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Inching my way towards the real world.

I have been away from this little blog for a while, but for good reason. I have been busy and not busy with random stuff, busy with work and photography!


I finally found a full-time job after all that searching. I feel so blessed that I have and am definitely praising God for this one! All summer, I begged, and pleaded, and cried for him to help me find a job and the moment I stopped demanding one and ask that he guide me along the path to finding one, one came my way! The job, although not in my ideal field–I’m working in accounting (and yes, I do know I have a health degree)–is a job and I am happy for all of the work experience I am gaining with this job. I feel like God has guided me to this job, because I will need to gain from it experience that I can use in the future.

In the Photography world, things have been going very well as well! I was recently asked by a high school aquatance to teach her a few things about photography, in doing so I ended up developing a small ‘making the move to manual’ workshop that I plan on promoting. My mini-sessions have also been filling up as well as my November bookings. While I would ideally like more sessions, I am happy with the increase in business.
Other than that I have been mulling around. I am trying to get used to balancing a full-time job with a social life and time to unwind. Additionally I am trying to balance working out/living a healthy lifestyle while working a desk job. So far I have had no real challenges, so I hope that continues.
Last Sunday I ‘ran’ the long beach 1/2 marathon. It is in quotes because I gave up at mile 7 and pretty much walked the rest of the way (with the exception of 1/2 a mile at mile 9 and mile 12). I just wasn’t feeling a run that day–plus I had stopped training 2 weeks earlier once I got a full-time job. I don’t know why I did as bad as I did (3:20) but I haven’t let it get me down. I ran twice this week 3.1 miles each time and had a time of 38:24 the first day and 36:52 the second, so at least I know my short distance speed isn’t affected. And for those of you thinking that is a snails pace, compared to a ‘real runner,’ for me it is a pace that makes me like going out of a run, rather than dread it.


Okay well, I think that is the jest of my life the past month. I am going to try to update this more regularly. One of my goals is to be become more organized and manage my time, which includes adding time to blog.


In case you were wondering–Yes, Corgi still Corg’in

Guinness is still… well Guinness



It is almost our 6th anniversary!!!

We have nothing planned for our 6th anniversary yet :/. Guess it is true, the longer your together, the less anniversaries matter. We are going to Vegas

Daisy & I at longbeach!

Greg and I at Long Beach


We finally got a chance to head down San Diego, I missed that place!

Greg and I were lucky to sneak in a trip to San Diego before gas prices reached a ridiculous price!

& this is one of my recent sessions… check out more @












He is risen, He is risen indeed.

On this blog I share a lot with you. One thing I don’t share enough though is my faith. I don’t know why I don’t share it more, I guess I am just not that good at articulating what is in my heart when it comes to faith. I would like to share this with you today though.

Today he is risen. He is risen, he is risen indeed!

Today our savior has reminded us once again, the power of his father, our God.

Today he rose from the dead. Today he absorbed my sins. Today, and always, I shall live for him.

Along with rejoicing in the rising of our lord, I wanted to share this with you. I made a cover photo for facebook, with my favorite verse.

I wanted to share it with you so that if you wanted, you could also make it your cover photo, or use it on your computer. (Just click, save and upload).

I also made this:

I love this verse. To me it captures my faith. It guides me. I focus so much on my plans and what I need to do. When in reality I need to give it up to God.

For as he says, he has plans for me and if I trust in him I am safe.

Living by my plans…

I am a planner. I love making list setting out plans and living by them. Lately my plans and list have all seem to fall through, there is to many what ifs, too much uncertainty. I realized it is because I am living my life and trying to make my own plans, without stopping to try to follow the road that God is setting out for me. Right now I am building my own road and it’s hard, I need to take a step back and follow the road that God has already set out so that I can just walk, and not build.

I am in my final few semesters of college and just recently decided to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy; the problem is that you must have a masters degree to practice. Now I am struggling to find programs, find an internship, get my grades up to graduate school standards, and take the G.R.E. I really am worrying over everything and not letting God help me out. I need to let him take a hold of my plans; I need him to point the way. I know that once I can fully let go everything will become much clearer. The problem is I am so worried about age and dates and getting my life after education started that I feel it is do or die getting into a program. I really just need to stop stressing over it and let what happens happen. I need to work my hardest in my classes and get my G.P.A up to a 3.5/3.6, it is sitting at a 3.1 right now so I think I can make it happen.

I also need to shadow/intern with an occupational therapist this is probably the hardest thing, I don’t know how to find one, or how to ask… I really need help on this one so if anyone knows anyone !?!?

I guess that is enough to let some of the stress fade, tomorrow I will have some me time, take my camera to school and relax a bit. I know I need it.

Today I also turn over a new leaf: I need to open my heart and follow the path that God is laying out for me. He knows what is best.

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