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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

Here is your first edition of:

Theresa’s Table {Calories Need Not Apply}

For a while now I have been really, really into baking. It has really been cupcakes galore around here! So I decided to share a few of the better recipes with you…. Up first are my Reeses peanut butter cupcakes!  These are rich chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate peanut butter fudge filling topped with peanut butter frosting. Let me tell you, the frosting was AMAZING, if I didn’t have cupcakes to frost, I could have just sat and ate it all! Needless to say these cupcakes were a HUGE hit with Greg and my Mom!

The Cake

Ingredient Amount
Flower 1.5 cups
Sugar (White) 1.5 cups
Coco Powder ¾ cup
Instant Chocolate Pudding ¼  packet
Baking Soda ¼ teaspoon
Baking Powder 1 teaspoon
Butter ½ stick
Eggs 2
Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon
Milk (I use 2%) 1 cup

The Filling

Instant Chocolate Pudding ¾ packet
Milk (2%)  cups
Peanut butter 2 tablespoons

For the filling I mix everything together and let sit in the fridge. (follow the box for length of time)


The Frosting

Butter 1 stick
Reeses Peanut Butter Chips 1 bag
Confectioners Sugar 2 cups
Heavy Whipping Cream ¾ cups

For the frosting, I add the peanut butter chips to a large bowl. Personally with peanut butter chips I put them in the microwave to melt and then stir into a nice smooth mixture. I then mix in equal parts of each and blend with a hand mixer (because I am too poor to afford a kitchen-aid). I tend to add more of a specific ingredient if I feel the frosting needs it. (feel out the frosting if it is watery, add more powdered sugar, if it is too thick, add some whipping cream…ect.). Once the frosting is done I sometimes let it chill (my kitchen can be too hot and make the frosting a bit to soft to properly frost cupcakes).



I bake the cupcakes at 350 for about 12-15 minutes (best bet is to check the cupcakes to see if they are done). Once out of the oven, I take the cupcakes chill them for about 15 minutes and then fill with the pudding mixture.  Then I frost the cupcakes and sprinkle with a few mini Resses pieces candies.

{Side note… The setup, is my kitchen table and scrapbook paper!}

If you’re looking for a rich cupcake for Resses fans look no further!

If you try these, be sure to tell me how they turned out! & keep an eye out for some of my other cupcake recipes (Apple pie, butterbeer, and vanilla pudding)

{All photos were taken by me, Theresa Bridget, with a 5D mk iii, canon 100mm L, and a speedlight}


Guinness Cupcakes

As you all may know st Patrick’s day started as…

Kidding no history lesson, this was one of the first st Patrick’s days that I have celebrated in a long time!

It all started with a TB test reading, extremely exciting I know! It was for my new job! (yes finally a job! It is only part time substitution position, but hey it’s something!)

Then I came home and cooked dinner, I made bangers and mash and for dessert I made Guinness chocolate cupcakes with baileys cream cheese frosting. I mean oh my gosh they were good!!! I may have put a bit too much alcohol in the cupcakes (is there such a thing?) but they were still amazing! 🙂 I am actually not a big chocolate fan, which is why I thought making them was a good idea, you know I wouldn’t eat too much… But no they were so good a non chocolate lover like me still devoured them! 🙂

Nom, Nom, Nom.

After dinner we went to see 21 jump street, it was way better than I though and super funny. There want too much of s plot but it was still good. I laughter and thought it was worth the $9.50.

We went home and watched American pie after, since Greg had never seen it, I also had another cupcake or two :/ oh well this is why I weigh in on Wednesdays…

It was a great st Patrick’s day 🙂 & I’m even sober enough to write this up!

Oh and to clarify I used:

                                            <—- This Guinness      Not this one—>

Fairy Tale Baby Shower with Pink Pixi Dust

We recently got to celebrate Katie and baby Sarah at a super cute fairy tale themed baby shower. While I was really excited and looking forward to celebrating baby Sarah and Katie, I was also somewhat dreading the desert only shower. Since I was less than a month into my new lifestyle I knew it was going to be a temptation day. If you know me you know I have a huge sweet tooth and if you know Greg’s mom, you know she can BAKE! (& cook too!)  You should have seen this party; there were so many yummy treats, peanut butter cookies, cupcakes, candy, cherry shortbread, cream cheese filled strawberries, and strawberry lemon bars. I mean, I know I just gained 3 pounds by writing that list!!!! BUT, the party came and I only ate ½ a lemon bar,one short bread cookie and a handful of raspberries!! Yay me! Now that we have dealt with my food obsession, let’s move on to the party.

The party was fairy tale themed with a complete pink immersion! Debbi (Katie’s mommy) and Cassie (Katie’s sister) did a great job coming up with ideas for this party. Cassie even created a baby jeopardy game, it was such a cute idea! One of the categories was ‘Celebrity babies’ and Katie’s grandma picked that one… The look on her face when Cassie asked the question was so cute!

The welcome table.

This was the welcome table. It had a fairly tale book that guest could sign and write Katie and Sarah a little message. It also had a few other games on it.

Each centerpeice was a stack of books with a vase of flowers on it. There were also small candles.

Here are thoes treats I was raving about earlier!

The frosting on the strawberry cupcakes tasted just like strawberry ice cream!

There was also a candy buffet.

Here is a group shot.

The favors Debbi got were addorable! Little moon bookmarks!

The baby shower was so cute and whimsical. Debbi and Cassie really did a great job, I know I had a great time!

Cassie, Katie and Debbi

isn’t my future family-in-law cute!

Oh, in unrelated news I got my CBEST results and… I Passed! I know it is an easy test but I’m still happy. Now I just need to wait for the official results in the mail and my substitute teaching application is complete!


This post was brought to you by Theresabridgetphotography. <– My photography check it out!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10.31

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you are having/had a great one!

Here are my photos for this weeks scavenger hunt Sunday! I am actually quite impressed with myself this week all of my photos were taken by Thursday!
1.  My town

My town

KH Building CSUF

This week you get a double dose. When I was thinking my town I immediately went to the city I live in; however, my college is in another city and I consider Fullerton just as much ” my town” as Anaheim, which is why you get double town! For Anaheim I am sharing Sleeping beauty’s castle ( yes I know more Disney, but I warned you, I have a pass now). This castle is pretty much the epitome of my town, which is known for two things Disneyland and the Angles. Honestly the first question I always get asked when I say I live in Anaheim is : “How far do you live from Disneyland.”… The answer is 5 minutes, in case you were wondering. The second shot is of my school: CSUF, the building pictured is even “my building,” since 4 out of my 5 classes are in this building.

2. Something Vintage


This is another shot where I am giving you double. I really like both shots, I love the look of the clock, but I also like the look of the whole table. Since this is for the October Scavenger Hunt too, I would love your input in which one you like better…Right now I’m leaning towards clock.

3. Tilt-Shift


So for this one I tried to recreate an older tilt-shift that I took about a year ago. I am not thrilled with the outcome of this photo. So I tilt-shifted another shot of CSUF as well.

4. Dress up

Well since there are no little runs around here, I had to search for someone dressed up, and since I am a little apprehensive to take photos of people I don’ t know I found “something” dressed up. Here is a skeleton pretending to be Santa Claus

5. Chocolate

This was the only item where I didn’t have an immediate idea on what to take, and then I came across these yummy looking cupcakes and let my camera go to work. I am not a fan of chocolate but these do look really yummy!

Well there are my photos for the week, can’t wait to check out everyone elses interpretations! Oh, and don’t forget to come back Monday or Tuesday to check out all of my October Scavenger hunt photos as of today I still need two photos but hopefully I’ll knock those out after work!

Liked my photos? Then head over to Ashley’s blog to check out other amazing photos!

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