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He is risen, He is risen indeed.

On this blog I share a lot with you. One thing I don’t share enough though is my faith. I don’t know why I don’t share it more, I guess I am just not that good at articulating what is in my heart when it comes to faith. I would like to share this with you today though.

Today he is risen. He is risen, he is risen indeed!

Today our savior has reminded us once again, the power of his father, our God.

Today he rose from the dead. Today he absorbed my sins. Today, and always, I shall live for him.

Along with rejoicing in the rising of our lord, I wanted to share this with you. I made a cover photo for facebook, with my favorite verse.

I wanted to share it with you so that if you wanted, you could also make it your cover photo, or use it on your computer. (Just click, save and upload).

I also made this:

I love this verse. To me it captures my faith. It guides me. I focus so much on my plans and what I need to do. When in reality I need to give it up to God.

For as he says, he has plans for me and if I trust in him I am safe.


Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

Have you seen the video “Why I hate Religion, but love Jesus?

If not I can’t figure out how to put it here, but If you click below I added a link.

Check this VIDEO out

The message I got from the video is that saying “I am a christian” or just going to church Sunday does not actually make you a christian. It is saying that religion is not the answer, Jesus is.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding over this video. I have seen people posting that the man in the video is saying that the church is bad, but that is simply not true, the speaker even says “I love my church.” He does not state that church is bad, but the unchristian practice of religion is.

The videos author never mentioned a specific religion either. I have seen some people take this as an attack against their church, but a further examination of the actual words shows this is just not so.

Going to church does not make you a believer.

To me this is a back to basic message. If I point out your blindness, it does mean I can see. If I judge your action, it does not make me righteous.

Love Jesus, not the religion.

I think this needs to be said of me:

I am not perfect. I struggle, I have ups, I have downs. I am not the best follower, but I do believe in God and his son Jesus. A church and religion does not define my belief, but my heart of hearts does. I don’t think I wear my religion proud enough.

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