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Photography Tips | Product Photography Set Up

Theresa’s Photography Tips

I am going to try to add some of my photography tips to this blog. My first one is a quick tip on how to set up a simple at home background to improve product photography.


I have a kitchen with very little natural light, I also have very dull tile. Basically what I am trying to say is, it is UGLY! I wanted a cute solution for my food photography. My solution was scrapbook paper! I had two pieces laying out and decided to use them as a background and ever since my food photography has gotten a lot more lively!


The set up is simple.

1. Make sure you have one decent light source (natural light is best, but artificial light works too) If you are using artificial light I would suggest shooting in raw and then correcting for the warmth. Personally, since I don’t have a good source of natural light and I was taking the pictures at night, I use an overhead kitchen light and just correct for warmth.

2. Secondly I use a speedlight (very cheap one that I got on amazon). I bounce the light off the ceiling and it really gives a nice bright, well exposed photo.  Now, if you do not have a speedlight you can still get the shot, I would just try to use more natural light.

3. To set up the actual photo, just place together two pieces of scrapbook paper together. Then I place the item (in this case a cupcake) about 2 inches away from the edge (this way the background comes in nice and blurred).

ISO: 100 ; F/2.8 ; 1/200 ; Speedlight set to 5/6 (on my cheap one).

ISO: 100; F 2.8 ; 1/200 Speedlight set to 5/6. The speelight was pointed straight up, (to bounce off the ceiling).



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Photo Challenges

Well, like many of you I am a photo challenge adict and it is that time of the week again so here are some of my photos for various ( and quite fun) challenges I participate in. I would encourage you all to enter one or all of these challenges too, really they are fun!

The moments in between:

This week is black and white for a while I was not a black and white fan, not sure why but I love color. Lately I have been using monocrome on my camera more to play around and have began aprrectiating the artistic touch that black and white. The shot above is a carnation, my favorite type of flower and I really like the effect black and white gives to the shot you can view the original here

Happy Monday: Blur
Tower of Terror
I like the blur here, it makes it seem a little “spookier”
photo challenge

Simplicity: Light
Forgotten Web
I really like the light, lighting up part of the web, but it has gotten mix reviews from others. I like it thought 🙂
Oh, and if you are looking to brush up on your SLR skills Faith is holding an online photo class, it seems like it would be really fun and helpful. I’m pretty sure I will be signing up, you should too!

Perspectives: Vivid Color

I love the blues in this shot, and the texture of his feathers.

Thanks for stoping by my page.
If you don’t already I highly encorange you to join in, in one… or all…. of these challenges. They are addcitingly fun, and great ways to find other great photo bloggers!

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