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Why yes the Colorado trip was a month an a half ago… Why yes I am just reporting on it now… 🙂 But don’t worry, the pictures are worth the wait…(well pictures from day 2 anyway 😉 See I’m keeping you wanting more.

Anyway the Original Post:


Can I go back to Colorado… Like now? My whole life I have been a California girl. I never imagined myself moving out of California… I mean… It’s freakin’ California…. That opinion is waning now. If you offered me a job in Colorado, I would take it in a heart beat.

Our first day in Colorado started out at Santa Ana Airport at 4:30am. After our flight (which left at 6:45) we arrived in Colorado at 10am. Right away we got our rental car, had lunch and headed to a Big Cat sanctuary. It was pretty cool, they had lots of tigers and even a few white tigers!

After about an hour there, the weather started to turn and it began to rain a little. The clouds looked pretty scary and I had remembered seeing ‘tornado shelter’ in the airport so my mind went to tornados… To be clear, I have no idea what tornado weather is, nor what it looks like so I don’t know why my mind went to tornados, but it did. After the rain picked up, Greg and I decided to call it a night and head to Colorado Springs. On the way to the hotel, I kept dozing off ( I had very little sleep the week leading to Colorado) I was asleep maybe 2 minutes at a time, it sucked! Greg said it was cute to see my head bounce though, it was that startled bounce every time I woke up.

Top: Me @ the Denver airport, they had a cool map!
Middle Me @ Orange County airport at 4:45am and me at the big cat sanctuary
Bottom me and Greg 🙂


On our way to CS we stopped a few times on the side of the high way (at turn outs of course) to take pictures. We just had to, never in my life had I seen a whole state as beautiful!

When we got to Colorado Springs, we checked into our hotel and headed out to dinner. We grabbed a quick bite at Red Robin (I had this yummy chicken bruchetta sandwich and greg had a decent cheeseburger) Isn’t it funny that a burger restaurant like red robin can’t compare to fast food like In-n-out or 5 guys? After dinner we called it a night. Waking up at 4am and a 1 hour time change can make one extremely tired!

These are images from the big cat sanctuary and the side of the road… I mean isn’t it beautiful!


Looking at all of the Colorado pictures makes me so sad… I cut my hair after this trip and I miss my long hair so bad! (Oh, and because I want to go back to Colorado).


Hey mom, look what I can do!

I would like to start this post off by patting myself on the back. You will know why in a moment. 🙂 lol Okay with that out of the way, yes I do have homework I am procrastinating on, how did you know?– OH, the completely random blog post, and the images I made so that I would actually have something to post about–got ya!

Now on to the action…

Yesterday at Greg’s sisters I had questions about graphic design stuff–Katie is really good at that kind of stuff. Me… Not so much… I actually, believe it or not, barley know how to use PSE… My blog headers, for the longest time, were made in paint… yes PAINT! lol Anyway I was saying how I want to learn how to make photo templates for my blog post. That way I can better show case my photos. Katie told me I should be able to do it in PSE, so today (yes, while procrastinating on the important stuff) I played around with it and wouldn’t know know… I CAN!

this was my first creation… I like it 🙂

This was my second… & yes I already had a template from Pure that did this.. But this time I was able to make it! 🙂 Oh  and this is a teaser to my next post: The 5D difference.


This is another one I just made… Sorry about the logo in every image, I just dragged images I was already editing.


Oh, and all of the images featured in this post were taken with my new 5D mk III! I have to say I am loving that bad boy of a camera…. To put it this way… If Dr. Sheldon Cooper was a camera, he would be a 5D MK III 🙂 lol


p.S I know you want to take advantage of that senior portrait special!

Anniversary Adventure| Day One

On October 25th, Greg and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!  It is crazy to think that I have spent 5 years with him already. However, I know it is only a small fraction, God willing, of the time that we are going to share together (forever). I think Edward Cullen said it best: “No amount of time with you will ever be enough, but let’s start with forever.”

This year we didn’t celebrate our anniversary on the actual day, rather we *drum roll* WENT TO SAN DIEGO!!!!

One of my favorite pictures from the trip!

I have to preface by saying I LOVE SAN DIEGO and always have. It is something about the towns, the attractions, the people that make it so amazing. Which is why taking a trip to San Diego was pretty much the perfect anniversary weekend getaway.

Friday started off with Greg and I heading down to Fullerton cameras to rent some AMAZING lens. Which in retrospect was a horrible idea because I loved my lens so much that now I pretty much HAVE to buy it J. We rented the Canon 24-105 f/4 IS L and the Canon 100-400 f/4-5.6 L.  Then we headed down to San Diego. Since we couldn’t check into our hotel until 4pm we stopped off at Balboa Park to walk around and enjoy the sights. I think you can spend a few days at Balboa Park alone, and we were crazy to think we could see it in a few hours!

A few shots @ Balboa Park

My 2 favorite shots from the day

Can you say 'Lens Envy'?

Balboa was amazing! We spent most of the time behind our cameras, but we also got some people watching in and it was so much fun! We visited a few gardens and walked around the park admiring the buildings–the architecture was amazing!

After leaving Balboa we checked into our hotel: Lowels Cornodao report and spa! We got an AMAZING deal from The room was amazing and the view from our balcony—yes balcony—was even better! However we had little time to soak everything in since we had dinner reservations at P.F. Chang’s. It was amazing to break away from ww and order exactly what I wanted!

Told you the view was AMAZING!

After dinner we headed to downtown San Diego to go on a ghost tour, unfortunately we arrived just a tad  late and missed it. Which I was okay with, since I was scared out of my mind of the ghost tour anyway :).

We ended up walking around old town checking out some sites and enjoying the atmosphere of down town. So all in all it was a great day.

Well that is all for day one, stay tuned for day 2. But in the mean time here is a hint:


San Diego is my ideal weekend getaway, what’s yours?

The hunt is on

Wooohooo! It’s still Sunday in my neck of the woods and thus this can still be dubbed scavenger hunt Sunday!

I had a busier week than I had anticipated, I mean come on school is over, what is all of this busyness about?

Most of it was well welcomed though, and its all leading up to any even busier two weeks.

On Friday I have 3 photoshoots, and on Saturday I am shooting my first ever wedding 🙂

Check out for my work I am really proud of myself for getting this off the ground.

Then in two weeks, I will be in Las Vegas for the Glasgow Celtic convention, for those who don’t know Glasgow Celtic is a soccer team

that my family and myself support . I’ll be sure to take lots of picture there to share with all of you

This isn’t for the hunt it’s more of a bonus 🙂

On a side note all but one of these shots were taken in raw… but all of my raw shots tend to have lots of grain… Any tips?

1. Hot, Hot, Hot

|Playing with fire|

2. Form

|Side water|

3. Front page of news paper

|Orange County|

4. Chore


I have this amazing, dazzling boyfriend who loves cooking and does the cleaning 🙂

–I help too!

*In my raw photos the blurred background turns to grain… help?**

5. Bead

|Beads of water|

As always check out more great photos here

101 in 1001: Hike in Big Bear

For quite some time Greg and I have been talking about going up to big bear during the spring, because it is supposed to be beautiful. Well 4 and a half years later we decided to go haha 🙂

It was a really fun day trip–yes day trip–one of the amazing benefits of living in Southern California is the closeness of what ever location you like… From beaches, to deserts, and mountains, its pretty amazing! It was also a relatively cheap trip, pretty much the only thing that cost us was gas, since they have a few free hiking trails.

The ride up to big bear wasn’t too bad, I get very antsy driving up the mountain though so we had to stop quite a few times; however, that lead to capturing some pretty pictures on the way up the mountain, so it was a win, win.

The View

The mountian tops
Theses were taken on the way up the mountain, I have about 50 more, since we stopped at least 10 times, but these were some of my favorites.

We also spent some time at big bear lake, which is super pretty.
The Lake
When we go back next spring we are going to actually kyack 🙂

Here we are during one of our hikes 🙂
For the blog

This is the climb up, it was only about a mile hike and this was the steepest part:

I actually got a huge bruise during this hike. When we were walking up the mountain there was this log that Greg climbed over, so in turn I had to climb over; however, when I stepped the ground wasn’t compacted and my leg wedged between the log and snow, the whole was about 2 feet deep, and I freaked out. It was really funny afterward through.

Here we are again after finishing a small walk around the town
For the blog


Here is that pretty stream we are posing in front of:
Follow the Streem

As the day was winding down we went to watch sunset from the opposite side of the lake, and while we were waiting Greg decided to skip stones, and I was able to capture the awesome splash!
It was so much fun, and now I am kind of addicted to shooting water!

The lighting was absolutely amazing as the sun was setting!
Reflection on the lake

But no where near as amazing as the sun set itself!
End Day

The whole day was spent walking around talking and taking pictures. It was great to get away from everything and spend some quality time together. It is something we are trying to do more often, even though we have been together so long we don’t want that spark to leave. I can not wait to go back this summer we are going to do the holcomb trail too, which should be fun!

Oh, see that “Theresa Bridget Photography” Yep its my buisness, so check it out:

See you later Venti, Trenta has moved into town.

Anyone that knows me, or has glanced at my profile, knows that there are a few things in this world I am obsessed about. One being Ariel, the second being Starbucks. 2011 seems to be the year for my obsessions to grow. In the spring the Little Mermaid ride will open up at California Adventure–expect me to camp out! As for Starbucks, today I found out their ‘large’ size has grown, to a little over the size of a human stomach to be exact. While the trenta size is limited to certain drinks-ice coffee, ice tea… I do see it opening up to larger drinks come summer. As cool as it sounds and as appealing as a –Trenta espresso frappuccino light with a double shot and whip cream– sounds, I could never actually imagine ordering it. Yes I love Starbucks probably way more than the next person, but 31 ounces of iced coffee that is something they should have left to the Kings of ‘Super-Size’: Mc Donalds. I go to Starbucks for the class, and to brag to others that I can pay 8.50 for my cup of morning coffee. A 31 ounce drink will only bring with it 31 ounce type customers. My only saving grace is that they probably wont be able to afford it and after a week of draining their life savings move back on over to Mc Donalds. 

* A disclaimer the last two sentances were completly satiric, and not my actual opinion*

But this is my actual opinion

Trenta= that large bird  on ‘Angry Birds’

San Diego Safari Park

As I have probably mentioned quite a few times, Greg and I LOVE the zoo! It is one of our favorite places to go. Personally I am a HUGE advocate for Zoos-granted they are ethical and the what not- I truley believe they work towards the greater good for animals. Another reason I love going to the San diego Zoo is that it is a non-profit, and thus after bills are paid money goes back to the animals. Anyway, that is enought of my little zoo rant. I love them, end of story, on to the next story about our trip to the San Diego Safari Park!

zoo 114

This past Wedensday after my 8:30 class Greg and I headed down to the Safari Park–after grabing some starbucks of course- to spend the day taking picture and relaxing.

zoo 133

While the Safari Park and Zoo are both “zoos” they are very differnt. The Safari Park is vast and spread out with animals in a more natualr habitat; however, the downside is that while you can get closer to some ( lions) others (tigers, zebras, rinos…) are far away and hard to see.


I really had a great time, the only disapointment was that my photography just wasn’t on par. I guess I wasn’t feeling it, although I though my photos were coming out well, on the computer they looked somewhat fuzzy. I hope nothing is wrong with my camera–it is only 2 months old.  Hopefully it was just an off day though.
Another thing I love about the zoo is the view you can get of certian animals. Like this lion!


And even though I’m pretty sure we were not supposed to do this… look at this little dearish thing that came up and started kissing Greg!
Yet another thing I love about the Safari Park is all the walking. It means that Greg and I get to spend the day talking, without the distraction of cellphones, TV, or computers. I love any time that we can spend together, he always acts so fun and silly, it reminds me exactly why I fell in love with him :).
like this:
zoo 164

The Safari Park also has a lot of “interactions” for kids to learn with, like this little spot that let you test your jumps. I did a trust fall instead 🙂
zoo 178

I also get a chance to take some pretty cool pictures of things you don't normally see.



This is an Okapi, it is my favorite animal. Isn't it the cutest little thing!

The Zoo, in photos

Rather than post another blog about the zoo, I am posting one about the photos I take at the zoo. Normally the photos I take are darker, high in tone, and saturation. This time I tried something different : I tried to take lighter softer photos and I was happy with the results. I really want to try again. This time I also played around with ISO, which was fun to see the differences. Here are some of the photots…

San Diego Zoo Photography 175

I really like the contrast and detail in this photo.


I did use this one for scavenger hunt Sunday but I really like it so I am sharing it again. I took this one with a lighter exposure then used a cross processing finish. I know it is overexposed but I kind of like it. It gives me a fairytale-ish feeling

lighten up

Again here I tried lighter settings, which I really liked. I was able to get rid of shaddows by shooting at lower settings and then bring the colors back in editing.


I had a lot of fun photographing this snake, he was playing under a shower type thing. This was one of my explorations in ISO. In the reptile house it is very dark, auto ISO wasn’t cutting it so I played around with it, 620 got me this shot.

San Diego Zoo Photography 049

Chow time! This one is a little too bright I think… I still like the capture thought. chow time

This one was originally in color and lighter, yet I reverted to the style I like and make It a bit darker. I really like the composition of this shot


This is my favorite animal right here. It’s a okapi and she is hiding 🙂 I really really love okapis and really really hate when people make fun of them at the zoo. You should hear some of the things!

… Did you know the okapi is the only living relative of the giraffe ( which happens to be my second favorite animal) San Diego Zoo Photography 165

Love these buds, the colors are so vibrant.


Here are the buds again, this time in black and white. slow and steady

Here is this little guy, isn’t he a cutie! I took a lot more black and white shots this time, it is nice taking a different style.

So there are my photos… There are more because we went to a beach for a picnic and to watch the sun set after, but the sunset was pretty disappointing 😦 So I am not going to post them. It was a great Friday and I can’t wait until next Friday. Greg and I are going to the mummy exhibit at the California Science Center 🙂 so excited!

Anyway there is my day in photos  !

If you would like to know we went to the San Diego Zoo–which happens to be one of my favorite places on earth! They really are a great organization feel free to check them out here :

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