was going to die at 27--because he was left handed. I then asked for the drink he was drinking :) kidding. He was trashed, but funny, and I got a high-five out of it.

Here are some pictures of my work friends. I love the people I work with!!!

The two girls (Lauryn and Karissa) work with me at customer service and they are amazing. Even better is the fact that Lauryn acts just like me when I'm buzzed (so it's like double the fun).

Oh and P.S. Doesn’t my friend Brad–the guy at the end of the last photo–look like Zachary Quinto (Syler from heroes).

It was a really awesome night, with funny stories that I'm sure will follow me. I also got to try some really good new drinks. I was trying to drink the rainbow. Which is when you have a drink in every color of the rainbow; however, I am not a huge drinker so I didn't finish :(.


Red: Washington apple

Yellow: Malibu and pineapple

Green: Unknown--but it was sooooooooo good. Let me just say, Green is the new blue. (story behind that , is that when I was "happy" in vegas rather than ask for drinks, I asked for blue).

Orange: Cactus cooler shot (only had a sip)

Purple: LA water (yummmy!)

Blue: Adios (Again only a sip)

Please don't judge--I normally don't drink a lot!

Here are some shots of me and my bestfriend. I love her more than anything. I tend to kiss her cheek alot when I’m buzzed.  Oh, and that empty drink is in our photo mash-up because I posted it to facebook as “Daisy”.

Just to let you know she is amazing, smart and the best freind ever.


The last little mash-up of the night. In the second shot I was trying to drink it fast--I was being accused of nursing my drinks :). The rest of the shots are pretty self explanatory. Bowling buzzed makes anything funny. When I drink I make funny

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed looking through my little birthday post.

Oh and the Green drink tasted kind of like apple--any idea what it is???

Downtown Fullerton–snap!


From reading some of my other things, or looking through my photos you may be able to tell that I love photography. About three years ago I was bored so Greg asked if we wanted to go to the Fullerton Arboretum. When I went to grab my camera it was dead, and I really didn’t want to go without a camera so I took my dad’s DSLR. He has the canon XT, it was kind of hard to take photos of Greg and I, so I took photos of the surrounding instead. It was a lot of fun, and my passion grew from there. I played around with his camera for a little longer, and learned to use it on manual. Then in October I bought my very own XSI! Which is the same camera I use now, and I love it.

I probably enjoy portraits the most, after working at a studio, and then taking a few engagement sessions I got pretty good at it—if I do say so myself.  My one area of weakness is probably buildings, and pulling apart the small details. Which is why I put “photographing downtown Fullerton” into my 101 list. I love the look of downtown Fullerton. The look of the brick sets a somber tone. The bricks also make for a great backdrop for portraits.  Anyway I went there today and at first had a hard time taking pictures. Like I said I have a hard time singling out small details, but after I started to pay attention to the different bricks, it was a little easier. The photos came out pretty good, there sure is room for improvement, and I plan on going back with my nieces and taking pictures of them here, but they were not half bad. I really like the depth of focus I captured.

This was an Irish Pub on the street, I liked their open sign. I also like the colors of this photo.

This was one of my favorites of the day. I love the open door way, and the colors waiting at the end. I wish the sides were a bit darker, and the crop could be better, but I really love this photo. I is the perfect backdrop for an engagement shot, I can just picture a couple at the end of the walk way kissing!

I really like the focus on this picture, as well as the design it reminds me of an Aztec wall. This was one of those “little” details on a big building that I was trying to capture. This is another one of my favorites.

There is a first christian church and their sign was really simple. I like the way the bricks came out on this one.

I like the simplicity of this photo. It also sums up the warm feeling of downtown Fullerton.

A New Adventure!

I created my 101 list so that I could explore, learn new things, and have new experiences. One of those new experiences was going to Venice Beach. I wanted to go to Venice Beach because of how fun it looked, and because I want to explore new parts of so cal.

The day started with heading down to Venice  with Greg, once we got there we parked only 6 bucks which is better than the 10 at Crystal Cover or Huntington.

Here we ARE!!!

 Once we got parked the first thing we saw was “muscle beach” I really wanted to take pictures but felt weird–honestly I wouldn’t want people taking pictures of me working out– so we kept on walking and ran into this work of art

and this one!

After looking at the spray painted art, Greg and I went on to look at the people in the Skate park. There were some really talented, and not so talented kids.

After watching them for a bit, we moved on and started walking down the road. There were so many interesting people that I wanted to take pictures of but they charged. One homeless guy even had a sign that read ” I’m not a celebrity but I charge, you snap me, you owe me $$$$” So I didn’t get to take pictures of them but it sure was fun to listen and watch them! Every other shop was either a t-shirt shop or a medical marijuana stand! There were also some great murals on the walls, so colorful I loved them. After a while we turned back and headed toward the pier.

Me at the Pier

Walking around a little more I found this cute little guy

So after Three hours of people watching and walking around it was finally 3 and you know what that means? Half priced fraps from starbucks! So me and Greg headed to Starbucks and picked uptwo grande fraps for 3 bucks that less than the price of one! Overall it was a great day, lots of fun I am so glad that I finally got to experience Venice Beach.

It was a great day! I had so much fun, the only bad thing was a little sun burn even though I used sunblock guess that is what I get for being irish lol!

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