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My week in fitness-a recap

What is the most frustrating things in the world? For me it is working out really hard, eating health-balanced meals and having the scale stay the exact same!!! I am completely frustrated with how this past week went. I made I made the conscious choice to put more effort into my lifestyle change. I mean, I have been 1/2 ass working out all summer, but my diet has been anything but great and as a result I have stayed at the same weight all summer, despite training for a 1/2 marathon.

This week, even though I worked out 5 days and burnt a total of 3980 calories, while  meticulously counting calories and weighting my food, I lost absolutely nothing! Really I was set up to lose at least 2 pounds, but the scale didn’t budge in the slightest. I can’t even articulate how frustrating it is. I am not going to let it stop me from keeping up with the changes though. I actually think a bit of the problem is I didn’t quite eat enough for how much I worked out… So this week instead of 1250-1350 calories I will be okay if I reach 1450-1500 calories. I a going to keep up with the high level of activity though because, quite honestly I loved it!

So here is my weekly fitness breakdown


I had my scheduled long run. 9 miles. It was actually a pretty bad run, I was slow, sluggish, but I finished and moved on from it.
I burnt 900+ calories 🙂 and I got my long run treat, Joe’s Italian Ice 🙂 Yummmmm!


I had a 6 mile hike with crazy hills and then kayaked for 2 hours with my friends. I bought a waterproof disposable camera so I’ll post pictures soon. We also watched the season finale of true blood–did you watch it? SOOOO Good huh?

I burnt about 1200 calories today 🙂

See that monster hill!?!?! It really kills going up it.

That hill is totally worth the view though!


4 mile training run. Again a little slow, but I chocked it up to so much activity.

Burn about 400 calories today!




2 mile tempo run and yoga with my friends 🙂 11 minute pace!

Burn about 350 calories today.

My new workout shirt! I love it :)… Even though I didn’t lose weight this week, I feel like I am toning up.


4 mile tempo run 11 minute per mile pace! I also did one hour of yoga at 24 hour fitness. Normally 24 hour fitness has a pretty moderate yoga class, I feel it the next day but I can keep up. We had a substitute this time and she kicked it up a notch! I really felt it the next day, but I loved it.

I burn about 600 calories today


REST DAY 🙂 I love me a rest day!

I played with Corgi a lot today.. so enjoy the images!


Saturday was long run day and this week it was 10 miles. I didn’t have a specific goal going into this run, other than to do better than last week. I was hopping that I could keep a 11 minute per mile pace for at least 3 miles (like I do on my lower mile runs) but for some reason I couldn’t. I am not too sure why I felt like I was going at a good pace but when I looked at my Garmin it would read 13:xx per mile pace. It was pretty discouraging. When I feel like I’m flying by I’m actually going slow and when I feel like I’m barely chugging along I am actually keeping a 11 minute pace going. I just hope I can pick up the pace for the Long Beach 1/2 marathon. I have a month to tune things up. The 10 miler was pretty fun and the sites were great. The waves were really choppy and pretty big so that was fun to watch. I ended up seeing two people who broke their boards and watched one really good surfer do some tricks–that helped pass the time! I ended up stopping twice to walk during the run once when I ate my Sports beans (so I wouldn’t choke) and once when I caught up with Greg (he ran a different 8 mile path) I walked with him for about 1/4 of a mile before ‘running’ again. My pace was about 13:35 per mile, which isn’t horrible–for me at least, but I would like it to be in the 12:xx per mile pace by next month. I don’t know how attainable my 2:36:xx 1/2 marathon time is now, but as long as I PR I will be happy. Next week I am doing an 11 mile trail in Newport Beach, I hope a new location will help with my time.

Okay… So I know this is kind of a boring post… but it’s more to keep myself accountable. I would link to my sparkpeople nutrition intake… but I don’t know how to link it 🙂


I guess that means I’m a runner now.

This past weekend I ran in my 3rd 1/2 marathon! Yep 3rd! One year ago I walked my first 5k and here one year later I have my 3rd 1/2 marathon under my belt! 🙂 I ran with Greg and Daisy, well I just ran with Daisy, Greg was behind us (but not by much). I am still deciding if I liked the race of not. It had its ups and it had its downs. The jury is still out.

One issue I had, was that I had a hard time getting my beach cities metal. They had it recorded that I ran the OC marathon last year (meaning I would have gotten the medal at Surf City) Um, pretty sure I would remember running a marathon! Anyway after that all sorted out I got a new bib and unfortunately the tag didn’t register and I didn’t get an official time :(. I had my Garmin so I got a time from that…. but I looked up Daisy’s time and then subtracted my time (from a finisher picture) from her time (official) and got 2:55:35, which was just a tad off from my Garmin. New PR for me and I reached my goal of a sub 3 hour 1/2 marathon!


The day started  with a 4am wake-up call. I had no problem getting up since I was so excited for the race. We left at 4:30–and boy am I glad we did– and ended up getting to the fair grounds (where the suttles take you to the start) at 5am, even though my shuttle time was for 5:45, I wanted to be safe. It turned out to be a good idea since the shuttle line was over 1/2 a mile! It took 40 minutes to get on a shuttle and we barley made it to the starting line (see this is why I have mixed feelings about the race). Anyway I ended up meeting up with Daisy and before we knew it, we were off. The race started with a one mile incline, but it wasn’t that bad and I even was at my normal one mile pace for long runs (about 11:40). I picked up during mile 2 and the first 6 miles seemed to breeze by. I was doing great! I slowed down and walked through a water station at mile 7 and then kept running until mile 8. At mile 8 I started to walk .25 of each mile until mile 12. At mile 12 I walked 1/2 a mile before jogging the rest of the way in. I am really proud of myself for this 1/2 marathon! Not only did I PR, but I I actually jogged most of the 1/2! Even better than that, I wasn’t even sore at the end and today only my abs are sore 🙂 Yeah. I am going to totally call myself a runner from now on!

Me at the finish, with my AWESOME beach cities medal!

Me with my ‘Finisher’ shirt.

Giving Credit where Credit is due:

I have to say thank you to my best friend Daisy. I honestly don’t know if I would have done sub 3 without her. She pushed me on my long runs, we kept each other accountable and she was such a big help getting through the first 7 miles! I also have to give props to Greg, he PR’ed too and was only a tad sore!

This was our joke. The night before Daisy was telling out friends that she was going to ‘die’ and I was going to have to carry her across the finish line.

Orange County ½ Marathon

Pros Cons
Amazing Course (breath-taking, beautiful) Beach Cities Issues
Tons of water stations! Amazingly Helpful Unorganized Shuttles
Good Expo Tag didn’t register
Nice Medal Little Support from staff
Easy Run (despite the hills) RUDE ‘Event Staff” (that is what their shirt said, I think they were fair ground staff

Overall the Pros outweigh the Cons and I will probably run it next year… Unless the Safari Park 1/2 marathon happens to fall on the same day again.


I would like to say that yes I know a lot of people can do 2:55 in their sleep for a 1/2 marathon, but the only person I race against is myself. My first 1/2 back in October took me 3:34 in February I did a 1/2 in 3:20 and now in May I broke 3 hours!


Also, I know a lot of people judge ‘runners’ differently, like it is an elite club or something, but I don’t care, I am a runner. I don’t care that I don’t train as hard as others, or can’t run more than 8 miles straight, or run slow 1/2 marathons. The thing is, I run, I run often, I run hard, I run and thus I am a runner. <– I have a post coming up about this later!


My super awesome medals that make up the beach cities. 🙂 I am trying to think of a way to display them… any ideas?

Interval run, you are my friend

I failed this week! I am supposed to run at least 3 times per week and I failed. I am telling myself it is okay since I had a 12 mile run on Sunday, but I know really it’s not.  My times lately have discouraged me so much that I just needed a break. I did however have a ‘long’ run scheduled today with Daisy, so I had to get up and do that. I love running with Daisy, although she is a bit faster than me, because it makes me get up and go running! I guess that is what best friends are for, to kick your butt into shape! I also tend to run SOOO much better when I run with her, which is why I am so excited that she is doing 3 of my next 4 races with me! (hopefully I can talk her into some more).


We were planning to go to mile square, but I really dislike running there, so we headed to Huntington Beach and ran along the coast. We did an easy 5.5 miles and kept a decent pace (The pace was a hell of a lot better than normal). After jogging the first mile, we did ¼ mile intervals of walking and jogging. Intervals are seriously my best friend, I love them! Overall we were consistent with our times, which I am happy about. It was a much better pace than the past two weeks which gives me motivation for this coming week.


This week at my weekly weight-in I was also down 1 pound. I find this really exciting because I have not been using sparkpeople lately. I have been trying to eat healthy on my own and make the right choices and as my weight shows, it is working. While it is only one pound, I am happy with a slow one pound loss, because it means that it is not fluctuation, it is actual weight loss. My mini-goal right now is to lose 15 pounds before Greg and I take our Colorado trip in May. (Yay, were exploring the world-ish). Then my goal from there is to maintain my weight in Colorado and keep it off for my trip to Ohio the following week. (Yay, I get to see my brother for the first time since Jr. high!!!!).  I think maintaining—or even losing—in Colorado is possible, because we will be doing a 5K at the Cheyenne zoo and most of the activities we have planned are active type things. I also plan to run while I am there, so we’ll see what happens with that.


After the run Greg and I had a few errands to run. Our point and shoot camera broke so we took it into Best Buy. Since I bought it when I worked there, I added on the warranty (The warranties are pretty cheap for employees). I am hoping that they are just going to replace it rather than fix it—Fingers crossed! I have my eye on the Canon SX230 HS. I really like that one and I think it will be the perfect camera for everyday use. In other camera news, the 5D mk iii was announced. If I could sell my 50D for more than 900ish I would probably buy it. I am taking donations though, so if you want to give me money towards the “Theresa wants this freakin’ awesome camera” Foundation, I won’t turn you away.

I mean look at today’s running data…




They are pretty much forcing me to buy the 5D!

Oh, and if you are actually interested in the run data:


So it’s St. Patrick ’s Day next weekend, have any plans? I don’t, despite being Irish; we don’t really celebrate the day. It’s a day when a bunch of people walk around and mock our accent, claim they are ‘100% Irish”, get drunk, and promote a stereotype about us. It’s more of an annoyance; I might go drink though 😉 Oh, and if you do go out all of that ‘traditional Irish food’ you are eating, it’s not really typical Irish food. Most likely it is a fake knock off, or we don’t even eat it at all.

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