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Hey mom, look what I can do!

I would like to start this post off by patting myself on the back. You will know why in a moment. 🙂 lol Okay with that out of the way, yes I do have homework I am procrastinating on, how did you know?– OH, the completely random blog post, and the images I made so that I would actually have something to post about–got ya!

Now on to the action…

Yesterday at Greg’s sisters I had questions about graphic design stuff–Katie is really good at that kind of stuff. Me… Not so much… I actually, believe it or not, barley know how to use PSE… My blog headers, for the longest time, were made in paint… yes PAINT! lol Anyway I was saying how I want to learn how to make photo templates for my blog post. That way I can better show case my photos. Katie told me I should be able to do it in PSE, so today (yes, while procrastinating on the important stuff) I played around with it and wouldn’t know know… I CAN!

this was my first creation… I like it 🙂

This was my second… & yes I already had a template from Pure that did this.. But this time I was able to make it! 🙂 Oh  and this is a teaser to my next post: The 5D difference.


This is another one I just made… Sorry about the logo in every image, I just dragged images I was already editing.


Oh, and all of the images featured in this post were taken with my new 5D mk III! I have to say I am loving that bad boy of a camera…. To put it this way… If Dr. Sheldon Cooper was a camera, he would be a 5D MK III 🙂 lol


p.S I know you want to take advantage of that senior portrait special!

The 2.5 year photography difference

This is a competently impromptu post, but I felt like I just had to share.

In the past year I have really come into my photography skills. I took the time to hone a style, learn my camera and understand light. Because of the time I devoted to the craft, I have really seen an improvement to my skills. Then I came across this…


This was my very first engagement session 2.5 years ago (on top)… I was using an XSI, and really did not know enough about photography to be taking anyone’s picture. I didn’t know how to pose people (it was an era before the invention of pinterest), I didn’t know my camera, I didn’t know light and I really didn’t know how to edit! It makes me both happy and sad to see this image. I am happy to see how far I have come, but I am also sad that I thought this picture was worthy of clients. Thankfully it was a free session, but still I feel bad… I no longer have the contact information for this couple, but if anyone out there in this wide open internet knows them, please send them my way! I would love to photograph them again and give them professional images.

On bottom is my latest engagement session. It is actually one of the ‘bad’ pictures from the session (it is a tad blown out, I forgot my reflectors that day). In my opinion, and my clients, this is professional quality. I am happy to present this image to them and they are happy to use it. I am glad I have come so far. This is a personal lesson though, never stop learning and keep striving to be a better photographer. I am never going to be a perfect photographer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t strive to be better than I was yesterday.


So a lesson to all:

1. Know your camera (in all situations) and learn how to control light!

2. Don’t be so eager to make that jump to ‘professional photographer’

3. Never stop learning! Learn, learn, learn!

I am by no means a perfect photographer. I have flaws still. I take pictures that are not good. But I am a HELL of a lot better than I was 2.5 years ago and in 2.5 years I will be even better!

A new camera in my life…

For three years I have been shooting with a rebel xsi–a camera which I love and adore– recently however I felt that I have been out growing its ability. While it is a good camera I felt that I was limited by its functions. I still love my XSI it is the camera that taught me all I know. Back to the camera search… I originally planned only to look, but before I knew it I was sliding my card and was the owner of a new 50D. I was originally planning to buy the 7D around January; however, I bought the 50D instead with two reasons in mind. One it is over 700 dollars cheapers, and two it is a big jump from my 50D. While the 7D is a better camera the 50D suits my needs just perfectly. Also I bought the 4-year-ADH from Best Buy, so if it breaks its all good, and I can even upgrade. I don’t care what consumer reports studies say, I think that protection plans do pay off on certian products.
new camera 001

I really am still in shock that I bought this. I really am not the type to splurge on such a big purchaes but I don’t regret it at all. I already love the quality of the images I can get with the 50D, and I love the lens that it came with. The build is so amazing it feels like a camera, as weird as that sounds. I can’t wait to take it out and shoot something outside of my house!

Here are some of the first pictures I took. I’m not particularly thrilled with any of them, but with time I’m sure I’ll get the hang of the fuctions. It’s weird the exact same settings on my XSI takes a completly different photo from my new 50D.

I took this picture right here for my mom… This is Saint Padre Pio:
Padre Pio

This is Ty, he is cute, loveable, funny, sweet, charming, and amazing!

Here is the last one and my favorite of the bunch. I like the saddows in the image. This is the door to my house it creates a cool shaddow as the sun sets.

Doorway of Shaddows

Sony Cybershot H55 (new camera :)

Drum roll please! ….. Introducing my new point and shoot:

For almost as long as I had my previous point and shoot I have wanted another one. I really did not do any research on the camera and based my decision all on price (big mistake!) While the camera did take good photos they were not the quality I would have liked. It also had a problem with auto-focus( many of the shots would come out blurry) This time I did my research, and talked to people at work on what camera to get. Knowing I wanted to stay away from canon, I decided upon a sony cybershot. ( I love canon, my DSLR is a canon, and I would never even dream of choosing another brand for DSLR; however, their point and shoots do not produce the type of quality that I am looking for). I chose the Sony H55, and so far I love it! The quality of the pictures is just what I expect, they are actually really nice. This is in part to the lens that the camera has, it is one of sony’s “g” series which are their top lenses. Since it has such a nice lense the photos are crisp and clear, the colors that it captures are also true to life and not blown out. It also has a few different features that I love, one is that you can manually change the shutter and aperture. It also has a panoramic mode!  All in all I am very happy with my choice this time, The camera suits my needs perfectly!

I am very happy with my choice, and would recommend this camera to anyone!

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